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"Our Shari'a"- Nasheed from Islamic State's Ajnad Media

23 July 2015

By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

My translation below. One can listen to the nasheed here.

Our Shari'a is the minaret and model,
And a lamp-stand for the ayat [signs] and the perfection.
It is the truth that has made darkness die,
And thus has the exposed disbelief run away in its disgrace. [chorus]

It is a camp in which faith reigns supreme,
A camp in which error has become agitated.
The hudud of God have indeed been established in it.
Through this have equals demanded justice and obtained it.

The pillars of Shari'a cannot be shaken,
Evil may barely appear for it but does not grow.
Here is the abode of the Caliphate and excellence
The hump of its jihad is on high.

The Shari'a of our Lord is an exalted light
In us have noble deeds and traits risen on high.
Our Shari'a, oh people, is security
For the one who has lost his vessels and shown favour.
The abode of the Caliphate has flourished in jihad
Bringing down men under its area.
There are callers for pure guidance and they have come into being.
By the law of God they have arisen and triumphed.

The principles of religion flourish after dryness,
For justice has arisen and the field of life has been organized.
So come, brother, and pay zakat
In this are wealth that brings growth and yields.
Thus does mastery double and grow for you.
And malice and fatigue withdraw.
So be hostile and seize upon them.
For under their shades may rise the good deed. 



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