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The Kabul Surrogate Joint Administration Facing Public Disgrace

22 October 2015

By Zabihullah Mujahid

Our beloved country is entangled in the cobweb of the illegitimate occupation for past fourteen years. Invaders have utilized all its power to dominate our beloved country by using modern weaponry, brutal army, huge expenses and extensive force. Despite their brutalities, they have also started media war to deceive the Afghan people and keep them busy in internal fake disputes through propaganda, conspiracies, deceptions and fraud.

From the beginning, invaders have tried to hide their nefarious and wicked conspiracies of occupation under the shadow of attractive slogans. They were chanting false slogans of freedom, economical development, reconstruction, peace and even held gatherings under the name of Loya Jirga. They established so called governments, Wolasi Jirga (lower house) and Mishrano Jirga (upper house) assemblies as a result of fake elections time and again and formed provincial and community councils. They cashed in on the name of national army, national police and Arbakis (local police).

No doubt the Afghan people discern the real face of tyrants and could differentiate between truths and falsehood but at the beginning, the propaganda machine of invaders was so active that sagged morale of some persons believing in the mirage of rumors. The spell of invaders was challenged when the surrogate president Hamid Karzai who gained power through the might of B-52 bombers, openly expressed his frustration and failure as he wept in a ceremony. At that time, those few gullible Afghans who were under the influence of Western media and following the wrong path were shocked.

The fraudulent elections of 2014 followed by the open interference of invaders unveiled their covert faces. The establishment of inefficient and unbalanced national unity (national treason) administration by John Kerry contrary to all international laws and norms and by totally rejecting the expensive election process further exposed the real face of the invaders. It raised questions regarding American commitment to international law.

The Kabul stooge Administration has been facing failure and fiasco on all fronts from day one until this very day since it was established on 29 Sep 2014 due to the a mischievous plan of John Kerry. Regarding peace, they lack a strategy while economic situation is deteriorating day by day, no peace and solace, corruption has reached its climax, Arg (presidential palace) is divided, borders of the country are unsecure, youth are jobless, bulk of people are leaving the country, people are fed up with unscrupulous militias and Arbakis (local police) and so on……… it is also a shame that they have not even completed their cabinet during past one year and the so called parliament is functioning in conflict with the law of the country.

Yet, the surrogate joint administration of Kabul is facing another open and big disgrace today. The New York Times reports: ''American General John Campbell is de facto defense minister of Afghanistan not Masoom Stanikzai….. He has full authority in Ashraf Ghani administration''.

It is not a new secret that the so called stooge administration has no authority because for the past fourteen years, our country is controlled by the American ambassador and generals in Kabul and they have complete authority. Suffice to say that on ground the authority of the so called president and his cabinet is not more than that of a peon. Strangely, the enemy is now acknowledging those realities which the Islamic Emirate was insisting on for years but they were not ready to admit. 


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