Palestine Helped By Army In White Robes: The Mystery Of The Troops In White Uniform

27 November 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

At the end of January 2009, Dardunah's house which was located between Jabal Al-Kashif and Jabal Ar-Rais in Qaram Road, was visited by a troop of Jewish soldiers. As usual, all his family members were gathered in the middle of the house.

The son of the family was interrogated, what color was worn by the forces of Al-Qassam? He was interrogated for three days and asked about the same thing again and again, and that unlucky boy told them that the outfits of those forces was black in colour.

"Hey, liar! The forces of Al-Qassam are in white," the very angry Jewish soldier yelled. That boy was shocked because the forces of Al-Qassam had never worn white uniforms.

According to one of the Al-Qassam fighters, Multaqa Al-Qasami, there indeed were "other fighters" together with them fighting the Jews and this incident had happened to an ambulance driver who was stopped by the Israeli forces.

They asked whether he was from the camp of Hamas or Fatah? That driver replied that he was not from any camp, he was just an ambulance driver.

"The group in white uniform behind you just now, from which camp are they?" the Israeli soldiers asked again.

The ambulance driver was puzzled, he did not see anyone behind him. He said he had no clue what the soldiers were talking about.

A resident of Ta Al-Islam village who wanted to save himself from Israeli attacks found a number of fighters who cried at the stairs of a flat which was half destroyed.

"Why are you guys crying?" he asked perplexed.

"We are not scared of the Jews but we cry because there in the battlefield are a group of fighters in white uniform, fighting gallantly. We don't know where they come from and who they are," the fighters explained.

The mystery of the troops in white uniform was acknowledged by the Israelis themselves, the Channel 10 TV station, in their program showed a story about an Israeli soldier whose eyes were blinded because a fighter in white outfits threw sands at his eyes when they were launching an attack on the Palestine fighters.

The same TV station had also broadcasted a story about Israeli soldiers combating the forces in white uniform, who were bearded and did not die even when shot at frantically.

The Khatib of Masjid Izzudin Al-Qassam, in Nashirat Gaza territory, was presented on TV by Al-Quds TV station. According to the Khatib, a fighter had set up a booby trap and suddenly an Israeli helicopter dropped a huge number of their forces, accompanied by armored tanks. That fighter wanted to return to his hideout because he thought that booby trap would not give a maximum effect as the number of the kafir forces was so huge. He had barely left when suddenly a voice was heard saying: "Remain in your place, Allah will strengthen you."

The voice could be heard repeatedly, making the fighter transfixed, not moving anywhere. He looked around, trying to find out the source of the voice, but he found no one around him.

As soon the tanks passed through the position where the booby trap was set, a very strong explosion went off, resulting in all Israeli tanks destroyed.

Meanwhile, a fighter, Abu Mujahid, who was on guard at a post when he heard a very loud voice of someone uttering tasbih (glorification of Allah), whereas there was nobody around.

Meanwhile, in Southern Gaza, i.e. in Maghraqah, some fighters were laying booby traps. All of a sudden the cable was cut off and the enemy tanks were already near. It was now impossible for them to go and reconnect the cable. Some of them cried, too sad that they could not blow up the Jewish tanks. There was nothing else that they could do. So some of them made a do'a:

"O Allah just as You are not giving us the opportunity to confront them, please also stop them from having the same opportunity".

Truly the Power of Allah! At the break of dawn, a mega powerful explosion at the location where they had planted the booby traps went off. A lot of the Jewish forces were killed. When examined not even one of the booby traps that they had planted blew up, where did that explosion come from?

A Palestinian fighter told about a strange incident, while being on duty in Jabal Rais, a pigeon flew low and made a strange sound. Where it came from, nobody knows, all the Mujahideen went into hiding when hearing the sound of the pigeon just now.

At midnight, an Israeli sniffer dog detected the weapons storage site and hideout of the Palestinian fighters. The fighters began to panic but one of them said to the dog:
"We are the Mujahideen in the cause of Allah and we are ordered to remain in this place, please move away. Do not cause problems to us."

Suddenly, the dog sat and extended its front paws while sticking out its tongue. The Mujahideen were surprised. One of them approached the trained dog and gave it some dates. The dog ate the dates and then left the bewildered Mujahideen.

A group of the Mujahid forces of Al-Qassam were surrounded in Tal Ajul, suddenly a very thick fog appeared obstructing the vision of the Israeli forces and thus the fighters managed to escape.

A leader of Al-Qassam, Abu Ubaidah had experienced the same fate. When he was about to launch an ambush on a number of enemy tanks, suddenly a thick fog appeared. But the attack still had to be done and as result five Israeli soldiers were killed.

This is not a mystery, it was actually a help from Allah, the All-Powerful.




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