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Muhammad Sagagi, Kano - Nigeria [Wednesday January 13, 2010]

Re-'Dasuki Goofed On Sardauna Title'

It pains me that Mr Saka Raji must insult the old man for simply expressing a view different from his. I believe writers can push their views without throwing insults at those they disagree with. Does Saka realise he is addressing an 80 year-old father, grandfather etc? Haba! This is anti-islam. Even the person you wish to promote-you have always promoted him-will not approve of this your faul language.

Umar Nuhu Tijani, Kano - Nigeria [Thursday January 14, 2010]

Re-'Dasuki Goofed On Sardauna Title'

Two mistakes will never make a right. Even one or more never does. If Mr. Saka Raji has offended anyone in expressing his view, how on earth would condemnation of him as anti-Islam by Mr. Muhammad Sagagi would serve in defense of the former Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki - one of the very few Nigerian elder statesmen I hold with esteem. As a fellow Kano indigenes, I am not unfamiliar with Mr Saka Rajiís tender pen for my state governor. However, instead of exchanging cheap blows through this comment box, I challenge Mr. Muhammad Sagagi to actually present here a comprehensive account of his own, especially in defense of Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki. If Mr. Sagagi does, I am positive Mr. Raji would not let it lie just like that.  He would write back, providing us with more provocative, yet thoughtful article in response.  I promise you, I - like thousands of readers on this site - would follow it up and judge by myself. Please donít blind fold me.


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