The Untold Reality Of Kandahar Operation (Part 1)

30 October 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

As the readers of Alemarah website might know, a major enemy offensive has been ongoing in Kandahar province for the last one and a half months. Lately the enemy, through its biased media, claims to have rid the surrounding districts of Mujahideen, and to have gained substantial ground against Mujahideen in these areas. Alemarah recently had the opportunity to interview the district commander of Dand district, Mullah Abdullah Mubarak and ask him questions regarding the reality of the situation.

Alemarah: Firstly, could you tell us about the ongoing enemy operations in Dand district and how they came about?

Mullah Abdullah Mubarak: Dand district is located close to Kandahar city, and has a large number of Mujahideen operating inside it. The enemy became frightened that they might, just like Dand, lose Kandahar city to the Mujahideen and started preparatory operations in this district in the month of Ramadan. Enemy soldiers entered Mahlajat, Chalghor, Nakhoni, Khanjakak, Zila Khan and Salawat areas by helicopter and in huge numbers. The Mujahideen, decided to use guerrilla warfare tactics to cause them maximum damage.

We decided to mine all the main roads. When the enemy could not make any inroads, they bulldozed local's farms and fields so as to gain at least some ground. These attempts proved futile and they suffered massive casualties when the Mujahideen mined there too, and conducted ambushes and missile attacks also. To put it bluntly, a day hasn't passed, that at least 4 to 10 blasts haven't detonated their patrols. The enemy then decided to randomly bomb the area using cruise and other missiles which killed civilians and destroyed their homes and fields. Many were forced to flee the district. After these criminal attacks, the enemy took local houses for their military barracks. The enemy has now abandoned most of these barracks. But in the areas they still occupy, they have neither come out, nor can they come out, due to heavy mining and Mujahideen ambushes. But even these bases are located in places where logistics and supply will be a big problem.

Alemarah: It is said that the civilians are the only ones who have been affected by this operation. Could you elaborate on this?

Mullah Abdullah Mubarak: To sum up the genocidal behavior of the enemy in one sentence: These kinds of crimes against civilians have not been seen before in history. I swear by Allah that so far only 5 of our Mujahideen have been Martyred, 3 have been injured and none have been captured. But the prison of Kandahar has been filled with civilians. I would like to summarize these crimes against the civilians of Dand by giving a few examples:

1. When the enemy came to Mahlajat in the morning, they blocked all the roads and blindfolded all who came their way. Nearly all the locals of Dand have shops in the city where they sell fruits and vegetables. Throughout the day the barbarians handcuffed and imprisoned around 300 civilians they called Taliban.

2. A few days earlier, the American invaders besieged Ghra and Mahi Village located in Zila Khan area of Dand district. Most people had left these villages. Ninety-seven people mostly village elders and children remained. Even these were not spared - they were stripped, blind folded, imprisoned, then released after 12 days of enduring many hardships.

3. All the new enemy barracks are in civilian houses and on their lands. They have bulldozed locals' lands, fields, farms and houses as they try to make inroads against the Mujahideen. Some 500 homes and shops have been bulldozed in Nakhoni area alone. Similar crimes has been carried out in Khanjakak, Chalghor and all the other areas. They recently blew up local raisin houses in Chalghor. Nearly all incidents involve the demolition of homes with everything inside it.

Alemarah: The enemy says that they have killed and captured many Mujahideen and their leaders and destroyed many of their bases. How much of this is true?

Mullah Abdullah Mubarak: The American invaders decided that they would make check points in close proximity by destroying the homes and fields of civilians and this would rid the area of Mujahideen. They did not count on the Mujahideen's guerrilla tactics. Now the enemy is trapped in barracks in various areas, with no control beyond 50 meters of their posts, and thus cannot come out. As for our casualties, only 5 Martyred, 3 wounded and no leaders killed or captured.

Alemarah: How has this operation affected the Mujahideen and what do you say about the claims of Ahmad Wali Karzai that Mujahideen bases have been destroyed throughout Dand and Kandahar?

Mullah Abdullah Mubarak: I don't know how Ahmad Wali can make such claims. He cannot sleep in his own house due to constant Mujahideen attacks on it. If he was really honest in his claims then let him just once walk freely in Kandahar city let alone Dand and Panjwaee districts. All these claims are false. And the number of our groups and bases have not decreased compared to spring and summer time. Initially, due to the enemy operation, we decreased the number of Mujahideen but now that the enemy has tired and lost morale, these Mujahideen are returning because enemy numbers have become vast and much easier to target. I want to congratulate the nation for this victory. Our Mujahideen have not suffered any serious damage and the enemy cannot sustain this large force for long - especially with logistics of their newly built bases and barracks becoming harder to supply.



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