The Police – The Mastermind Of Terrorism? Strong Evidences Against Brutal Authorities

19 September 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The above title is very intriguing to the Muslims who have become the targets as they are accused of being the mastermind behind the various events related to the lexis of terrorism. The above heading is the theme adopted by the Forum Kajian Sosial Kemasyarakatan (FKSK) or the Social Studies Forum in a discussion held on Thursday, 26th August 2010 coinciding with 16th Ramadhan 1431 H at the Intiland Tower, Jenderal Sudirman St, 32 Central Jakarta presenting five speakers i.e. the Commissioner of Police Zulkarnaen (Head of PR div. Police HQ), Mardigu Wowiek Prasantyo, M.Psych. (Psychology Experts and Observers of Terrorism Research), Fahri Hamzah (Deputy Chairman of the Commission III of the Indonesian Parliament Legislative Assembly), Munarman, SH. (Director of An-Nashr Institute), KH.Muhammad Al Khaththath (Secretary-General of the Islamic Ummah Forum) plus the host H.M. Luthfi Hakim, SH., MH. (TPM or Team of Muslim Lawyers). The discussion that started at 14:30 and finished at 16:30, thus lasted for two hours, was quite intense and quite amazing indeed with the exposures of a number gaffe facts in the last two series of terrorism cases i.e the Mujahideen Training Camps in Aceh and the “soap opera” drama of the arrest of Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, as was the term used by KH.Muhammad Al Khaththath.

The event was preceded by an opening ceremony emceed by Ustadz Bernard Abdul Jabbar (Hizbul Da'wah Islam) while quoting the hadith of Prophet SAW about the executioners (police) in the end times, who in the morning are doing actions that cause the anger of Allah SWT, and later in the afternoon, are doing actions than also causes the wrath of Allah SWT (this hadith can be found in Kitab Mu’jam Al Kabir). The total number of participants who were present in the event was about thirty people, including personnels from the electronic media and press of the Metro TV, journalists from the print media of Sabili and Suara Islam (Voice of Islam). After the prologue by Ustadz Bernard, the events was right away handed over to the host H.M.Luthfi Hakim, SH., MH. who opened the discussion in such a heated manner that it could compensate the room temperature of the hall at the second floor of the Intiland Tower with the temperature being around 25 degree Celcius.

The host then invited the five speakers to occupy the space provided which have the backdrop of the theme of the event as the background, seated on the far right side was the Commissioner of Police Zulkarnaen, then to his left was followed by Fahri Hamzah, the host, Mardigu W.Prasantyo, Munarman and on the leftmost was KH.Muhammad Al Khaththath.

Mr. Luthfi Hakim, as the host, straight away asked the first question to the Commissioner of Police Zulkarnaen regarding the technical process of the arrest of Ustadz Abu which was very inhumane, as well as very different from the arrests of the villains called corruptors. The Commissioner of Police who has a hobby of being “poetic” in his speech throughout the event could not answer the question put up by the host, and he only said, "…in the technical process of the arrest, there was a procedure... bla... bla…" Mr Lutfi grilled, "The question is why did it have to be done by breaking the glasses, being held at gunpoint and other brutal manners? Whereas Ustadz Abu is very accessible (approachable)?" The Commissioner of Police answered, "…(more or less the same as the first answer)… besides, the police were also given the authority to protect themselves when there are indications that something could endanger or threaten the police." His answers were quite laughable because when Ustadz Abu was ambushed, he was not bringing any armed group with him but two old ladies namely his wife, Madam Aisyah Baraja and the wife of Ustadz.Wahyudin (Leader of Al-Mukmin Ngruki Islamic Boarding School), Madam Muslikhah. Mr Lutfi did not continue the question, because in essence the Commissioner of Police could not answer, only going around in circle on his own.

Mr. Luthfi continued by asking the next question, "How about the connection of Sofyan Tsauri who is an ex-cop in the case of the trainings in Aceh ?" The Commissioner of Police answered, "Yes, he is a police deserter." Mr. Luthfi, "Then how about the fact that Sofyan had held a military training with the FPI (Front Pembela Islam/Islamic Defenders Front) volunteers inside the Brimob Command HQ in Kelapa Dua?" The Commissioner of Police answered, "I don't know… the terrorists are an underground network, yeah…maybe it was simply the result of their efforts... that they had met Sofyan who had joined the KOMPAK (coordinator of the civil society anti-corruption coalition)." Mr. Luthfi, "If the terrorists are an underground network, while people like Ustadz Abu is not an underground person, that wherever Ustadz Abu goes, he would surely be spied upon by the intel, then how is it possible that he is involved with the underground movement (terrorism)?"

Mr. Lutfi then shifted the next question to Mardigu W.Prasantyo when the Commissioner of Police got panicky after being pestered with questions, plus the occasional twits from the audience which drove him into a corner. The Commissioner of Police now could give a little smile of relief and stated that he was now safe, greeted with laughters from the entire audience... what a laughingstock! Mr. Luthfi asked Mardigu, "As a terrorist movement researcher, is it true that there is a valid data indicating that there really were trainings in the Brimob Command HQ in Kelapa Dua?" Mardigu, "I will speak in accordance with the facts and data that I have, yes it is true and confirmed." Then Mardigu said, "Sofyan was assisted by two co-active policemen named Tatang Mulyadi and Abdi Tunggal as the suppliers of weapons which were on disposal (damaged) and then repaired, and ammunitions. In addition, there was also a non-official individual who supplied the weapons named Sutrisno." Mr. Luthfi, "In order to obtain those weapons, it certainly needs official permissions and has to be through the bureaucracy of the department, right?" Mardigu, "Yes, obviously." Mr. Luthfi, "Does it make sense that it was Ustadz Abu who recruited those terrorists?" Mardigu, "Doubtful. Why was Ustadz Abu arrested? What is his connection?” Mr. Luthfi, ”How could this happen?" Mardigu, "I have written my answer in a sentence and it is still in my Facebook and Twiter account. In essence, the problem of terrorism in this country must be solved, but if I were in their position (the government and the ranks in the POLRI), could I resist it or not? Because it is quite tantalizing, you all know what I mean right?" In brief, this is all a project to obtain funds from foreign parties (America and its allies) which are quite large. It is this extraordinary of how Government and their tools called the POLRI (National Police) behave in betraying the Islamic ummah. May Allah SWT destroy them.

All the audiences were stunned by the revelation of Mr. Mardigu just now, his statement was considered as quite bold, because it was enough to strip the conducts of the POLRI with its Densus 88 in order to gain money at the expense of the Islamic ummah.

Next, Mr. Luthfi switched to Munarman, "How about the role of Sofyan in the two cases of terrorism which led to the arrest Ustadz Abu?" Munarman told about the chronology of the Aceh incidents, the following are the excerpts of the important points from the chronology:

1. Sofyan Tsauri came to Aceh in January 2009 and straight away offered himself to be the training instructor for the prospective volunteers of the Aceh FPI who would be dispatched to Gaza, remembering that the Israeli raid into Gaza had just taken place at that time.

2. Fifteen of the FPI volunteers for Gaza from Aceh who had passed the selection process were invited to Jakarta.

3. The departure to Gaza was postponed, in silence ten of the volunteers went to Sofyan’s place in Kelapa Dua.

4. Those ten men stayed at the residence of Sofyan for one month with the costs fully borne by Sofyan in February 2009.

5. The ten of them were indoctrinated by Sofyan which allowed robbery on people who are outside of Sofyan’s circle, for the funding of the jihad.

6. For that one month until the end of March, they were trained to shoot, with forty bullets to each person, at the Brimob Command HQ’s firing range.

7. January 2010, six out of the ten people who had been trained by Sofyan at the Brimob Command HQ, participated in the Mujahideen Military Training in Jantho, Aceh.

8. February 2010, the Mujahideen Military Training in Jantho, Aceh, was ambushed by the police.

Munarman added that from this chronology it is proven that it was Sofyan who had selected and recruited the FPI personnels in the first place, it was not the FPI who recruited Sofyan. Nine personnels of the FPI are now under the protection of Munarman and become one of the valid sources of information about the oddity of the Aceh case.

About the arrest of Ustadz Abu, Munarman continued that it was based on the BAP (Berita Acara Pemeriksaan or Reports of Judicial Procedure Investigation) by Lutfi Haidaroh alias Ubaid, precisely on the sixth point, with the question, “How is the connection of Dulmatin in the Aceh incident?” Ubaid answered with seventy eight answers, including the connection of Ustadz Abu. Whereas, in the concept of the positive (read: thaghut) law, there is the principle of “one witness means no witness”. Munarman also informed that the handling of the ‘terrorism’ by the POLRI this lately was very weird, such as the case of the two Cawang shooting victims. To this day no one knows who they are. This proves the depravity of the POLRI and it is too dangerous because in the future the POLRI could just shoot anyone they like arbitarily.

Munarman also revealed that the root of all this is not with the Densus 88 but there is another small team behind the scenes that works under the leadership of the Commissioner of Police Goris Mere. The name of this team is Satgas Antibom, this team did their training on an island in southern Lampung, it is this team that operate in the execution of terrorist suspects, Munarman termed it as similar to the Buser (fast-attack) team. Munarman then showed a document from the Defense Department of America containing the approximation of the cost of the anti-terrorism campaign budget issued for and contested by some countries including Indonesia. In that document, the amount of 141.7 billion US Dollars was recorded, quite a fantastic number, and that was in 2008 alone, and it increased up to six times of that amount per year. Besides that, Munarman also told the presence of an opinion launched by a leading senator coordinator in the American defense sector, who is Jewish, which believes that all the terrorists in this world are of the Salafi Jihadi wing.

Mr. Lutfi then proceeded to Fahri Hamzah, in his statement Fahri Hamzah unveiled the existence of a good relationship between Ustadz Abu and Head of the Provincial Police for Central Java, Alex Bambang Riatmojo, and thus it is very strange of why must the police, especially the Densus 88, act like how they had been acting in the arrest of Ustadz Abu. Fahri Hamzah closed his statement with a promise to dismantle all the gaffes on a further discussion to be held after the 'Eidul Fitri between the Commission III and the FUI.

Now it's the turn of KH. (Kiayi Haji - ed) Muhammad Al Khaththath to deliver a statement, he began by quoting Surah Al Buruj verse 9 and repeated the hadith that talks about the police in the end times which was read by the emcee earlier. Then Mr. Kiayi (title or reference for a venerated scholar, teacher of Islam - ed) just told about an interesting fact that happened at the time of Ustadz Abu's arrest, as testified by the witness namely the wife of Ustadz Abu, i.e. that at one time Ustadz Abu was held up at gunpoint by a member of the Densus 88, then Ustadz Abu snapped at that member of the Densus 88 by saying “May you be cursed by Allah!”, after that he (the member of the Densus 88) ran helter-skelter in fear and trying to save himself as he was chased by Ustadz Abu for a moment before he (Ustadz Abu) was later restrained by the other members of the Densus 88. Apparently, it was just in his form to carry a gun, but was gutless to set face against a seventy plus year old grandfather.

Mr. Lutfi concluded the revelations by the sources and opened a question-and-answer session. There were six questioners, but only two good questions, the rest was more to a statement, which included the statement that the police should be ashamed of themselves in arresting old folks by being armed to the teeth, then there is also a statement asking the press to expose it all clearly and firmly. The two interesting questions were; "Can the shooting of the terrorist suspects be justified legally?" Munarman said that it clearly can not be justified, in fact the funny thing was that Erwin Armada (Editor in Chief of the Playboy magazine) had not been arrested so far though he had already been convicted, whereas Ustadz Abu has not been proven guilty but is already in custody.

The next question was; "What is the connection of the laments made by president SBY two days before the arrest of Ustadz Abu that he had become the target of terror?" Mardigu said that it was a normal thing, it is indeed the style of SBY to be pitied, but what's interesting was that the POLRI stated that they had discovered a bomb laboratory in Cibiru. Mardigu had the opportunity to review the crime scene and saw that there really was a room containing liquid chemical materials but not like the imagined laboratory, there were some peculiarities i.e. the discovery of explosives that are not commonly used by terrorists there, the terrorists typically use Potassium Chlorates as the basic material for the bomb, but in Cibiru the TATP (Tri Tetra Acetyl Peroxide) was found, this is a highly-explosive material and never owned by the TNI (National Armed Forces of Indonesia) and POLRI (National Police of Indonesia) even Israel only started using it six months ago. This is so strange and it is an indication that there is a possibility of an engineered work.

At the end of event, each one of the speakers was given a chance to give a closing statement, KH.Muhammad Al Khaththath advised Mr. Commissioner of Police to be a good cop like Qais ibn Sa’ad Radhiallahu'anhu who always accompanied the Amirul Mu'mineen. After that Mr. Luthfi promptly closed event. Such was the review of the outcomes of the FKSK discussion which quite extraordinarily revealed some facts about the involvement of the POLRI in the engineering of the crimes of terrorism.

When we look at the behaviors of the Government and POLRI in handling the cases of terrorism today, it indicates the repetition of the New Order style during the time of Ali Moertopo. History has recorded that Ali Moertopo had a specific strategy in suppressing the Islamic movement, that strategy is often termed as “cast, fish, net”. The strategy of “cast” means to cast or disperse their agents and infiltrate the Islamic movements and then "fish" them to act (radicalization), lastly "net" them a.k.a. capture them. If the analyses made by Munarman and company concerning the personage of Sofyan Tsauri are true, then it could be ascertained that the POLRI are just plagiarizing the strategy of Ali Moertopo, and then adding the practices of indiscriminate killing to it. This strategy is also used in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia, as revealed by Abu Mus’ab As Suri in his writings which have 1600-plus pages- entitled Da’watul Muqowwamah Al Islamiyyah Al ‘Alamiyyah.

The Islamic ummah must use this opportunity to expose this engineered work or fabrication while simultaneously hitting back at the Government and POLRI through the Commission III of the Indonesian Parliament Legislative Assembly, considering that the Deputy Chairman of the Commission III, Fahri Hamzah had promised in the above forum to accommodate the aspirations and seek the disclosure of these engineered cases of terrorism. Moreover, for the Islamic movements they should begin introspections for self-correction and think carefully, do not be easily provoked by controversial figures who suddenly raise the issue of jihad, whereas their track record in the Islamic movements has not been known. Enough for the two recent series of cases to become lessons for us all, but the lesson that we take is not to extinguish the amaliyah jihadiyah but to establish jihad in the accuracy of purposes, as well as in a continuous way and at a strong striking capacity against the opponents of Islam.

Lastly, the above event theme has been adequately answered that there indeed are strong evidences that the Police are the Mastermind of Terrorism, that the conspiracy theories which all these while have only been impressed in figments are now looking real in the last two series of cases.




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