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Talmudic Judaism Has No Respect For Jesus, Muhammad, Or Even God

05 August 2015

By Khalid Amayreh

I was not surprised a bit when a Jewish settler woman in Jerusalem this week bad-mouthed the Prophet of Islam. Talmudic education is completely void of any modicum of respect for the religious symbols of other faiths and traditions.

Contempt for other faiths is intrinsic to and characteristic of Talmudic traditions. Even today, this contempt is rife in the curricula of Talmudic seminaries throughout Israel where non-Jews in general are demonized and not recognized as bona-fide humans.

We all remember the late religious mentor of Haredi Jews Ovadia Yosef who a few years before his death described all non-Jews as mere "donkeys" which he said the Almighty created so that they serve the master race, the Chosen people, the Jews.!!!

To be sure, not everything written in the Talmud is irredeemably evil. However, no honest student of the Talmud, the ultimate book of reference for Orthodox Judaism, can deny the vast body of literature which can be described as decidedly evil.

This is not anti-Semitism. This is telling the truth.

A Muslim is offended and pained upon hearing epithets being hurled at the greatest man to ever walk on earth as far Muslims are concerned.

But Muslims shouldn't allow themselves to be provoked by these racist thugs who claim to follow the Torah of Moses when in fact they are following the Bible of Satan.

A few years ago, I was shocked when a particularly "enlightened" rabbi, with whom I was discussing the prospects of peace in the region, referred to Jesus as "The Hitler of Bethlehem." See my article: the Hitler of Bethlehem.http://www.rense.com/general95/hitlerofbeth.html

I reasoned that if an enlightened rabbi was capable of calling Jesus, the Word of God and one of His greatest messengers, the Hitler of Bethlehem, one could imagine the satanic mindsets of other "un-enlightened" rabbis.

I realize that many Christians would be shocked upon learning how Jesus is portrayed in Jewish religious literature, especially the Talmud.

But there are many other Christians who would still grovel at Israel's feet, irrespective of how much Jews insult Jesus. These are the type of people whom Jesus described as "having eyes but they see not, and having ears, but they hear not, nor do they understand."

Jewish apologists use many tactics to try to distract attention away from scandalous Talmudic literatures such as the brashly anti-Christian text known as Chesronot Shas.

Such tactics include claims that the translation from Aramaic is not accurate and many of the scandalous texts are actually deliberately misinterpreted by anti-Semites.

However, an objective examination of Talmudic texts does reveal widespread demonizing of Jesus and Christianity.

Here are some examples of how Talmudic texts view Jesus and his mother:

Mary committed adultery with a Roman soldier, and Jesus was the illegitimate child of that adulterous relationship.
Jesus committed apostasy and blasphemes and had to be killed.
Jesus is now in hell boiling in a cauldron of human semen.
Whenever the name Jesus is mentioned, a Jew should say the following "May his name be damned, and his memory erased."
When a Jew passes by a Church, he or she should spit towards it seven times.

The purpose of this article is not really to make non-Jews, especially Christians and Muslims, hate Jews. Anti-Semitism is inherently unacceptable.

However, Jews, who I recognize are not carbon copies of each other, should realize that the weapon of hate they now train at Muslims and their prophet can be turned against them at any moment.

I also know that many Zionist Jews would love to see a surge of anti-Semitism in Europe and North America as this would force more Jews to immigrate to Israel and fulfill Zionism. These people have little to do with true Judaism. Their true God is not the God of Israel (Jacob), but power and money.

Yes, Palestinians and others are direct victims of the brutal ugliness of this hateful, satanic mentality.

But Jews themselves and Judaism are also amongst the ultimate victims of this evil ideology which actually represents the anti-thesis of authentic Judaism.

After all, Zionism has transformed many Jews into perpetual liars, irredeemable criminals and land thieves in utter violation of the Ten Commandments.

Khalid Amayreh is a Palestinian journalist and current affairs political commentator living in Occupied Palestine 



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