Jihad Message From The Pocket Of Ahmad: A Pleasing Stimulus In Indonesia

14 October 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the pocket of Ahmad's pants, the operator of the bomb that exploded in Kalimalang, Bekasi, West Java (30/9), two pieces of paper containing handwritten notes were found. It is believed that the writing was a "message of jihad" from the operative, Ahmad (30) who, at the time of this writing, has reportedly breathed his last.

Police Seized "Letter of Revenge"

Currently the two pieces of paper are secured by the police as evidences. What was written on the sheets of paper was about an act of retaliation. The police also seized some money in the amount of 3000 Rupiah, a bottle of mineral water, a bag, a pot, a bicycle and a number of other items.

The following are the full contents of the letter:

This is a retaliation to you, the allies of Satan, who have killed, executed and detained the Mujahideen. We are ready to die for this noble religion.

On the second paper:

This shaheed bomb is for you all, the kafirs. We will pursue you even if you run to the clouds. Your death is certain. Long live the Mujahideen in Indonesia.

The two sheets of paper were found by the police in the pocket of Ahmad's pants shortly after the police had secured the scene. The Police are currently trying to identify if the letter is related to the bombing act carried out by the subject victim.

According to some witnesses, in doing his act, after parking his bike, Ahmad walked towards two members of the traffic police on duty, AKP (Adjunct Police Commissioner) Heri Azhari and Aipda Sugiyanto.

Not far from where two policemen were on duty, the bomb which was carried by the subject victim immediately exploded. The explosion caused the perpetrator to suffer injuries on the face and broken right arm and leg. It was an indication that the bomb was powerful enough.

At this time, the crime scene has been secured. Some members of the Police could be seen on the scene, conducting investigations.

The Chronology of the Explosion

The Police Public Relations Division Head, Inspector General Iskandar Hassan explained the chronology of the explosion.

"There is someone riding a bike, where there are goods in the rear luggage rack," Iskandar said from the Police General HQ in Trunojoyo Rd., Jakarta, Thursday 30th September 2010.

The passers-by did not know what object was brought by that person. "When passing the border between East Jakarta and Bekasi , the object exploded at 09.00 AM local time," he added.

The carrier of the object, having the initial "AH", was then taken to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital.

"He is a 38 year old man, with an address that always changed. This is according to the relevant sources," Iskandar explained.

AH, he added, was admitted to the hospital at around 10.00 AM in a condition with wounds on the cheek, face and neck areas. He also suffered a broken right arm and leg. "The whole part of the right side of the body was affected, possibly the object was on his right side," he added.

Until now, the type of explosive materials used is still unknown. "The labfor (forensic lab) team are still doing investigations. The details of what materials were being used are still unknown, whether it is low explosive or high explosive."

"The crime scene has been secured , the Densus 88 team is also there," he explained.

Ahmad Finally Breathed His Last

The latest news is, AH or Ahmad, the operator of the blast at Kalimalang in Bekasi, has passed away. According to the chief of the Public Relation Division of the Police, General Commissioner of Police, Marwoto, AH deliberately blew himself up near a police post.

At the occurrence of the incident, AH, the operative was using the Ontel (cycle) bike passing behind the Adjunct Police Commissioner, Heri, who is the Head of the Police Officers Regulator Unit in the city of Bekasi which regulates the traffics. "Heri was directing the traffics, then suddenly the homemade bomb brought by the operative exploded in front of the road near the traffic police," Marwoto said.

Marwoto said that AH himself is known for always changed his address and he always slept in the masjids. The explosion was believed to have been caused by homemade explosives made of carbide powder, ammunitions, five and seven centimeters nails.

"From the crime scene, the Police found ropes, nails, remnants of the explosives in the form of carbide and ammunition powder, paralon pipes, fragments of a rice pot, a black bag, a written message, a lighter, a bottle of mineral water, cash in the amount 3000 Rupiah, a bicycle and two packets which were bound to the seat of the bike which are still secured by the Bomb Disposal squad," Marwoto said.

AH who had carried the explosives, and simultaneously became a casualty from the blast, had been treated in the Kramat Jati Police Hospital for a while, for the wounds on the face, cheek, neck, and the broken right arm and leg.

The Head of Local Police for Bekasi City, General Commisioner of Police, Imam Sugianto, confirmed the existence of a letter which is suggestive of jihad, found among the evidences in the crime scene of the bomb explosion, the letter was taken by the Anti-terror Densus 88 team which came down to the scene.



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