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Is Iran Trying To Create Another Israel In Syria? Another Nazi-like Massacre

29 September 2015

By Khalid Amayreh

I know the title of this article might raise some eyebrows in some quarters.

However, in light of the internecine war in Syria, especially the shameless Iranian efforts to depopulate some Sunni towns and villages in order to resettle them with Shiite settlers, one can't just pretend that the Iranians are just behaving within the normal order of things and that they are only pursuing legitimate political goals just like other global and regional powers do.

This is simply not the case.

Iran, which is trying to assert itself as the main regional power in the Middle East (besides Israel) is simply trying to revive the ancient Persian empire at the expense of Arabs and Muslims.

Needless to say, a key part of this grand anti-Arab scheme is to create an Alawite Shiite entity along the Syrian cost preferably, one with territorial contiguity and demographic continuity with Shiite areas in Lebanon.

The recent efforts by Iran to ethnically cleanse the Sunni population of the city of Zabadani is very telling and cast serious doubts on Iranian intentions.

The Iranian scheme would probably be culminated with the long-sought mass conversion of the esoteric Alawite sect into the Jaafari Ithnaashari twelvers sect with which most Shiites in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon are affiliated.

Many Shiite leaders are now convinced that time is appropriate and ripe for such conversion, given the unprecedented clout which Iran and its allies now have on the Syrian regime.

Another Nazi-like massacre

The hair-raising massacre at Duma near Damascus on Sunday 16 August was an additional evidence underscoring the Nazi credentials of the Syrian Alawite regime and its supporters.

What else can be said of a murderous sectarian gang that knowingly, deliberately and so brazenly slaughters innocent civilians in order to stay in power a few more months or years?

According to news reports, the regime's warplanes fired several missiles on three marketplaces in the city of Duma near Damascus. The marketplaces were bustling with people, especially young children selling petty items, in order to support their starving families.

The result was a huge inferno, with as many as 120 people getting killed and hundreds others injured, many with life-threatening wounds.

Needless to say, there can be no justifications under the sun that could make such a horrendous crime less outrageous than it seems.

The latest atrocity by the Assad gang, which is funded, armed and sustained by the Tehran regime, is not an isolated act of brutality. Quite the contrary, it represents the modus operandi of a Hitlerian regime that seems hell-bent on annihilating the Syrian people in order to stay in power.

It is also an added proof that the Alawite gang cannot be rehabilitated and that it must be crushed at any price.

The Iranian regime and its allies, including the Lebanese Shiite militia Hizbullah, who shamelessly side with the murderous gang in Damascus, can have no moral ground justifying their evil embrace of the Assad gang.

Indeed, both Iran and the hateful Lebanese gang ignored the Duma atrocity and continued their ranting about the grievances of the "people of Bahrain."!!!!

It is just pure sectarian hatred; that is if we want to call the spade a spade. I know Iran and its numerous mouthpieces would try to outsmart themselves in an effort to portray a different image for their brutal ugliness. But things are crystal clear and no attempt at deception or misrepresentation of the truth would succeed.

Real Holocaust

It would be dishonest to deny that what is happening in Syria is a holocaust. After all, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians being murdered and maimed. Millions expelled from their homes and entire towns leveled to the ground.

None the less, we see that that the big powers are just watching, unconcerned for the human tragedy engulfing Syria.

This callous apathy on the part of the international community underscores the moral bankruptcy of the prevailing world order.

In fact, we are talking about more than just moral bankruptcy. We are actually talking of a diabolical collusion with the Assad gang by the so-called international community.

Certain Arab and Muslim countries that can help, such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, cannot be absolved of blame either.

Indeed, just as Shiite Iran swelled Assad's death machine, enabling the thug of Damascus to exterminate the Sunni people of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other Sunni Muslim states could have defied the American veto against arming Syrian freedom fighters.

The Syrian people need to have anti-aircraft weapons to stop the daily atrocities of the Nazi regime of Damascus.

Needless to say, if this need is not met, Assad and his Iranian allies will continue to exterminate Syrian civilians on a daily basis as indeed he has been doing for more than 4 years.

I never wished to speak in sectarian tones. But one must never betray one's conscience. The internecine war in Syria, as far as the Iranian regime and Hizbullah are concerned, is a sectarian war by excellence whose central goal is to create an Alawite entity in the so-called Damascus-Hums-Lathakia Triangle. And the way to expedite this goal is to depopulate entire towns and districts, either by way of exterminating the Sunni population or by way of driving the "wrong people" out of their homes.

In fact, one would exaggerate very little by comparing the ethnic cleansing of Palestine at the hands of the Zionist gangs in 1948 with what is happening in Syria today at the hands of the Iranians who have come to control the capital of the Umayyads.

Khalid Amayreh is a Palestinian journalist and political commentator living in Occupied Palestine. 



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