US War In Afghanistan Unjustifiable, Unwinable And Intolerable

31 October 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. 

The US invasion of Afghanistan which has extending more than 10 years has had nothing good to offer the Afghans and the world, except terror, torture, bloodshed and massacres. 

It is an indisputable fact, that the US despite all its dirty tricks has been unable to win the hearts and minds of the Afghans, on the contrary, hundreds of thousands of Afghans, from every part of the country, have stunningly turned to Jihad which has created anti-American feelings in every corner of the country. 

If armed and given the opportunity, Afghans inflict irreparable blows on the US invading forces and its allies, attacking the enemy in their homes, fields, roads and bazaars, living under constant fear has undoubtedly put the US and its allies in a state of shock and panic, in spite of enemy high-tech weaponry which it has utilized in carrying on all kind of brutalities and oppression, has failed to capture an inch of Afghan soil, nor it has been able to prevent the Afghan masses from taking vengeance and doing Jihad along with Mujahideen.  

There is much to be learned from this undeniable fact that Mujahideen's strong spirit of faith is not merely a theoretical but practical, seeing the strong resistance against the enemy in the northern Afghanistan are much the same as in southern Afghanistan, those individuals who are provided with an opportunity by Mujahideen to do Jihad keep carrying out their mission without regional, racial and linguistic prejudice and stand shoulder to shoulder with Mujahideen, supporting them and taking part in operations against the enemy, besides giving the Mujahideen shelter during the night, this proofs that all the claims by the enemy and their puppets, that day by day the Kabul puppet regime is winning the confidence of the Afghan people are unfounded propaganda and lies. 

The Afghan nation has realized the fact that the only cause of the deviation of the new generation and destabilization of the Afghan national integrity and sovereignty is the continuation of the US invasion, whereas the withdrawal of the US invaders and their allies is the only way to save and maintain the Islamic values by forming a united Afghan nation. 

On the other hand, there is a growing support against the Afghan war, people are openly showing their dislikes to the US invasion of Afghanistan. Last week, in a debate on the current Afghan war, the Australian parliamentary members strongly opposed to the war representing the views of the majority of the voters and described the Afghan war as "unwinable and unjustifiable". 

From the standpoint of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the US invaders forces has not only suffered defeat at the hands of Mujahideen in Afghanistan but has also faced a defeat back home and in other Western countries, we are also witnessing an increase in worldwide criticism of US, as masses around the world are willing to help Afghans to end the war and achieve their independence.

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the latest organized enemy propaganda

The NATO forces in Afghanistan, in collaboration with their Afghan puppets and western media outlets under the leadership of U.S have been trying by diplomatic maneuver and organized propaganda to make it appear as though Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate were ready for negotiations and that they have made progress in this regard.

Although the Islamic Emirate has previously issued a number statements regarding this subject, in which it clearly rejects such false claims and calls it a failed last ditch effort by the enemy but the impudent enemy persistently keeps putting forward such mind boggling lies through its propaganda channels and through the bought out leaders of the so called Peace Council without presenting any kind of credible proof whatsoever.

Once again, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to remind the world and its countrymen its stance on the issue. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan refutes outright these false claims neither has it sent any delegations for talks and neither does it intend to negotiate at a time when the country is under occupation.

In this regard, we must say to Burhanuddin Rabbani and the other degraded faces not to revive old enmities by promoting these false allegations nor should they run the propaganda campaigns to please America. As Afghans, they should not aid General Petreaus's strategy (bullets and negotiations) developed by the Pentagon because the General wants to have this strategy worked through your hands in such a wicked way that Afghanistan may permanently become a colony of America.

From our point of view, another reason for this intense fabricated propaganda by Karzai and General Petreaus is also likely to win the confidence of the people by making it seem as if Kabul administration (the crooked and corrupt regime) could bring forth a solution to the problems of Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate irrefutably believes that in the presence of foreign invaders, peace talks and any kinds of negotiation deals will be futile as they will not yield a positive outcome for the Momin people and nation. For this reason, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again calls on the invaders to stop wasting their time on failed propaganda and military campaigns instead leave Afghanistan so it can enjoy a few years in peace and independence.

Insisting on continuing your crimes may get you noting but lose political and economical credibility in the eyes of the world which is likely to end up bringing about far more fatal casualties on your part.



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