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The Real Definition Of ''Salmanism''! Warning To Iran's mouthpieces, Arab Stooges And Terrorists

17 May 2016

By Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi

My TV interviewer was fatalistic as he asked: ''So do you fear US departure from Mideast scene? Do you feel left alone to face the Iranian hegemony? What can you do, now? Would you be forced to accommodate the ''Farsi Empire''? Or are you looking for new partners Russia and China, to name two?''

His questions are recycled these days among many political analysts, academics and writers. The Obama Doctrine and the actual US behavior and its regional policies seem to send the message and give the impression that ''We are out of here, Arabs! Iran is our new Sheriff now, so find a way to share your space with it. Call 911 if you need us, but try not to, freeloaders! We would be a bit busy in more civilized, peaceful and rewarding areas, in continents far, far away. We encourage you to keep shopping in our stores, though. We are the best producer of war and peace toys. Expensive as they maybe, they come with a good warranty and lip service. Meanwhile, keep your money and investments with us, we need them!''

Iran's agents could not be happier. Their mouthpieces are openly singing and dancing, heralding the ''divorce'' as the beginning of a new era the resurrection of the Sassanian Empire which would rule the Middle East and beyond. They expect the end of Saudi-led drive to curtail Iran's hegemony.

This would mean a free hand to police the oil-rich Gulf and to rule the strategic crescent that includes Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, separating Turkey from the Arab world. They would, finally, realize their centuries old dreams of full access to the Mediterranean.

My answers to them are as follows. The current American administration is Wilsonian isolationist. From the start, Obama has announced his intentions of detaching America from all world conflicts, not just the Mideast. His admiration of Iran, as a (sort of) democratic civilization, is not a secret. But his heart goes more towards East and South. He sees American soldiers and guns out of battlefield, and American merchants and merchandize in. Our oil became less of a strategic commodity with newfound shale oil satisfying their thirst.

Emerging markets in South and Far East Asia seemed more promising than in the troubled waters and matured markets of ours. So, it makes sense from his perceptive to provide enough security for Israel with its new partner, Iran, and leave.

Problem is: This is pure academic. It is no better than the neocon theory of ''Creative Chaos.'' That is why the American powerful institutions had not allowed him to downgrade fundamental principles and strategic alliances built over 80 years, as he admitted. Eventually, presidents come and go, but institutions stay, so do their fundamental strategies.

Since Franklin Roosevelt rescued the nation out of its Wilsonian isolation that led to Pearl Harbor disaster, in 1941, America is well-aware of its rule and place in the world. It is still committed to its alliances and partnerships in Europe, and the Middle and Far East. The failures of the soft approach towards traditional adversaries, Russia, Iran and North Korea, would only serve to harden any new Administration policies towards them.

In the meanwhile, Arabs and Muslims are not waiting or depending on help. Within a year, they have woken up from a long sleep, and came out of US orchestrated ''Arab Spring'', to face Obama's puppet, Iran, strong and united. They went from Decisiveness Storm to Northern Thunder, and upgraded from Arab to Islamic Alliance.

Within months, expanding, revolution-exporter Iran, was totally isolated in its neighborhood and beyond. The Islamic Summit in Istanbul (April 2016), including their top allies, Iraq and Lebanon, condemned in strong and clear terms, its interference in members' affairs, as well as, its sponsorship of terror and the seeding of hate, and creating division and sectarianism among Muslims.

At the same time, as shown by Decisive Storm and Northern Thunder, our collective Muslim power is more than adequate to face Iran's danger. Note how quiet their army and Revolutionary Guards' macho threats toned down from ''our self-made missiles are just few minutes away from Saudi oilfields and major cities,'' to ''beware, we now have the Russian S300 defense system!''

Saudi Arabia, today, is much stronger with its new alliances. Our military, alone, could stand up to any danger Iran or Israel may pose. Take GCC's advanced military capabilities, add Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt and Morocco to the Dream Team, and you have a winner! Not to mention the rest of 40 members of the Islamic Alliance, and yeah, our American and European partners!

I'd say to Iran's mouthpieces, Arab stooges and terrorists, it is too early to celebrate! In fact, you should be more concerned than ever. All this and we are still warming up. Terrorism and its mothership in Tehran are about to find out the real definition of ''Salmanism''!

Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi is a Saudi writer based in Jeddah. He can be reached at kbatarfi@gmail.com. Follow him at Twitter:@kbatarfi


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