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Helmand On The Verge Of Victory

04 January 2016

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Even in this current freezing weather the frontlines of Jihad against infidelity and corruption are being kept warm by the valiant Mujahideen. Everyday reports are being published about Mujahideen cleansing and liberating large areas from the enemy forces.

One of the provinces where Mujahideen are continuously taking over territory in this biting cold is Helmand. Mujahideen managed to completely liberate Musa Kala and Nawzad districts earlier this year and at the same time cut off all enemy routes and laid sieges to the district centers Kajaki, Sangin, Babaji and Marjah.

About two weeks earlier the district of Khani Sheen along with its administration center and military bases was completely liberated by the heroic Mujahideen who seized a sizable amount of weapons, ammunition, vehicles and other military gear from the enemy in the process. NATO Special Forces and their local auxiliaries launched a counter attack to retake control but were handed an exemplary lesson by the Mujahideen supported by Allah Almighty.

Over the past week Mujahideen have also managed to take over large enemy bases and numerous check posts in Sangin and Gerishk districts, dealing heavy material and corporeal losses to the enemy as well as getting their hands of a large chunk of arms, ammunition and equipment.

The officials appointed by the Kabul regime for Helmand are in such a state of shock about the situation on the ground that they cannot even synchronize their statements. Yesterday the deputy governor of Helmand (Rasoulyar) warned and pleaded to the supposed commander-in-chief Ashraf Ghani in an open letter through a social media post that if immediate action is not undertaken the entire province of Helmand will be lost. He also admitted that over the past 24 hours over 90 army and police personnel have been killed and dozens wounded in the clashes raging in Gerishk and Sangin districts.

Rasoulyar also lifted the veil from many other bitter realities namely that all the district centers of Helmand are under sieges and their logistic routes cut-off by the Taliban whereas the only one not facing immediate threat of collapse is Gerimsir.

Over the past years the Mujahideen used to either cut back on or completely forgo frontal warfare and instead implemented hit-and-run tactics during the winter season. But this year they have not only adopted their usual strategy but added to it through large scale offensive attacks, suspending the little downtime of the enemy and completely wearing down their already depleted morale.

The northern districts of Helmand were already in the hands of Mujahideen but with the ongoing conquests in the southern regions of Marjah, Nad Ali, Khani Sheen, Chanjir and Babaji has limited the enemy influence to the capital Lashkargah. Even in Lashkargah the forces of the Islamic Emirate have filtered into PD#5 and opened an active frontline in the provincial capital.

It is hoped that the valiant Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate will soon completely fold up the little left repugnant control of the invaders and their lackeys over the martyrdom-loving soil of Helmand and unfurl the white flag of tranquility over its valleys and mountains, lush greenery and barren deserts.


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