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Palestinians Must Go Beyond "Outburst Of Emotions" In Dealing With Latest Settler Crime

12 August 2015

By Khalid Amayreh

While Palestinians and their supporters ought to view positively the unusually-strong global reactions to the burning of a Palestinian toddler, Ali Dawabsheh, at the hands of genocidal Jewish settlers at the village of Duma near Nablus last week, a long-term strategy is needed, not only to prevent the recurrence of the grisly crime, but also to prevent the worst from happening.

Today, some Rabbis in Israel and abroad openly call for sending Palestinians to concentration camps.

Such calls, however, raise few eyebrows in Israel and Jewish community in North America and Europe.

More to the point, the nefarious calls don't find their way to the mainstream media in the West where Muslims are usually guilty even if proven innocent whereas Jews are usually innocent even if proven guilty.

Instead, western media keep parroting stale Israeli propaganda that the settler terrorists are a few harmful weeds who in no way represent the Israeli mainstream.

I am a million percent sure that a repetition of the latest Nazi crime is only a few weeks or months away.

The cutthroats of Gush Emunim are always mentally ready to do it again and again and again. This is part of their genocidal Messianic ideology which stipulates that non-Jews living in "the Land of Israel" must be either enslaved as water carriers or wood hewers, or expelled or be physically exterminated following the Biblical style. This is the unmistakable message we keep hearing from the synagogues.

Moreover, the murderers and would be murderers feel quite immune from any real punishment by the Israeli justice system which is tightly controlled by the settler party, known as ha-Bayt ha-Yehydi or Jewish Home, headed by Naftali Bennett.

Hence, it would be a strategic mistake on the part of the Palestinians and their supporters to treat the latest crime as an aberration or isolated incident.

The Israeli government and army might be prompted to take some efforts to prevent the settlers from committing the next crime too soon.

The reason for this apparently has more to do with avoiding "negative repercussions and ramifications" abroad than with a genuine resolve to stem the tide of Jewish terrorism.

However, we all know, Israelis and Palestinians alike, that the decades-old Israeli occupation itself represents the ultimate infrastructure of terror whose continuation would kill every conceivable effort to eradicate or even mitigate settler violence against the virtually completely unprotected Palestinians.

This occupation, harsh and callous as it is, is the ultimate root-cause of violence and terror. Likewise, the recurrent murder of Palestinians, either at the hands of the genocidal settlers or by the Israeli army, is its inevitable effect.

And since we cannot possibly eradicate the effect without first removing its root-cause, the phenomenon of Nazi-like Jewish terror will continue and may even grow further. I wish I could come up with any other prognosis of the situation we are dealing with in the West Bank. One would want to give hope and good will a chance. But the overall situation looks quite gloomy and ominous.

What should be done?

There are several steps Palestinians ought to take in response to the threatening ghoul of Jewish Nazism.

First of all, we should call the spade a spade and refrain from pretending that this is just another passing summer cloud. Yes, we must not allow ourselves to give in to panic and lose our composure over the fascist threats.

In the final analysis, we Palestinians have been through it all, from creation to destruction, and no matter what these Judeo-Nazi thugs do or will do, we will cling to our ancestral homeland as we have done all along, despite the enormity of the Zionist crimes.

However, we should be constantly vigilant and always expect the worse to happen, given the brutal ugliness of religious Zionism, an ideology that has much in common with Aryan Nazism.

Second, we must continue to expose Judeo-Nazi crimes and practices to all people under the sun even at the risk of being accused of indulging in incitement or even anti-Semitism. After all it is neither incitement nor anti-Semitism to call those who burn children alive "Nazis".

In the final analysis, our very survival as a people is at stake and depends largely on the good-will of the international public opinion. That is why we must never get tired trying to mobilize the peoples and governments of the world to stand with us and identify with our struggle.

Needless to say, in order to expedite this paramount effort, Palestinian factions, including the PA, must utilize their finest brains in order to communicate the Zio-Nazi reality to the entire world. Skilled Multi-lingual spokespeople should therefore be utilized to disseminate the message accurately, honestly, professionally and without exaggeration or turgidity, since overstating our case could have adverse effects.

Third, the PA must be pressured to create an absolute linkage between any form of security coordination with the Zionist state and the adoption of pro-active measures by Israel to ensure the safety and security of Palestinian civilians. It is really a shame that the PA has not insisted on such a linkage despite the manifest persistence of the evil crimes by the Judeo-Nazi settlers.

Fourth, Palestinian factions must refrain, at least for now, from carrying out any rash action that would undermine our moral high ground. Needless to say, any uncalculated act would serve the genocidal cause of the settlers and their allies and enable them to claim that settler violence is a reaction to Palestinian violence, a claim that is, of course, brazenly false.

At this time, Palestinian self-restraint is probably the best policy we should adopt. It is absolutely far more beneficial and expedient for our cause and goals as it would serve to isolate the genocidal terrorists and put more pressure on the Netanyahu government to deal with them more stringently.

Finally, we must not fail the voices of conscientiousness in Israel who have expressed a genuine rejection of the latest crime. These and similar voices can be considered a valuable asset in the long fight against the forces of fascism and terror.

At the end of the day, conscientious Jews who believe in justice are our ultimate partners for true peace and justice in this tortured land.

Khalid Amayreh is a Palestinian journalist and current affairs political commentator living in Occupied Palestine 



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