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What Kind Of Peace Message Is Delivered By Sending More American Troops To Afghanistan!!!

23 January 2016

By Shahamat Emarat

Western media, while quoting some American military sources, reported that 500 more American troops will be send to Afghanistan from Fort Drum of New York to enhance the fighting capability and discipline of the mercenary Kabul regime army.

Two weeks earlier, American sources reported that a special commando force comprising of few hundreds soldiers was also despatched from this base to participate in Helmand fighting.

In the beginning a highly sophisticated helicopter with nearly twenty American commandos on board was hit and destroyed by Mujahidin in Sepan area of Marja district. Similarly another helicopter while landing in the area became the target of Mujahidin attack. It is said that in this incident too, several American soldiers were killed and wounded.

Both of these incidents were fraught with colossal losses and a heavy blow for American forces as the forces trained inside New York base are highly trained and are deployed in exigencies and crucial situations. But their deployment inside Afghanistan was a huge blow for these well-equipped American forces which brought the ability and proficiency of Fort Drum soldiers under question.

General Campbell said that more American troops were required inside Afghanistan as the menace of ‘Daish' (i.e. ISIS) was gradually increasing there. But quite reliable and authentic proofs were received by media from high ranking officials of stooge regime in Kabul which proved that American forces are directly involved in financially and logistically supporting this group in their fighting in ‘Nangarhar' province; as the American helicopters were found busy in their transportation. Similarly, information leaked by trustworthy sources say that the central intelligence department of Kabul regime is involved in training and supporting ‘Daish' fighters and their injured are treated in the special medical centres of this department.

It is true that American forces are the staunch enemies of humanity and particularly the Muslims. Their formation is based on imposing wars and usurpation and pillage of other peace loving nations of the world as they have not refrained from even using atomic bombs and annihilation of millions of innocent masses for the preservations of their vested colonial interests throughout the world.

If the atrocities of American forces for the last fifteen years inside Afghanistan is assessed and calculated, their reality and brutality will be revealed to everyone. What was their main purpose of invasion? How brutally they tortured, wounded and killed the innocent people of our beloved homeland? And what are their malicious objectives for the near and remote future?

The Americans invaded and occupied Afghanistan in 2001 by accusing that secret and crucial training centres of ‘Al Qaida' are based here. They pretended to demolish these centres and rescue Afghanistan. When ‘Al Qaida' Mujahidin launched their Jihad against the American forces inside Iraq, they turned their attention to Iraq. The Americans did not evacuate completely from Afghanistan by excusing that an implicit danger of ‘Al Qaida' return is there. Therefore, they raised the issue of signing a ‘bilateral security agreement' with the stooge admin of Kabul. They said that if this agreement is signed, most of their forces will be withdrawn from Afghanistan and a limited number of soldiers will remain here confined to their military bases who will not directly participate in fighting.

But the deceptive and devious American authorities violated all their pledges and promises one by one. Previously they said that Taliban's influence and strength is increasing and if their forces are removed, the puppet regime of Kabul will collapse. Then they altered their lame excuse and said that Russia is a growing threat for Asia and if the American forces are withdrawn from Afghanistan, Russians might intervene here.

Now, they are exaggerating the menace of ‘Daish' here by saying that if additional American forces are not deployed inside Afghanistan, ‘Daish' will get the control of ‘Nangarhar' province in the east.

But the reality is that neither ‘Al Qaida' centres are found inside Afghanistan, nor Russians can dare to intervene again in this country by observing the destiny of former Soviet Union. As far as ‘Daish' is concerned, even a plebeian knows that these fighters are established and sustained by the American forces to legitimize their presence and extension inside Afghanistan.

For the last fifteen years, the American brutal forces left no stone unturned, but could not defeat the Islamic Emirate; nor could yield it from its legitimate stance. It will be another misperception of American authorities that either the Islamic Emirate will grow weak or it will face crucial setbacks if ‘Daish' is supported and augmented inside Afghanistan.

Americans are playing a double game. On one side, they are supporting and strengthening the mercenary army, Arbaki militia and ‘Daish' against the Islamic Emirate. Simultaneously, they are announcing increase of American forces and deploying fresh commando troops inside Afghanistan. On the other side, they are blowing the pumps of finding a peaceful solution for this issue by forwarding various unworkable plans and formulas.

In reality, they are trying to deceive our Muslim and patriotic masses by showing that American are quite eager for finding a peaceful solution for this dilemma. But whether peace talks and negotiations will succeed while more combatant troops are deployed and the country is turned into another battlefield for ‘Daish' fighters???

Americans should realize that so long as they are present inside Afghanistan, whether less or more, and continue to occupy the sovereign land of this country, it is impossible that the freedom loving people of this country will either subdue to their illegitimate invasion or relinquish the holy cause of Jihad against the foreign invaders!!!

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