A Victorious Ummah, A Broken Crusade: Nine Years After the Start of the Crusader Campaign - Shaykh Ayman Al-Zawahiri

20 September 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, and all praise is due to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions and his allies. Muslim brothers everywhere, peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings. As for what comes after:

To begin, I send my condolences to the Muslim Ummah in Pakistan over the damage they have suffered as a result of the recent floods which struck Pakistan, and I ask Allah to have mercy on their dead and heal their injured, and compensate their widows, orphans and casualties. How dearly I and my brothers had wished we could be in the midst of our people in Pakistan, providing them all possible aid and relief. Allah honored many of us to provide help and relief to our people in Afghanistan during the Jihad against the Communists, and He honored a number of us by choosing them for Jihad and then for martyrdom in His Path on the pure soil of Afghanistan; and some of us combined the two honors of relief work and Jihad, such as the martyr – as we see him – Abu Abdul Rahman al-Kanadi (may Allah have mercy on him), who was killed at the hands of the mercenary Pakistan army which is an agent of the forces of the Global Crusade.

How dearly we had wished we could continue doing what we did in Afghanistan in Kashmir and Pakistan, but the treasonous ruling class in the Pakistani government and army came – and continues to come – between us and this honor, as a service to the senior criminals in Washington, London and Tel Aviv.

I would like to remind our people in Pakistan that the glaring governmental failure to relieve them is the result of their keeping silent about the deteriorating conditions and corrupt state of affairs in Pakistan. The robber president can’t deal with his people’s tragedy because he’s too busy repairing his relations with the West in Paris and London, and while there, spending huge amounts of money on luxury hotels and the limousines which transport him and his army of hypocrites, at a time when the Pakistani nation is in need of every rupee in order to relieve those affected. Meanwhile, the mercenary puppet army can’t provide relief to Muslims in the flood-hit regions because it’s too busy killing Muslims and razing their villages in the tribal areas.

The silence of our people in Pakistan towards these corrupt corrupters is the reason for this obvious incapability and failure in relieving them; and it is the cause of the catastrophes which have befallen Pakistan. The primary concern of the ruling class in the government and army of Pakistan is filling their domestic and foreign bank accounts with dollars; and as far as they are concerned, Pakistan and its people can go to hell.

I would also like to advise myself and our people in Pakistan that al-Mawla [the Guardian] –subhaanahu wa ta’ala – is the only one capable of lifting harm from us, and is the only one who is able to harm and benefit. Al-Haqq [the Truth] – subhaanahu wa ta’ala – says: “Say, ‘Who delivers you from the calamities of the land and the sea, when you call upon Him in humility and in secret, saying, “If He deliver us from this, we will surely be of those who are grateful.”’ Say, ‘Allah delivers you from them and from every distress, yet you associate partners with Him.’ Say, ‘He has the power to send punishment upon you from above you or from beneath your feet, or to confuse you by splitting you into sects and making you taste the violence of one another.’ See how We expound the Signs so that they may understand!” (6:63-65)

This is why, whenever any disaster befalls us, we must review ourselves and take ourselves to account for our sins and excesses. Al-Haqq – subhaanahu wa ta’ala – says: “And indeed We sent Messengers to peoples before you; then We afflicted them with poverty, wars, illness and adversity so that they might humble themselves. So when Our punishment came upon them, why then didn’t they humble themselves? Instead, their hearts were hardened all the more and Satan made all that they did seem fair to them.” (6:42-43)

So our people in Pakistan must repair their relations with their Lord, and resolve to repent of every excess they have committed against themselves and every deviation they have made from ‘Aqeedah [doctrine] and Shari’ah [law]. No one is unaware of the extent of the spread of deviations from Islam among many of the people of Pakistan. At the level of ‘Aqeedah, many adhere to the doctrine of secularism, which doesn’t rule by Shari’ah and looks at Islam as being a mere set of personal rituals which doesn’t extend beyond the walls of the home and Masjid. And many seek refuge in the graves and don’t devote their prayers to al-Mawla – subhaanahu – alone, and they perform the polytheistic acts and innovations which accompany that, although al-Mawla – subhaanahu wa ta’ala – is the only one who harms, benefits, sustains, gives life, causes death, guides and sends astray. Al-Haqq – subhaanahu wa ta’ala – says: “And all places of worship belong to Allah; so call not on anyone beside Allah. And when the slave of Allah
[Muhammad, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam] stood up calling on Him, they ganged up against him in opposition. Say, ‘I pray to my Lord only, and I associate no one with Him.’ Say, ‘I have no power to do you either harm or good.’ Say, ‘No one can protect me from Allah, nor can I find besides Him any place of refuge.’” (72:18-22)

And the Prophet – sallallahu alayhi wa sallam – says: “If you ask, then ask Allah, and if you seek help, then seek help with Allah…” [Musnad Ahmad] As for violation of the rules of Shari’ah, the government of Pakistan and its army and security organs have become deeply involved in waging war on the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and Pakistan, whose only crime is that they challenge, resist and perform Jihad against the unbelieving Crusader invader trespassing on the realms of the Muslims and their sanctities in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thus, the government of Pakistan and its army and security organs have implicated themselves in one of the greatest of sins. Al-Haqq – subhaanahu wa ta’ala – says: “O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as friends. They are friends of each other. And whoso among you takes them as friends is indeed one of them. Allah does not guide wrongdoing people.” (5: 51)

So al-Mawla – subhaanahu – counted those who help the Jews and Christians against the Muslims as being from the Jews and Christians, as shown by His statement, “And whoso among you takes them as friends is indeed one of them.”  Then al-Mawla explained that the reason for this loyalty to the unbelievers and helping of them against the believers is concern for the temporary belongings of this life and fear of losing them. He – subhaanahu – says in the following Ayat [sign/verse]: “So you see those in whose hearts is a disease rushing [to serve] them, saying, ‘We fear lest a misfortune befall us.’ Perhaps Allah will bring about victory or some other event from Himself. Then they will regret what they hid in their souls.” (5:52)

So reflect, O you Muslim concerned for his religion and eager to be saved from the anger of Allah in this life and the next, on the argument made by the apostate hypocrites and recorded by the noble Qur’an. Isn’t it the same argument made by the government of Pakistan and its army and security organs? Isn’t their argument: “Out of fear for our interests and the interests of Pakistan, we have decided to kill Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan, destroy their villages, burn their houses and expel and displace them by the millions”?  Then the noble Ayaat make clear that with this deviance and that huge act of disobedience, the truth about them has been revealed to the believers; and that they are not benefited by their claims of faith, even if they swear the solemnest of oaths; and that their good deeds are now null and void and they shall only harvest loss. Al-Haqq – subhaanahu wa ta’ala – says: “And those who believe say, ‘Are these the ones who swore by Allah their most solemn oaths that they were with you?’ Their works are vain and they have become the losers.” (5:53)

Then the noble Ayaat explain, in a categorical fashion and with absolute clarity, that Allah will aid His religion and strengthen His friends, and that al-Mawla – subhaanahu – will quell the apostasy of these apostates by way of His righteous soldiers and slaves who perform Jihad for His pleasure, and who fear neither the hostility of the hostile nor the blame of the blamers. He says: “O you who believe!  Whoso among you turns back from his religion, then let him know that Allah will soon bring in his stead a people whom He will love and who will love Him and who will be kind and humble to the believers, and hard and firm against the disbelievers. They will perform Jihad in the cause of Allah and will not fear the blame of a blamer. That is Allah's grace which He bestows upon whomsoever He pleases; and Allah is Bountiful, All-Knowing.” (5:54)

Then al-Mawla – subhaanahu – lays down a divine monotheistic doctrinal fundamental, which is that the Muslims’ loyalty and aid must only be to the
religion of Allah and Sunnah [tradition] of His Prophet – sallallahu alayhi wa sallam – and to their brothers in Islam and Iman [faith], and that he who does that is from the victorious and triumphant party of Allah. He – subhaanahu – says: “Your friends are Allah and His Messenger and the believers who observe Prayer and pay the Zakaat and worship Allah alone. And those who take Allah and His Messenger and the believers for friends can rest assured that it is the party of Allah that must triumph.” (5:55-56)

Then al-Mawla warns against providing aid to or making alliances with the unbelievers who mock and make fun of the religion of Islam. He – subhaanahu – says: “O you who believe! Take not for friends those who make a jest and sport of your religion from among those who were given the Book before you, and from the disbelievers. And fear Allah if you are believers.” (5:57)

Glory be to Allah: aren’t the NATO forces which are coming and going as they please in Pakistan and being helped and supplied by the government of Pakistan and its army and security organs, aren’t these forces from the states in which the Prophet – sallallahu alayhi wa sallam – was insulted publicly on the pages of newspapers and in other media? And aren’t they the forces which humiliated the noble Qur’an in Guantanamo, Iraq and elsewhere? And aren’t the forces of the Pakistan Army the ones who contravened the rules of Shari’ah by destroying and burning Lal Masjid, and killing in it hundreds of male and female martyrs in order to get closer to America and earn its pleasure.  Isn’t Pakistan the one whose media, newspapers, books and advertisements are full of open acts of disobedience, displays of feminine beauty, and open decadence? Hasn’t Pakistan seen the spread of all types of major sins, including drinking of wine, drugs, nudity, displaying of feminine beauty, gambling, usury and perversions?  Will you not repent? Will you not come back to Islam? Will you not come back to al-Mawla – subhaanahu wa ta’ala - by correcting your beliefs, abandoning sins, and being loyal to the believers and hostile to the unbelievers? My brothers in Pakistan: know that Allah – subhaanahu – doesn’t only punish those who commit acts of disobedience, He also punishes those who were pleased with their actions and kept silent towards them, and didn’t command them to do good and forbid them from evil with their hands, tongues and hearts; and He only delivers those who forbid evil. Al-Haqq – subhaanahu – says: “And ask them concerning the town which stood by the sea. When they profaned the Sabbath; when their fish came to them on their Sabbath day appearing on the surface of the water, but on the day when they did not keep the Sabbath, the fish would not come to them. Thus did We try them because they were rebellious.

And when a party among them said to another party, ‘Why do you admonish a people whom Allah is going to destroy or punish with a severe punishment?’ They said, ‘In order to be absolved from blame before your Lord and that they may turn to righteousness.’ So when they forgot what they had been reminded of, We saved those who forbade evil and We seized the transgressors with a severe punishment because they were rebellious.” (7:163-165)

So Allah only delivered those who forbid evil, and took away the rest with a miserable punishment. Abu Bakr as-Siddiq – with whom Allah was pleased – said, “O people, you read this Ayat – ‘O you who believe! Take care of your own selves. He who goes astray cannot harm you if you yourselves are rightly guided’ (5:105) – and I heard the Messenger of Allah – sallallahu alayhi wa sallam – say, ‘If the people see the wrongdoer and don’t take him by the arm, it won’t be long before Allah afflicts them all with His punishment.’” [Musnad Ahmad]

My Muslim brothers in Pakistan: if the criminals of the contemporary Crusade against Afghanistan and Pakistan have come between us and the honor of helping you, then let our people in Pakistan accept our condolences and prayers for Allah to have mercy on them, end their distress and remove their grief. He – subhaanahu – is the One whom we worship in all circumstances.

After sending these condolences to our people in Pakistan, I remind our Muslim Ummah everywhere that nine years have passed since the beginning of the contemporary Crusade, which began with the attack on the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.  What I want to point to here in this talk of mine isn’t the imminent victory – Allah permitting – of the Mujahideen under the banner of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan led by the Amir of the Believers, Mulla Muhammad Umar Mujahid, may Allah protect him, for this is something which the enemy and friend have agreed about, by the grace of Allah, and no one doubts it will happen, not even the American-led Crusader coalition itself. Rather, the argument is about “when” and “how.”

I say: the imminent victory in Afghanistan – Allah permitting – isn’t what I want to point to; rather, I want to point to the lessons and examples found in the experience of nine years of confronting the Crusaders and their agents across the length and breadth of the Islamic world, from Khorasan to the Islamic Maghreb and even on the Westerners’ own soil.

I think that the most important thing which these nine years have brought to the surface is that there are two distinct orientations and currents when it comes to dealing with the doctrinally secular – but Crusader-leaning – Western aggression against the realms of Islam.  The first orientation is the orientation of Jihad, Ribaat [garrisoning on the frontlines], resolve, defense of Islam’s sanctuary and sanctities, and adherence to the principles of ‘Aqeedah; the orientation which rejects peacemaking, bargaining and coming to an understanding at the expense of beliefs, principles and values;
the orientation of joining the resistance against the Crusader invaders through relying on Allah and using the little equipment, provisions and training available, and through seeking to get closer to Allah and trusting in His victory and His promise of empowerment. This is the Mujahideen’s orientation from Khorasan to the Maghreb of Islam and the orientation of all those who help and support them.

As for the second orientation, it is the orientation of surrendering, compromising, backtracking and bargaining over the fundamentals of ‘Aqeedah, the principles of Islam, the rules of Shari’ah and the sanctities of the Muslims.

It is an orientation which includes a number of parties, among them defeated people, people who contradict themselves, people with distorted creeds, people who prefer safety, those who beg for residency permits and citizenships, those who claim to be expert politicians, and those who daub themselves with secularism, the nation-state, democracy and the other idols on which Western secular ideology is based. This orientation also includes movements which associate themselves with Islam even as they go ahead with secularization and endearing themselves to the West, and with portraying themselves as patriotic movements which believe in “civil government”, which is a polite term for “nonreligious government.” These movements also give precedence to nationalisticties over other ties, and they hold many other dilapidated ideas which they solicit from self-contradictory materialistic Western thought. These movements also portray themselves as being innocent of “terrorism,” which is how the secular
Crusader West describes Jihad, and they declare their total readiness to join the world order which the victorious West imposed after the Second World War and which is based on the domination of the weak by the powerful, whether in the Security Council or in the Third World, especially the realms of Islam from East Turkistan to Ceuta and Melilla.

This is why the Muslim Ummah must study in depth this rich experience of nonstop resistance and defense: this Jihad in Allah’s path to make Allah’s Word supreme, a Jihad free of any patriotic, nationalistic or secular leanings.

In this experience – by the grace of Allah – is a practical reply to the misconceptions of the “inability movement,” which permitted the Muslims to
fight and kill their Muslim brothers in Afghanistan in the ranks of the Crusader Americans and under their banner; which created a new Qadianism in the Mardin Conference in Turkey; whose leaders – who claim to belong to Jihad, Da’wah, and the Islamic movement – entered Kabul and Baghdad on the backs of the Americans’ tanks and in the shade of their bombers; and which begs the pleasure of the governments in our capitals, and recognizes their leaders as governors of the Muslims' affairs though they are the allies of the secular Crusader West against the Muslims…the “inability movement,” which claims to strive for change by recognizing secular constitutions, working according to them, and participating in rigged elections under their rules; in fact, they have even strived for change under the leadership of the secularist Mohamed ElBaradei, who fell on us out of
the sky of American providence so he could direct the Egyptian opposition on behalf of America the same way he used to direct – also on its behalf – the International Atomic Energy Commission.

The story of Mohamed ElBaradei and Mubarak is the same as the story of Zardari and Musharraf: it is a old/new American game. In Pakistan, America and the West backed Musharraf – whom they used to criticize – when he took part with them in spilling the blood of Muslims and destroying their countries in Afghanistan and Pakistan; but after Musharraf was stained with a number of crimes, and after America used him to bomb and burn the Red Mosque in Islamabad, America sensed that Musharraf had been exposed, and that popular anger towards him was on the increase, and so it made an agreement with Benazir: that it would give her an amnesty for her crimes which it would extract from Musharraf under duress, and that it would return her to Pakistan and facilitate an easy win for her in the elections; and we all know the way elections are run in our countries. This is something which America – with its money, bombers and tanks – has mastered in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

So America made a deal with Benazir to facilitate her coming to power in exchange for her giving America a free hand to kill Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan and her providing it services – in the name of freedom and the people and at the hands of a popularly elected democratic government –which Musharraf never could have provided.

And when Benazir was killed, America made up for the loss by propelling “Mr. 10%” Zardari – a crook wanted internationally for crimes of theft and corruption – into the seat of power. Thus he was transformed from “Mr. 10%” into “Mr. 100%.” And he gave America what it wanted, and conceded to it what the Pakistan Army – despite its treason and despicableness – didn’t agree to concede to it; and all of this in the name of democracy, freedom and the will of the masses. And on the basis of the fair and honorable elections in Pakistan, Zardari became immune to prosecution by the judiciary, whose attempts to convict him A Victorious Ummah, A Broken Crusade: and his ministers fell to pieces on the rock of constitutional immunity and the laws which protect the corrupt.

Now they want this same rotten story to be repeated in Egypt, after America exhausted its uses for Mubarak and used him as the cat’s claw in the execution of all its dirty crimes in the region, from the campaigns of torture against the Islamic movements, to the embargo against Iraq and then its bombing and the bombing of Afghanistan, to the blockade of Gaza.

So when Mubarak turned into a symbol of corruption, criminality, thievery and treason, and when America sensed that Mubarak’s bequeathal of power to his son might cause problems and inconveniences, it decided to experiment with a parallel line for achieving its goals, by way of the emissary of American providence, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, or what some Egyptians call – with their customary sarcasm – “The Awaited ElBaradei!”

So America could either propel ElBaradei to power by way of Eastern-style elections, as occurred in Pakistan, or it could keep him as a leader of the
opposition and a thorn in the side of Jamal Mubarak, so that the two might compete with each other in the provision of services and loyalty to the Caesar of Washington, commander of the contemporary Crusade.

So Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei returned to Egypt after spending the years of his life serving the United Nations Organization, the organization of the domination of oppressed nations by oppressor nations. He returned after spending his life in inspections in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Libya and Syria, sniffing around in them for any trace of nuclear activity, although he is the same person who doesn’t dare to utter a word about the mountains of deadly weapons of all types in the possession of America, Britain, France and the rest of the arrogant powers.

The employee devoted to the service of the world order which the victorious West imposed after the Second World War returned to Egypt; ElBaradei, with whom the arrogant world order was pleased, and so it gave him the Nobel Prize, to which he was beaten by senior criminals like Begin, Sadat, Naguib Mahfouz, and Obama. He returned to move about freely while enjoying American protection and care, which protected him from the wrath of Mubarak, who never neglects to make an example of any rival to him, and who didn’t suffice with torturing his own people, but even turned Egypt into an international terminal for torture in the contemporary Crusade.

Yet this torturer Mubarak stood like a tame cat in front of the emissary of American providence, and so Egypt awoke suddenly to find that the ex-employee of the world order had returned to it and was touring it from north to south, promising freedom, democracy and – lest we forget – secularism.

Some might ask, “And why shouldn’t we support ElBaradei if he is going to bring us change?”

This is a question which requires that the one who posed it be woken up and alerted to the realities of the world and its history.

The one who wants change must ask himself, “Where to and how?”  Where does he want to go? To the establishment of an Islamic state which
rules by Shari’ah, helps the oppressed, spreads justice and opens the door to Shura [consultation], or to an ugly and misshapen secular monstrosity in which decisions are made by America? And how will change be achieved? Through peacemaking, reconciling, giving priority to our safety, and demonstrating how good we are at surrendering to the doctrinally secular – but Crusader-leaning – Western world order, or through Jihad, struggle, resistance, and enjoining good and forbidding evil? Through the methodology of inability, begging and benefiting, or through the methodology of
the Mujahideen and those who resolutely adhere to their ‘Aqeedah? Theirs’ is the methodology which forced America to announce its pullout from Afghanistan and Iraq, and theirs’ is the methodology which ruined for it the project on which it had collaborated with the stars of the international Islamic movement who rode its tanks towards Kabul and Baghdad; with the “Fuqahaa” of the Marines and the neo-Qadianis of Mardin; and with the Shi’ite religious authorities in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

Change in Egypt and other realms of Islam won’t be achieved by joining the brigade of Zardari, Sheikh Sharif, Karzai and ElBaradei. Change won’t be achieved under the banner of the secularists and those who seek help from the arrogant world order. declaring the truth and adhering to ‘Aqeedah and striving to make it a tangible reality through sacrifice and Jihad in Allah’s path with wealth and self, and through commanding of good and forbidding of evil with the hand, tongue and heart.

And the first step on the path to change is awareness of facts, and the clearest and most obvious of facts is the ‘Aqeedah of Tawheed [monotheism], which must be the ruling authority in every system, constitution and law. The second fact is appreciation of the nature of the conflict in which we are engaged, and that it is a conflict between the Muslim Ummah and its foreign enemies – the invaders – and their domestic agents, and that our liberty, dignity and honor and our success in this life and the next will only be achieved through the defeat of these two factions.

This is why this awareness must be spread among us: awareness of the necessity of changing from the falsehood of Shirk [polytheism], ruling by other
than Shari’ah and vassalage to the enemies of Islam, to the truth of Tawheed, ruling by Shari’ah and liberation from the enemies of Islam.

There must be awareness of the flimsiness of the position which says that we might be able to achieve our liberty, honor and dignity by rallying around
American influence and following its emissaries. All this flimsy call will bring us is a move from one vassalage to another vassalage and from one corruption to another corruption.

And if this awareness spreads in the ranks of the Muslim Ummah, it will be followed by a succession of steps which will lead to the desired change.
This is why I call on every free and honorable person with concern for his religion, his Islam, his honor and his dignity to work with everything in his power to spread this awareness: the awareness that our corrupt condition is unacceptable, because it is a condition of deviation from Shari’ah; vassalage to the powers of arrogance; and intensification of political despotism, financial corruption, social oppression and moral dissolution…the awareness that our desired objective is ruling by Shari’ah; liberation from the international system of the arrogant powers; liberation of the Muslims’ lands; spreading justice; opening the door to Shura; and the Ummah taking its rulers to account…and the awareness that this desired objective can’t possibly be achieved by the methods of begging, backtracking and accepting things as they are, but rather, shall be achieved by Jihad, sacrifice of self and wealth, and commanding of good and forbidding of evil.

I call on every free and honorable person with concern for his religion, his Islam, his honor and his dignity to compare the two approaches for dealing with the contemporary Crusade: the approach of Jihad, taking pride in Allah and confronting the senior criminals with hand and tongue, and the approach of surrendering and begging and waiting for every opportunity to please the Caesar of the Romans in the White House.

The methodology of the people of honor and Jihad has achieved what no observer who doesn’t believe in Allah and the Last Day had imagined. By worldly and materialistic standards, there was no match between what they call the superpowers – led by America and the Crusader West – and the groups of Mujahideen, who are poor in terms of means but rich with their faith.

But worldly and materialistic standards overlooked the fundamental laws which rule Creation and which al-Mawla – subhaanahu – told us about in His
Quran: “How many a small party has triumphed over a large party by Allah's command! And Allah is with the steadfast” (2:249); “So fight in the path of Allah – you are held responsible only for yourself – and urge the believers to fight. Allah will restrain the might of those who disbelieve; and Allah is stronger in might and stronger in punishment” (4:84); “And We wished to show favor to those who were oppressed on earth, and to make them leaders and to make them inheritors of our favors; and to grant them power in the land, and to make Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts see from them that which they had feared.” (28:5-6)

The methodology of Jihad and taking pride in Allah was able to inflict great harm and slaughter on the senior criminals. Their military defeats and economic losses came one after another, and they announced that they are leaving Iraq and Afghanistan.

In this conflict , the Mujahideen were – and still are – being confronted from the front by the senior criminals led by America – with most of the world behind it – and being harmed from the back by the preachers of inability, the “Fuqahaa” of the Marines, the ‘Ulama of beggary and the secularized leaderships of movements which affiliate themselves with Islam. But despite this complex opposition and two-pronged battle, Allah sent down
His steadfastness on His slaves the Mujahideen, and helped them with His aid and His support, and shook the ranks of the Crusaders and their agents and struck fear in their hearts.

The Crusader West, after nine years of its campaign against first Afghanistan and then Iraq, has realized that a military resolution isn’t possible, and so it is resorting to ruses, machinations, bribes and buying of loyalties, and the Crusader West has brought over to its side a major part of what used to be called the nationalist movement, and it has also attracted a number of those who used to belong to the global Islamic movement and is using them to discourage the Ummah from performing Jihad, commanding good and forbidding evil, and clinging to Tawheed and the rule of Shari’ah.

Among the most prominent of those whom the West attracted from the nationalists is the Fatah movement which used to claim to be defending the most important nationalist cause, but subsequently sold out its nationalist cause and recognized the state of Israel on most of its people’s land, or on “historical Palestine” as they call it; and recognized the Israeli citizenship of its people who live in the part of Pales ne occupied in 1948. This is how the na onalists sold out their peoples and lands: they are like the person who made an idol out of pressed dates, then ate it when he became hungry.
This is why I advise our people in Palestine to distinguish between two methodologies: a secular methodology of desertion which prostrates itself at the
feet of the West; cooperates with Israeli security organs; allies itself with the West and its agents in the region; and includes the Palestinian Authority and all Arab states without exception. I don’t exclude any of them because there is no difference between them except in the degree to which they declare their subservience to America and the West. As for actual cooperation, it is in full swing.

All of them have abandoned Palestine – which they call “historical Palestine” – over and over again, and the most recent of their recognitions was their Arab initiative, in which they not only abandoned most of Palestine, they also abandoned the right of return for Palestinians by making it conditional on an understanding with Israel. This abandonment of Palestine wasn’t confined to the Palestinian National Authority and the Arab states, but extended to all the nationalist and leftist movements, which recognize international legitimacy and deem as sacred the resolutions of the United Nations which usurp the realms of the Muslims.

And this secular orientation of desertion is gradually attracting the political leaderships of Palestinian movements which claim to belong to Islam, by getting them to recognize the principle of the nation-state – in other words, recognize the Sykes-Picot accord; by getting them to disown the rule of Shari’ah, by ruling according to the dictates of the whims of the so-called majority, or what they call “democracy”; and by getting them to recognize the treasonous agents of the West and Israel in Palestine, by recognizing the legitimacy of the Authority and the presidency of Mahmoud Abbas, recognizing the necessity of unity with the traitors in the name of “national unity,” recognizing Mahmoud Abbas’ mandate to negotiate in the name of the Palestinians, and recognizing or respecting the United Nations’ resolutions to divide Palestine and hand over most of it to Israel, through their signing of the Makkah accord.

And facing this secular methodology of desertion is another methodology, one which believes in the rule of Shari’ah, the unity of the Muslim Ummah and the brotherhood of Islam, and believes that all realms of Islam are the equivalent of a single country, and doesn’t disassociate itself from the Mujahideen in Chechnya, but rather, disassociates itself from everyone who deviates from the methodology of Islam and abandons his religion, honor and homelands.  And this orientation has been ganged up on by the countries of the West, foremost among them America, and by all the governments and countries which fell in line with them.  But this orientation is our hope.

This orientation has the purer methodology and the more correct doctrine, because it relies on the explicit and definite proofs of the Qur’an and Sunnah [Prophetic Way], and cites the historical and political reality of the Muslim Ummah, and believes neither in the fatwas of the “Fuqahaa” of the Marines nor in the hired ‘Ulama in Riyadh, Cairo and Qatar.  So the Muslim Ummah in Palestine must define its path and know what it wants.  Does it want the establishment of Allah’s Law on His earth and the expulsion of the invaders from all realms of Islam, which – according to the consensus of the Fuqahaa – are the equivalent of a single country?  Or does it want an emaciated and paralyzed secular state which will be manipulated by international conspiracies and regional intrigues?  The first choice, which is the choice of establishing the Islamic state in Palestine and expelling the invaders from it and from all realms of Islam, won’t come to pass through coming to an understanding with the Arab states, which were the ones who sold out Palestine in the first place, and are the ones who use the sheltering of Palestinian movements on their territories as a bargaining chip.

This choice requires another technique and a different methodology, like the one put into practice by the Mujahideen who forced the Crusader invaders to announce their departure from Afghanistan and Iraq. This is why, O Muslim Ummah, the major criminals in the West tried and are
trying to search for those who will help them – or help their agents – among those who are affiliated with the Islamic movements and among the ‘Ulama of the sultan and “Fuqahaa” of salaries and positions.  In Afghanistan, those who call themselves “former Mujahideen” jumped on the
backs of the American tanks heading towards Kabul after it had been pounded by 7-ton bombs; but despite that, the international organization of the Muslim Brothers didn’t disassociate itself from them.

In Iraq, there was al-Sistani and the Shiite religious authorities, who issued fatwas against fighting the occupier invading the Muslims’ realms, and there were the leaders of the Brothers who took part in Bremer’s ruling council, and there was al-Hashemi’s surrendering party which acts as a branch of the CIA; but despite that, the international organization of the Muslim Brothers didn’t disassociate itself from them.

On the Arabian Peninsula, there were the ‘Ulama of the sultan who went from the ‘Aqeedah of Tawheed to “Tawheed al-‘Aqaaid” [unification of religions]; the ‘Ulama of the sultan in the Peninsula who issued fatwas for America’s governor over the Muslims permitting the bringing of hundreds of thousands of invasion forces to the Arabian Peninsula; who issued fatwas forbidding mobilization to Jihad in Iraq and calling it “sedition”; and who issued fatwas forbidding demonstrations in support of Gaza because they are “smacking of lips” which distract from remembrance of Allah. Also there in the Arabian Peninsula were those belonging to the Islamic movements who pledged allegiance to Ali Abdullah Saleh as ruler of the Muslims, after America approved him as one of its governors over the Muslims.

In Somalia, there was Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, leader of the courts which used to be Islamic, who sought help in the Crusader West and the occupiers from the East and West so that they might place him in the seat of power, but the lions of Tawheed in Somalia were lying in wait for him, and they besieged his government in a few kilometer-wide area, and mobilized the Muslim people in Somalia for Jihad against the enemies of the Ummah and their treasonous agents, and wherever they went they established Shari’ah, spread justice, and disseminated beneficial knowledge and the right message; and thus they founded a fortress for Islam and Jihad in East Africa, with Allah’s help and guidance and despite the fewness of their numbers and supplies in comparison with their enemies.

In Egypt, there was their “Greatest Shaykh” who permitted the blockade of Gaza and had a long list of errors, from his hosting the Israeli Chief Rabbi in al-Azhar to his removal of the Niqab.  And in the Islamic Maghreb, the secular governments which steal the peoples’wealth and abandon Palestine seek help in the Shaykhs of the Marines and the “Fuqahaa” of salaries and positions, so they can bless these regimes, give them legitimacy and curse the Mujahideen.

These tragicomic plays shall continue, O our Muslim Ummah, as long as Jihad, Ribaat, and Hijrah [migration for Islam] continue, because this is a continuous tradition and an invariable law. Al-Haqq – tabaaraka wa ta’ala – says: “Thus did we make for every Prophet an enemy from among the sinners; and sufficient is thy Lord as a Guide and a Helper.” (25:31)

He gave a rambling fatwa and spoke deviancy And committed an act of clear infidelity In every land you will hear a caller

Calling to Musailamah or to Sajaah

In every land you will witness a strife In which the religion is sold easily for a cheap price.  Giving fatwas for the gold of al-Mu'iz and fear of his sword
And the desires of the soul and its unrelenting hatred.  This, O our Muslim Ummah, emphasizes the importance of the awareness which I mentioned earlier. The Muslim Ummah in general and its Mujahid vanguard in particular must be aware of what goes on around it, and mustn’t be deceived by appearances and names, but rather, look at the truthfulness and correctness of the claims. Al-Haqq – tabaaraka wa ta’ala – says: “And when you
see them, their figures please you; and when they speak, you listen to their speech. They are as though they were blocks of wood propped up. They think that every cry is against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. Allah's curse be upon them, how are they being turned away from the truth.” (63:04)

My Muslim Ummah: nine years after the beginning of the Crusade against Afghanistan and then Iraq, here is the Crusade reeling after being weakened by the blows of your devoted sons, the Mujahideen, and after it lost its balance due to the severity of the hemorrhaging of human and financial losses it is suffering, and that’s why it is searching breathlessly for a way out.  This is the path, O our beloved Ummah, so stick to it. Al-Haqq – subhaanahu wa ta’ala – says: “Fight them, that Allah may punish them at your hands, and humiliate them, and help you to victory over them, and sooth the chests of a people who believe. And that He may remove the anger in their hearts. And Allah turns with mercy to whomsoever He pleases. And Allah is All-Knowing, Wise.” (9:14-15)

O our Muslim Ummah: I congratulate you in general and I congratulate in particular the forces of Jihad and Ribaat on the ending of the ninth year of the Crusade, from which the forces of Jihad and Ribaat have emerged victorious and the forces of the Crusader invasion have emerged weakened by their wounds and exhausted by the hemorrhage of human and financial losses.

And in this context, I emphasize to my brothers the Mujahideen everywhere that true victory is in adherence to Allah’s Shari’ah and not being negligent in applying it. That’s why the Mujahideen must be diligent in abiding by the sacredness of Muslim blood, and that’s why their operations must be regulated by the noble Shari’ah, and that’s why they must study every operation from all sides. And the Mujahideen must disown every operation which is falsely attributed to them despite their innocence of it and which is aimed at the Muslims in their markets, mosques and gathering places. Moreover, we disown any operation which a Jihadi group carries out in which it doesn’t show concern for the safety of the Muslims; for we have only left our houses, abandoned our homelands and made our sacrifices in order to seek Allah’s pleasure and aid His Shari’ah and the rules of His religion.

My Muslim Ummah: among the lessons learned during these nine years is that the Mujahideen’s resolve in the face of the Crusade and their forcing it to pack its bags and get ready to depart humbled and humiliated took place at a distance from the governments and organizations. The governments of the Islamic countries have committed treason and participated with the Crusaders in their assault on the Muslims, and the organizations have deserted, and some of them have even participated in the Crusaders’ governments. This demonstrates the strength of the Muslim Ummah and the greatness of the energies latent within it.

In fact, many of the Islamic peoples took a stance opposite to that of their governments. While its governments were sending their forces to kill Muslims in Afghanistan, the Muslim Ummah was sending its sons to perform Jihad against the Crusaders there. One of the clearest examples of that is the stance taken by the Muslim Ummah in Pakistan and Turkey. From these two countries, one group of Mujahideen after another set out for Afghanistan.

It was amazing to see Turkish officers commanding the forces of the NATO Pact in Afghanistan while the heroic Turkish Mujahideen were inflicting harm on the same NATO forces with their attacks, ambushes and martyrdom operations.

The Mujahideen of Turkey have revived the glories of their forefathers who defended the sanctuary of Islam for more than five centuries. That’s why the Muslim Turkish people must confront the behavior of their government, which is participating in the Muslim-killing campaign in Afghanistan.  The same holds true for the government of Pakistan, which participates in the Crusade as a fundamental partner while the Pakistani Mujahideen flood into

And who can possibly forget the heroic act of the martyr – as we see him – Abu Dujaanah al-Khorasani, who taught the treasonous Jordanian government a lesson it will never forget on the soil of Afghanistan.

My Muslim Ummah: my congratulations to you once again on this blessed harvest throughout the past nine years, and my congratulations to you also on the victory which is imminent with Allah’s permission. “And on that day the believers will rejoice in Allah's victory. He gives victory to whom He pleases; and He is the Mighty, the Merciful.” (30:04-05)

And our final prayer is that all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and Allah’s prayers and peace be on our Chief Muhammad and his family and companions. And may peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.




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