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01 November 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

To those who are fond of calling the Mujahideen terrorists for 'wrongly' bombing in their jihad, remember in the following incidents. Call America terrorist too, a terrorist state, and call the Densus 88 terrorists too who have mistakenly arrested and killed noncombatants. Casualties from amongst the noncombatants caused by the kafireen crusaders are so much more compared to those caused by the Mujahideen.

Again, The Crusaders' Airstrikes Killed 20 Civilians

Oct. 29 - The latest air strike launched by the Crusader forces of America once again killed civilians amongst the Afghans, at least 20 people died and some wounded in the province of Kandahar where the crusaders launched a big operation against the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan.

American Invaders Genocide Continues: 50 Civilians Martyred In Helmand

Oct. 25 – Barbaric US invaders besieged and then raided the Village of Mai of Baghran district last night. The savages then bombed and shot civilians in their houses before terrorizing them and their children. Women, children and the elderly were amongst the Martyred. The houses and fields (the only means of survival 0f the poor people of Afghanistan) of the locals in the cruel bombings. It is worth mentioning that the invaders also took 7 civilians as captives as well.

Rupert Murdoch Sky News Propaganda Exposed "A Fake Interview With a Taliban Commander"

Oct. 22 - Sky News parent company News Corporation, often abbreviated to News Corp., is the world's third-largest media conglomerate (behind The Walt Disney Company and the Time Warner Company) as of 2008, and the world's third largest in entertainment as of 2009. The company's Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder is Rupert Murdoch.

Theunjustmedia.com on Friday, October 22, contacted Zabihullah Mujahid, who is the official Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan spokesman, and asked him to verify the authenticity of an interview by Sky News "Britons Fund The Taliban Claims Regional Afghan Commander In Exclusive Interview".

Zabihullah Mujahid: No such interview took place, the people in this interview who are being shown as Mujahideen are not Mujahideen but actors, who have been hired by Sky News to stage this fake interview to propagate their propaganda against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Everything that has been said in this interview is totally rubbish. Sky News should be a shame of itself for this deceit to the field of journalism and Britain's.

Barbaric US Invaders Run Their Tank Over A Civilian

Oct. 13 – Reports from Kandahar city say that last night US barbaric invaders ran their tank (with chains for wheels) over an innocent man who was riding his motorcycle in Commando area of the city. Locals from the area say that the man's body was in an unrecognizable state and was lying at the scene for a very long time before an ambulance came and took the body to Mirwaise (Chinese) hospital. It is worth mentioning that ever since the arrival of Petreaus, the invaders have been on a killing spree where they use different tactics to kill and maim civilians in order to spread fear amongst the population. Recently in Kajaki the invaders martyred the people of a house in a night raid and later placed bombs under their bodies from which another 10 were martyred during their removal.

American Invading Terrorists Killed British Aid Worker, To Cover Up Their Crime They Claimed It Was A "Suicide Bomber"

Oct. 12 - According to the original story, British aid worker Linda Norgrove was killed by one of her Afghan captors, who detonated an explosive vest seconds before US forces got to her in a bungled rescue attempt. For example, the BBC reported on October 10:

There were fears Linda Norgrove may have been sold on to an even more ruthless gang. US troops in Afghanistan were seconds from rescuing a UK hostage when she was killed by a vest bomb held or worn by a kidnapper, the BBC understands. They reached the building where Linda Norgrove, 36, was held and were "very, very close" to her, the BBC was told. It is understood tribal elders negotiating her release asked Nato not to intervene so they had more time. David Cameron has said it was right for the special forces to try to rescue the aid worker, from Lewis, Western Isles. The prime minister said: "Decisions on operations to free hostages are always difficult, but where a British life is in such danger, and where we and our allies can act, I believe it is right to try." BBC correspondent Nicholas Witchell said officials had confirmed Ms Norgrove was killed by an explosion, almost certainly a suicide vest, detonated by one of her captors.

It subsequently emerged that the "explosive vest" story was a lie, eagerly propagated by a compliant media.

The death of British aid worker Linda Norgrove was caught on helmet-mounted cameras worn by the officers who mistakenly killed her with a grenade, it has emerged. It comes as Miss Norgrove's parents last night demanded to know how the elite U.S. troops sent in to rescue her apparently ended up killing their daughter in the botched Afghanistan rescue bid. The U.S. yesterday issued an extraordinary apology to Britain over the doomed mission to free the aid worker from the clutches of the Taliban. American officials initially claimed Miss Norgrove had been killed when one of her captors detonated a suicide vest. But a review of footage taken by helmet cameras raised suspicions that in fact, it was a U.S. grenade which killed Miss Norgrove. An ashen-faced David Cameron yesterday revealed the tragedy a few hours after General David Petraeus, the American commander of the Nato-led force in Afghanistan, telephoned Downing Street to express ‘deep regret' about the operation. But last night urgent questions were already being raised about the true independence of an inquiry into 36-year-old Miss Norgrove's killing. It had been billed as a joint U.S.-UK investigation, but will be run by U.S. Central Command ‘in close co-operation with UK authorities'.

Thousands Protest Against Savage US Invaders

Oct. 10 – Reports from Kajaki district say that thousands of angry locals protested against US invaders recent genocide in night raids against civilians and ask for their immediate removal from Afghanistan. The protest started in the morning and lasted well until dusk time. It is worth mentioning that the invaders recently raided a house in Kishm Khan Village located in Nechi Karez of the mentioned district and after killing its inhabitants, booby trapped the house which later exploded, martyring a further 10 civilians.

American Invading Terrorists Massacre 10 Innocent Civilians In Helmand

Oct. 08 – US invaders raided a house in Kishm Khan village located in Naichi karez area of Kajaki district last night and forced the people of the house to vacate the area and spend the night somewhere else. In the morning, when the civilians returned to their house, a huge explosion took place as a result of the house being booby trapped with explosives by the savage US terrorists. 10 members of this house were Martyred in the explosion, which include 2 elderly men and the rest were young men. It is worth mentioning that the US invaders have started targeting civilians recently and are using different tactics to heartlessly murder and maim innocent Afghans in order to take revenge for their comrades being killed in Mujahideen assaults and ambushes.

US Terrorists Helicopters Shoot 5 Civilian Cars, Take 25 As Captives

Oct. 08 – US invaders attack helicopters shot at 5 civilian vehicles which were on their way home from Sangin district bazaar when they came under attack in Malmand area yesterday morning. After the vehicles came to a stop, the terrorists took 25 civilians which include women and children as captives to their base. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that the US invaders have ambushed civilians like their terrorists predecessors the USSR.

US Savage Invading Forces Martyr 20 Innocent Civilians In Kunar

Oct. 06 – As many as 20 noncombatant civilians most of them children and women were martyred in the US terrorists' barbaric air strikes and use of heavy arms fire in Noorgal district of Kunar yesterday night.

US Terrorists Martyr 18 Civilians In Helmand At A Wedding Ceremony

Oct. 04 – Reports arriving from Helmand's Kajaki district say that last night a wedding was taking place in the house of Haji Azeem Aka, located in Tarwo Obo village, whose elder son was getting married. Reports say that at around 10:00 pm, US barbaric invaders got dropped off by helicopters to raid the wedding. On seeing this, the women and children who were busy in the wedding celebrations got frightened and ran towards their homes. Instantly a pilotless plane, which was hovering overhead bombed and Martyred them.

At this moment, the savage invaders let lose their dogs which caught 7 other civilians. The brutes captured them and heartlessly Martyred them in front of all the guests. It is said that 8 people from only the grooms family were Martyred (including his father, mother, younger brother and elder sister). It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time such a horrendous incident has taken place. But since the start of the invasion, the heartless savages have turned hundreds joyous occasions into bitter occasions by Martyring thousands of civilians.

American Terrorist Government Drone Strikes Martyrs 18 Pakistani Villagers In North Waziristan

Oct. 02 - On Saturday, under the pretext of targeting Mujahideen, the American terrorist government carried three drone attacks within seven hours in Datta Khel town in North Waziristan tribal region, in which 18 innocent civilians were martyred. The Pakistani puppet administration does nothing as the American terrorist government unabatedly violates all international laws as it carries out these terror attacks against the innocent Pakistani villagers.

9 Years On, Bloodbath Continues In Afghanistan


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