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Ten Advices To The Revolutionaries Of Egypt: The Culture of Martyrdom

01 September 2016

By Ahmed Al Hamdan

1- Have faith in Allah because the one who trusts in Allah, for Him Allah will be sufficient.
2- Be certain that there is no victory except with sacrifices.
3- Be certain that there is no victory except by Jihad and confrontation.
4- Be certain that iron will not be dent except by iron.
5- Be certain that there is nothing stronger than bullets except bigger bullets.
6- Be certain that your enemy is the Egyptian army of occupation under the leadership of Sisi and his security forces.
7- Be certain that there is no peaceful means when opposing guns.
8- Be certain that if evil is met with evil, the evil will come to an end.
9- Be certain that the Sunnah way is to repel the attacker and to fight off his aggression, and not exposing the chests to bullets.
10- Be certain that by this, and having trust in Allah, and by carrying whatever weapons you can while facing your enemies, you will be victorious by the permission of Allah.

By Dr. Tariq Abdul Haleem
22 January 2016 – 11 Rabee At-Thaani 1437

Translated by Al Muwahideen Media

The Culture of Martyrdom

By Shaykh Anwar al Awlaki, may Allah have mercy upon him

The tree of martyrdom in the Arabian Peninsula has ripened. And now is the time for harvest. And so Allah the glorious has taken martyrs from amongst these men. From these are Shaikh Abdullah Al Mihdaar (may Allah have mercy on him), and Shaikh Muhammad Umair Al Kilvee (may Allah have mercy on him) and the virtuous brother Abu Saalih Muhammad Al Kaazimy and others. Allah the glorious, has taken them as martyrs.

Those who do not see by this view, they see them to be as those who have made losses. They do not know that they (the martyrs) are the ones who have made gains in this trade, because this is a trade with Allah the glorious.
When Allah the glorious chooses a person as a martyr, it is an honour for that person, and a favour from Allah the glorious. It is not a loss. It is never ever a loss. Therefore the people should learn the culture of martyrdom, that this martyrdom is a favour and a grace from Allah the glorious, and it is not a loss.

The tribes should never view these men who have been killed as losers. Rather it is a gain and an honor for them.They should feel honoured by the list of martyrs that they have offered, with every tribe being proud of this… ''So and so tribe has offered such and such a number of martyrs, so and so tribe has offered such and such number of martyrs…'' in this way.

In the time of the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) they used to boast and take pride in how much more they would offer to Islam. They would not boast nor take pride in worldly matters. Competition is not for the worldly matters. Competing and hastening is not for the worldly matters. ''So for this let the competitors compete.'' (Surah Al Mutaffifin, v.26)- for the matters of the hereafter, and not for the worldly matters. So Allah the glorious has honoured the Mujahideen on this earth by choosing from amongst them to be martyrs, and for them to be from the first of these batches whose martyrdom will take place at the hands of the crusader campaign. As for martyrdom, it is continuous, as we have mentioned, it is still in season. But this new campaign which is spearheaded by America directly, this is the first set…

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