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For Which Sin Were They Killed?

17 January 2016

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

On Friday 6th of December 2015 a rocket struck a mosque in Sayed Abad district of Wardak province, Afghanistan which killed and injured 18 people included children. Many of the injured are also in critical condition.

The painful question is this that by whom this mosque was targeted? By American aerial bombing? By Nato's indiscriminate attack? By other foreign occupiers? Those who are always preaching us about human rights?

Or those who claim to be one of us and commit crimes against their people even more than the foreigners?

All these slogans emphasizing nationalities such as the national army, national police, local police – we don't understand what they mean with these ‘national' institutions, if they are implying that they serve their nationals then they are clearly out to dupe us since they kill their nationals more than they serve them.

Our poor people don't have any safety even in the house of God from foreigners or those who wear military uniforms in the name of this nation? This mosque was not some stronghold of national terror opponents that these mercenary forces so cruelly attacked it.

What was the crime of these worshippers that they faced such a miserable fate?

If civilians are perceived as opponents of the Kabul regime and they don't have any safety of life and property anywhere then whom are the people that support the Kabul regime?

What was these poor victims crime? Were they killed for going to the mosque? Was their crime sitting in a mosque and remembering their Lord? Was it that they were praying and reciting the Quran? Or something else?

Has anyone asked why the blood of these innocent people was shed? Where is the media which always accuses the insurgents of committing war crimes? Why do they turn a blind eye to this atrocity? After all, was not their countrymen that were killed in this crime? If such a crime had been committed by anyone other than the government they would surely have created a storm with their reports.

When something of similar nature happens in France or America, the entire world rushes in to pay their respects to the fallen. Where are our respects and condolences?

Alas we must accept that our poor nation is the hated child of this international community, none care for our fallen, for our grief, and none care to stop those committing such atrocities on our people.

Such atrocities occur in our land daily yet unfortunately no one cares enough to investigate them, to compensate the victims, to console them, or to carry out an investigation to prevent its recurrence.

It is as a result of such atrocities that our people have turned their backs to their supposed protectors. Surely that day will arrive when all our countrymen will join the forces of resistance creating a storm that will cleanse our country.

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