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United Against Common Sense; The Jewish Role in the Slave Trade

14 March 2016

By Gilad Atzmon

Reason to be cheerful. Some left youngsters within the British future elite realise that Israel is a problem and Jewish power is a greater problem. The Jewish Chronicle (JC) reveals today that members of Oxford University's Labour Club (OULC) ''discussed Zionists rigging British elections, frequently used the abusive term ''Zio'' and said European attacks on Jews were justified because of Gaza.''

Last month, a Labour investigation into the OULC was launched after Jewish students at the university complained that the OULC was acting ‘anti-Semitic.' The initial investigation was completed 11 days ago, and a report was handed to the party. However, the JC complains that, ''there have been no moves as yet to discipline any of the students over the allegations.'' The findings of the investigation have not been published. I guess that in observance of Jewish heritage the Zionist elders at the JC editorial board want to see some crucifixions.

According to the JC, the investigation revealed that one student claimed an OULC member had organised a campaign of ''harassment by a group against a Jewish student.'' The Jewish ‘victim' was allegedly called a ''filthy Zionist'' and questioned over whether he supports the killing of Palestinian children. Apparently, no formal complaint was made by the ‘victim.' Maybe the Jewish‘victim' was clever enough to grasp that the Jewish State killing Palestinian children in the name of the Jewish people reflects badly on Jewish morality and Jews in general.

According to the JC, an OULC member connected the attacks on synagogues and European Jews with the IDF's conduct in Gaza in 2014. Actually, this connection makes sense. Jeremy Corbyn should track down the OULC student and make him the shadow secretary for rationality and ethical matters.

In another incident it is alleged that an OULC member told a Jewish student they thought Auschwitz was a ''cash cow.'' This is hardly a revelation. Actually it was the legendary Israeli diplomat Aba Eban who identified the Shoah as a Jewish financial asset when he coined the universally precious ''There Is No Business like Shoah Business.''

One Jewish student claimed that club members responded with eye rolls and sarcasm whenever Jewish students tried to raise their concerns. Now this is a serious problem. Anti-Semites always roll their eyes in sarcasm. This is an established physiological trait. Probably the first anti-Semite to roll his eyes was Jesus himself. Additionally, Spinoza, Marx and Hitler were caught on camera with rolled eyes. We, and I mean all of us, and the Labour party in particular, have to unite against all eye rollers: the sooner the better.

Professor Tony Martin on the Jewish Role in the Slave Trade

We often hear about Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. According to some Jewish scholars, 75% of Martin Luther King's finances were paid by Jewish sources. Some insist that many of Martin Luther King's speeches were actually written Stanley Levison. According to Professor Tony Martin, this may explain MLK's attitude to anti-Semitism as reflected in his last book.

Jewish history has a black side to it that is not flattering. Dr. Martin has reached the conclusion that Jews dominated the slave trade. The black American academic has also speculated that Jewish and Zionist support for the Civil Rights movement was driven by Jewish self interest. This suggestion made Professor Martin the subject of an orchestrated Jewish onslaught led by the ADL, AJC and Jewish student unions. In the following video Professor Martin speaks about his studies and the abuses that he has endured for articulating his ideas.

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