Why Defection Is So High Among The Police And Army? Talaban Assess

15 September 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

American generals who train Afghan police and soldiers admit, they have problems in recruiting and training policemen and soldiers. Security circles of the stooge Kabul Administration also confirm these reports. One of the problems is the growing trend of defection among the ranks of the Afghan security forces, which is now reaching at more than 20%. American General William Kalduwil, who heads police and soldiers training program, says, the accelerating rate of defections among the recruits has had a negative impact on endeavors to meet training and recruitment goals.

Spokesmen of the Kabul Administration Defense Ministry admits the trend, but says the number is insignificant. On the other hand, those policemen and soldiers who have deserted police and army, speak of high rate of defections. They confirm that many policemen and soldiers want to join the forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. They say, their deployment at the frontlines of battles and low salaries are main reasons for their defections.

Zabiullah Bukhari and Kamal, former soldiers of the so-called National Army, who have now deserted, say: fear of Taliban, low salary, armed clashes with Taliban and security problems during commuting to the site of duty, were reasons that compelled them to quit the duty. Americans are trying to distort facts surrounding the events of defections among the stooge security forces, but the Afghan Mujahid and Muslim people know and the military experts of the West and the world are now of the opinion that America and her allies are facing defeat in the war of Afghanistan. They have two options: either to defect or face death. There is no third option left for the stooge forces.

It is also a matter of pondering that how can the soldiers and policemen trained by the Americans who are themselves facing defeats at the hands of the Mujahideen, be expected to excel in combat than their trainers, the Americans. Furthermore, there are some committed and faithful soldiers among the ranks of the enemy that time and again turn barrels of their guns towards the invading Americans and other aggressors. Through killing or injuring the invaders, they themselves either lay down their lives during the bout or escape the scene scotch free.

The Mujahideen are no match with the invading Americans in terms of weapons and logistics but still the most sophisticated army of the world retreat in battle fields versus the empty- handed Mujahideen. The invaders see no capability in themselves to outface the lions of the path of Truth, nor their surrogate soldiers and police men are in a position to turn the tide. This means only material power is not enough for victory. Rather, belief, determination, legitimate cause and stand contribute to victory over a powerful foe even if the devoted combatants are weak from the point of material facilities.




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