Whom the Afghan People Sided With? With the Islamic Emirate - Taliban Or …?

01 October 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

UNAMA and other Western and internal stooge entities which were delegated to conduct the so-called parliamentary elections on Sept. 18, had earlier predicted that only in 30% area of Afghanistan, the situation would be ready for holding the elections.

Reason: the security problems. But on the day of the polling, people witnessed that even that prediction did not come true. Less than 10% voters took part in the ridiculous American drama by casting their votes. The low turn-out can be ascribed to fear and wide-spread rigging.

The Americans and their allies spent $200 million dollars to maintain security and conduct other clandestine dealing of bribery etc. in order to bring to success the fake elections process. They deployed 300,000 foreign and domestic soldiers on the polling day to make safe the few polling stations and pave the way for voters to cast votes. All these notwithstanding, with the help of Allah (SwT) and the assistance of Mujahideen with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the so-called elections were disrupted and thus remained limited to a few cities.

Therefore, have had derogatory results for the implementers. We would like to leave alone hundreds of events which evidently prove our claim. Instead, we deem it suffice to mention examples of only two elections centers as the tip of the iceberg: a district elections center in Ghazni and an election center in a populated village in Logar province. Now all those with insight and sagacity can judge for themselves that what will be the credibility of the elections and the next parliament after all that shameful cases that happened on the day of the polling.

More than 300,000 people are living in Andar district of Ghazni province. The officials and observers at the polling stations admitted themselves that only 3 voters cast their votes during the day despite the fact that the polling station had remained open the whole day. In Pad khwab Shana, 3 kilometers in proximity of the provincial center, Pullie Allam, with population reaching 30,000 persons, only 250 ballots were cast. That too, because of tribal affiliation, bribery, coercion and material incentives.

Other reports from various parts of the country say that no polling station had been opened in 162 districts out of 360 districts of the country. 1260 polling stations were forced to close before 11 o'clock of the day. Voting process was disrupted in the remaining polling stations due to successful attacks of the Mujahideen. Not only the people did not participate in the elections but remained at their houses as a sign of opposition to the so-called elections. After 4 o'clock of the day, in the dusk time, when the official time ended for ballot casting, Mujahideen ambushed ballot boxes which were being hauled from a few city centers to the capital of the country. They were torched and destroyed.

Now the world, the UNAMA and the observers can decide what credibility these fake and failed elections will have? They should also ponder whether they are going to give importance to the voice of the majority people of Afghanistan or to the subservient media, the pre-planned commentaries and the distorted news items about the elections? Similarly, they should make clear whom the Afghan people sided with—with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, or with America, UNAMA and the stooge Kabul Administration?

The American led Elections

With the help of Almighty Allah and the Mujahid Afghan people, Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan were able to extinguish another plan of the enemy by disrupting the rigged and fraudulent American led election process on 27/06/1389 H.S. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan congratulates the Mujahid Afghan people and especially the Mujahideen for their success and in doing so would like to point to the following:

1. Majority of the brave and honorable people of Afghanistan affirmed in the positive to the request of Islamic Emirate and rejected the fraudulent American led election process by not participating in it and sent a clear message to the puppet regime that they rebuff the outcome also.

2. Throughout the country 162 districts never actually had any polling stations opened, 1260 polling stations closed before 11:00 am and another 480 polling stations came under Mujahideen attacks. Voting only took place in the city centers of Kabul, Mazar, Herat and a few other isolated places and the only people that voted were the officials of this puppet government. In light of these facts we can safely say that this election was not of the people but of the puppet government officials and hence is not legal.

3. The people of Afghanistan did not participate in these elections and by doing so proved to the invaders and their puppets their disapproval of this fake and rigged process. Therefore the invading forces should listen to the Afghan people, take a lesson from their failure and withdraw their forces completely from our beloved land so to put an end to the illegal occupation.

4. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls to the world that the invaders and their puppets don't have any control over vast regions of the country, neither can they carry out free and fair elections and therefore should voice their disapproval and rejection of these so called elections and to not recognize the members of parliament as the representatives of the people of this country.


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