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Al-Maqalat Forwarding: Aleppo Some Clarity in The Confusion

25 July 2016

By Pieter Van Ostaeyen

Aleppo Some clarity in the confusion

We see ISIS retreating against the atheist Kurdish forces in North East Aleppo while they are going full throttle against the Sunni factions in Northern Aleppo. We see the US coalition intensifying its strikes against ISIS as they are backing the Kurdish push in North East Aleppo while they are reducing their strikes against ISIS when they push forward against the Sunni factions in Northern Aleppo. Many liberated territories taken by ISIS from the Sunni factions by force gradually shifted in to the hands of the Kurds until they declared a federal state in Syria. But who is to blame? Like Allah says in the Quran ''You asked, Where did the misfortune come from? Tell them, It came from yourselves.''

The Sunni factions in the North were advised many times to attack ISIS in their strongholds like Al-Baab and Suraan, if it falls then ISIS in Aleppo would also collapse. But unfortunately the factions refused and choose to protect the Turkish borders. They choose to protect the Turkish interests, thinking that the Turkish airpower in return would support them. Turkey promised them a safe zone in Northern Aleppo if Jabhat Nusra would retreat. And indeed Jabhat Nusra retreated as they did not want to fight under Turkish air cover. But with the retreat of Jabhat Nusra the expansion of ISIS in Northern Aleppo became a fact, tens of villages were taken by ISIS from the Sunni factions. The extremist deviant thought of the Khawarij can only be cured by an opposing pure Manhaj and Aqeedah. Any other deviant thought only empowers the Khawarij and their Dawah, as we can clearly see in Northern Aleppo. Jabhat Nusra held ISIS successfully off in Northern Aleppo while they had a very small presence, imagine if their front would be bigger? While the US is backing the Kurdish forces with everything they need against ISIS, Turkey did not support the Sunni factions at their border with anything significant. Their promises were nothing more than deceit. So we hope that the events in Aleppo will be a lesson for the Sunni factions. They must known by now on who they can rely and who they should not trust.

The Khawarij should be thanking the Sunni factions who are fighting a grinding war and busying the regime in Southern Aleppo from ISIS in the N-East. If it weren't for these factions fighting against the regime in the South and holding them back they would have pushed forward to Al-Baab and the surrounding of Al-Kuweires. After the liberation of Al-Ees we saw the regime halt its push from Al-Kuweires to Al-Baab. And after the Mujahideen liberated Khan Toman the regime put all its efforts in regaining it. More than ten thousands regime forces relieved ISIS and moved from Eastern Aleppo to the South. But not only are the Khawarij ungrateful, they unfortunately used this opportunity to attack Ahl Sunnah in the North. And the Kurds are taking advantage from their push by attacking the weakened Sunni factions from the West and the busy ISIS from the East. While ISIS was attacking Marae from one side the Kurds attacked and took Al-Sheikh Ees from the other. And while ISIS was attacking the Sunni factions they retreated from more than 16 villages in Manbaj Western Aleppo against the Kurds. And the regime of course is committing massacres in the liberated territories of Aleppo on a daily basis, while suspiciously avoiding strikes against ISIS held territories in Aleppo.

As the liberated territories were shrinking after the emergence of ISIS, busying itself with insignificant offshoot battles and exhausting infighting, giving the regime breathing time, and as we witnessed large territories of ISIS being lost to the Rawafid, the Nusayris and the Kurds in rapid speed, we have come to know one obvious thing. ISIS really does not known anything about war strategies or tactics. And even though ISIS pushed some factions in to the hands of Turkey, we can not deny that their naivety and dependence is betraying the Syrian people. If Turkey really wanted to help them they would have helped them against the regime first and foremost. Why should one believe the false promises of treacherous governments who claim to help the Sunni's in Syria against ISIS while the main enemy still commits massacres freely on a daily basis? They will not support the Sunni's against the regime and they will not support them against ISIS, they only support their own interests. If it is one thing this revolution has taught the Muslims, it is independence. We should depend on our own people and our own resources.

By Al-Maqalaat.



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