The Misleading Process under the Name of Parliamentary Elections - Talaban Statement

16 September 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

The defeated Americans and the ( Kabul) stooge administration want to launch a new misleading process under the name of elections on September 18. However, all financial expenditures, organizational structure and outcome of the elections have already been determined by Eikenberry, American ambassador to Afghanistan and general Petraus, top general of the American forces in the country.

Notwithstanding that, the Americans want to conduct the fatuous elections process with an aim of showing to the Afghans and to the public of the world that they are intending to put an elected government and parliament in place in Afghanistan. In fact, in this elections process, the votes of the Afghans have no value, nor it is possible that that the Afghans will ever be willing to cast votes for those who have shed their blood unjustly and occupied their country-- still more under the shadow of the American invasion.

Those hopefuls who are taking part in this American process as representative of the people are not able even to protect themselves from the outrages of the Americans during the elections campaign. The entire Afghans saw that the Americans attacked an election campaign convoy of a candidate from Takhar province in a broad day light, killing or injuring more than 12 persons including the candidate who is wounded himself.

Similarly, those persons who are now active members of the so-called parliament as representatives of the people, have been beaten and wounded by the Americans more than a dozen times and their houses have been raided frequently. So when the representatives of the people (members of the parliament) are themselves at risk of being killed and beaten by the Americans and their houses are raided, then how the representatives will be able to live up to the expectations of the people and fulfill the promises which they have made to the public during electioneering. These people who call themselves representatives of the people and continue their elections campaigns while sitting in Kabul, can they ever be able to solve problems of their voters in far- flung provinces and places if they won the elections?

In view of the above realities and in a time that the country is seething with bombs and flames, neither the Americans want to provide any thing to the suffering Afghans that could lead to their prosperity nor do the members of the parliament will be able to serve people while themselves being in a state of powerlessness and weakness. But only they want to gain material benefits by participating in the farce election process so that they may obtain means for their personal livelihood.

Last year, presidential elections were conducted in a self-same misleading process. The Afghans and the world witnessed the depth of the huge rigging and fraud in the voting and, in the end, the results were declared to coincide with what the Americans previous decision demanded.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has made it clear time and again that election in a time of occupation of Afghanistan by the Americans is only subservient to the interests of the invaders and has bitter consequences for our country and people and readily leads to prolongation of the current tragedy of the country.

Therefore, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is striving its utmost to foil these colonialist plans of the invaders including this deceptive process with the help of Allah (SwT) and your Muslim countrymen.

We call on our Muslim nation to boycott this process and thus foil all foreign processes and drive away the invaders from your country by sticking to Jihad and Islamic resistance.

The Islamic Emirate has already chalked out certain measures on country level to frustrate this American process and will implement them on the day when the illegitimate process (of elections) is conducted. Therefore, we request all Afghan brothers with due respect through this statement to fulfill their Islamic and national responsibilities by avoiding the American process and join the strongholds of Jihad with the Mujahideen instead of taking part in the elections process. Liberate your country from the claws of the infidels via Jihad and render service to your people through establishment of an Islamic sovereignty in the country.





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