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The Islamic Emirate's Reasonable And Forthright Address At The Pugwash Conference

29 January 2016

By Shahamat Emarat

Recently the Kabul regime has expended a lot of effort in supposed peace talks with the Taliban. Their efforts have gained international coverage and widespread support. The Kabul regime has portrayed itself as a peace-seeking party trying to negotiate with an uncompromising enemy. To this effect they convened a number of meetings and used them to portray itself to the national and international audience as a reasonable entity that seeks to employ peaceful means for ending the ongoing conflict.

History is a witness that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan tried all its efforts to allay the paranoia of regional and world countries (including the U.S.) and reassured all concerned parties that Afghanistan will never be used as a launching base for attacks outside the country. They expounded the principle of non-interference in others' affairs and demanded the same right for itself.

However it was the U.S.'s arrogant and invasive approach that compelled her to break all international protocols and invade Afghanistan. She used fear and provocation to build an illegal alliance around her in this undertaking. America quickly assembled a group of unqualified and despised émigrés and gave the reins of power to this lot.

It is surprising that on the one hand America is adding more fuel to the fire consuming our nation by extending its occupation, increasing its force presence and creating and nurturing the growth of illegal groups such as Daesh while on the other hand they use their Kabul-based proxies to extend an olive branch to the Islamic Emirate.

It was in the context of these developments that two days ago the Pugwash Conference was assembled in Doha and was attended by representatives of the Islamic Emirate, Afghan civil society, serving and retired politicians, journalists and analysts as well as individuals currently serving in the Kabul regime. To this conference the head of the Islamic Emirate's Political Office – Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanekzai – forwarded the forthright and just proposals on behalf of the Islamic Emirate.

The esteemed Stanzai stated that if America truly wants to put an end to the bloodshed in Afghanistan then they should unconditionally withdraw all their forces from Afghanistan. As confidence building measures, the international sanctions against the Islamic Emirate and its members should be lifted, its prisoners released, and the Political Office officially recognized.

The head of the Islamic Emirate's Political Office also stated that the knot of the process lies with the foreign occupiers and can only be resolved through direct negotiations between the Islamic Emirate and the United States. As for the national-level crises facing Afghanistan, the Afghans are equal and ready to remove these obstacles among themselves.

Mr Stanekzai emphasized the point that the crux if this issue cannot be resolved in the absence of the powerful and center-stage international coalition that have essentially created and sustained this conflict.

Now if America, the Kabul regime, neighboring and regional powers really want to bring peace to Afghanistan and to embrace groundbreaking steps for negotiations, then they should contemplate the proposals forwarded by the Islamic Emirate in this Conference and take further steps in accordance with its proposals.

Therefore if in spite of the forthright and reasonable proposals of the Islamic Emirate, the Americans continue with the current superficial and narrow-minded approach towards negotiations then so be it, but America should know that this approach will prove an ill-omen for the currently prevailing good faith amongst the belligerents and prolong the suffering of both Afghanistan and its enemies.

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