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The Infiltration of Mujahidin In The Armed Forces Of Kabul Regime

10 February 2016

By Shahamat Emarat

Mujahidin have widely accommodated their volunteers in the so called national army, police force as well as the notorious Arbaki militia of the stooge admin of Kabul. This tactic has been largely expedient for the courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate to bring the strongly fortified bases, offices and gatherings of brutal foreign occupiers under their fatal attacks in which several high ranking officials, generals and soldiers of the foreign invaders were injured and killed.

These kinds of infiltrated attacks were mainly articulated and launched for killing, injuring and eventually dismantling the foreign invading forces but subsequently, by judging their efficacy, their scope was extended to the mercenary forces of Kabul regime too. Here, they proved even more successful as numerous stooge commanders and armed forces were killed in these attacks.

Here, two of such incidents are alluded to which can suffice as a handful out of a heap:

An infiltrated Mujahid killed the commander of his military post and four other stooge soldiers in ‘Abpashak' area of ‘Babajee' district in ‘Helmand' province. Then he successfully managed to escape and take the weapons of the killed ones as well as other required ammunitions to the nearby positions of Mujahidin. This incident was confirmed by the provincial officials of ‘Helmand' province, while expressing their utter ineptitude.

In the second incident, three infiltrated Mujahidin were managed to kill nine soldiers of their military post and then took all weapons and ammunitions to those Mujahidin who were in contact with them. This incident was admitted and confirmed by the stooge Kabul admin too.

These kinds of successful attacks are highly effective in dispiriting the enemy forces. At the time being, the armed battalions of the stooge enemy have no more pluck to confront the bold Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. A substantial number of their troops are absconding from the battle fields and the people who were formerly deceived by the malicious propaganda of both foreign invaders and their internal stooges are now discerning the prevailing realities and amalgamating with Mujahidin, where not only their lives and assets are preserved, by they are highly praised and prized.

The military and civil officials of Kabul admin should realise that this regime is the foe of their creed and country. Despite all their pledges and assurances to the oppressed people of our country, neither peace nor stability is restored nor any economic development and prosperity has been achieved by them. Rather the historical enslaving and humiliating ‘bilateral security agreement' was signed by them with brutal foreign invaders.

On one sid, the armed forces of stooge Kabul regime is suffering from confrontational and infiltrated assaults of Mujahidin and on the other side their internal anarchy is growing day by day. Unfailing reports say that thousands soldiers, policemen and Arbaki militiamen of Kabul regime are absconding their ranks annually. Instead of working with the mercenary admin, where their lives are always at risk, they prefer to set and run their private business in which at the least, their lives and dignity are preserved.

These infiltrated attacks have discomfited both the arrogant foreign invaders as well their stooge regime. Since these attacks are unpredictable therefore their consequent casualties and losses are higher compared to conventional fighting.

Infiltrated assaults are highly valued by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in their Jihadi operations and tactics as the enemy can simply be targeted inside their fortified bases and sanctuaries. They become confused and demoralised. And eventually, either they abscond from the battle-field or surrender to Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

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