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Hamas Should Further Distance Itself From Iran: A Last Word To The Saudi Brothers

18 August 2015

By Khalid Amayreh

A number of Hamas officials admitted of late the group's relations with Iran are undergoing a real crisis. Iran has also virtually completely stopped all material and monetary support for the Palestinian Islamic resistance organization.

In a nutshell, Hamas's adamant refusal to revolve in the Iranian orbit seems to have convinced the Iranian leadership that it is pointless even to try to sway Hamas into the Shiite sphere.

More specifically, Hamas's unmistakable support for the Saudi-led operation in Yemen as well as its principled rejection of the virtual holocaust the Iranian-backed Alawite minority regime is carrying out against Syria's Sunni majority infuriated the Iranian leadership.

There are numerous logical reasons why Hamas ought to distance itself from the Iranian sphere.

We should all know by now that Iran is only using the Palestinian issue as a propaganda asset for the purpose of spreading Shiism in the Arab world.

Otherwise, one would be prompted to wonder what relation there is between massacring Yemenis in Taaez and Arhab at the hands of Iran's agents and the liberation of Palestine.

Indeed, does the road to Occupied Jerusalem start from Yemen.

More to the point, we all know that Iran, not Bashar el-Assad, is the one that really calls the shots in Damascus.

More to the point, it was Iran after all that brought Shiite mercenaries from as far as New Delhi and Hirat in Afghanistan to slaughter Syrian children in the name of Hussein(!!!), which means that the Assad regime would collapse in 24 hours should Iran end its criminal intervention in Syria.

Hence, the inescapable conclusion is that Iran is responsible for the spilling of every drop of blood from Aden and Taaez in Yemen, to Falouja in Iraq, and to Zabadani and Halab in Syria. I wish I were mistaken in my assertion, but the facts on the ground are so clear and Iran can never be exonerated.

A clear message to the Iranians

Palestinians, including Hamas, would never be interested in increasing their enemies. Israel and her guardian ally, the United States, are more than enough.

However, the Palestinian people must never allow themselves to trade political and material support from Iran for betraying the innocent blood of Syrian children and women whose bodies are being crushed to smithereens on a daily basis by Iranian and Iranian-backed militias.

In the final analysis, Hamas doesn't trade in blood as the Iranians clearly do in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

Yet, this is precisely what the Iranians want from Hamas, namely support or at least appear to support the Iranian-backed holocaust in Syria. But this is absolutely unacceptable. This is the clear and unmistakable message that Hamas needs to communicate to our Iranian friends or more correctly erstwhile friends.

I know that Iran has made some success in swaying some Palestinian groups into orbiting in the Shiite sphere of influence. Some Iranian clerks have gone so far as to claim that a certain Palestinian group is actually at Iran's beck and call.

However, these groups are unlikely to leave a lasting influence in Palestine. But a vigilant eye must be focused on these people lest the nightmarish experience in Yemen and Syria is allowed to repeat itself in Palestine.

Hamas derives legitimacy from the Palestinian people

It is an open secret that Hamas's close ties with Iran didn't bode well with many Palestinian Islamists as well as other Islamists in the region.

Moreover, these ties alienated some key regional powers such as Saudi Arabia, prompting some t religious leaders to claim that Hamas was deep in the Shiite pocket.

Al-Hamdulillah, this claim has now been proven baseless, with no iota of truth to it.

But the matter doesn't stop here and Hamas must never be pushed into a situation where it would regret dislodging itself from Iran.

This is a message to our Saudi brothers to reflect on because in the final analysis Hamas is part and parcel of the Sunni axis in the region. Therefore, Saudi Arabia ought to be more generous in supporting Hamas and the thousands of Palestinian families sustained by Hamas.

Saudi Arabia, a financial superpower, must under no circumstances sallow Iran to export heretical Shiism to Sunni Muslim societies even under the false rubric of supporting the resistance against Israel. In the final analysis, the ultimate Iranian goal is not to help us defeat Israel, but to make us badmouth the Prophet of Islam, his wives and his companions.

A last word to the Saudi brothers:

We all know that Iran never flinched from bankrolling its militias. Now, in light of the quagmire in the region, the Saudi leadership should have brought itself to realizing that supporting genuine Sunni movements and resistance groups everywhere in the region is a must for expediting Sunni Muslim interests in the region and the world.

Khalid Amayreh is a Palestinian journalist and current affairs political commentator living in Occupied Palestine 



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