Put Hopes Only On Islam! Shari'a Of Islam, The Only Solution: Throw Away The Toxic Waste Of Democracy

11 December 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

On 20th October 2010, it was exactly one year that SBY-Boediono are at helm of the Indonesian government. Many parties are disappointed with SBY-Boediono's pace of work and think that the government has failed. Whereas, the people have put high hopes on SBY-Boediono, that they would be able to provide prosperity to them. Therefore, to whom should we put our hopes on?

Shari'a Of Islam, The Only Solution

Indeed, whoever is leading this country, as long as the imposed system is not the system of Islamic Shari'a, then he will be met with failures. This is because, the Shari'a of Islam is the one and only solution for the multi-dimensional crisis in this country. No other. Thereupon, the ummah must put their hopes only on Islam!

Indeed, Umar bin Khattab RA as a great companion of Prophet Muhammad SAW, said about the haq (truth), in his words he said:

"We are a people whom Allah has given honour with Islam and if we look for other honour beside Islam, then Allah will humiliate us." (Hayyat us Sahabbah and Usud ul Ghaab by Ibnu Katsir)

The meaning of this hadith is, there is no honour, strength, power, glory, respect or dignity except in Islam. And whoever is looking for honour, dignity and respect from others beside Islam, then Allah will humiliate and embarrass him in the life of this world and in the hereafter.

The people of faith (Muslims) have a special privilege, the greatest honor and glory, namely that they can see the face of God in paradise (Insha Allah). As for those who do not have faith (the non Muslims) and the munafiqs (people who lie in declaring themselves as Muslims) will never be able to see Allah and they will not be able to walk with their faces up on judgment day which will cause them to be thrown into the raging flames of hell, where they will stay forever.

Yet, those who do not have faith and the munafiqs are not aware of this legitimate fact and they do not believe it. This is because of their kufr (denying and not believing in Allah and in what Allah has sent down) which will be the cause of their humiliation and it is their actions that hinder/impede them from the truth.

Throw Away The Toxic Waste Of Democracy

Too bad, it is very saddening to see the Islamic ummah in the West (as well as in the East) seeking honour, respect and dignity from the kafirs, although they acknowledge that the greatest power belongs to Allah SWT alone. A few years back, and later, we saw thousands (or maybe even millions) of Muslims participating in the voting and general election to choose the law makers, namely the people who distort the purity of the power of Allah in terms of making law (which is the sole right of Allah). And also today, in the election at a lower level such as in the election for regional governors, district heads, etc.

People who think they are Muslims after passing a few years, and they hoped that there would be ‘changes' after they did the voting, have been ignoring the hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW which states that:

"The believers are not stung from the same hole twice."

After voting for the members of the Council and Conservative Body and then believing in their false promises and lies, they are at the same place year after year to participate in the general election.

Those people who call themselves Muslims are again in the place to vote for a new party and its false leaders. Such a strange thing! How is a voting in the general election this time different from the previous voting for other kufr in the form of a democratic party such as members of the Council or Conservative Body? Whereas, they all have the same agenda, which in the end give rise to a governance which follows the laws according to the human carnal desires and a corrupt ideology (democracy).

Allah SWT, on many occasions, has humiliated the people who called themselves Muslim and those who ascribe partners to Allah SWT, such as the sex scandals and corruptions committed by those ‘respected' members of the council. They also often organize celebrations or parties which contain all forms of deviation from the law of Allah i.e. all of which are prohibited, such as promiscuity, fornication, boozing, displaying of the awrah (nudity), swearing by other names beside Allah and many other corrupt acts. Those various 'attractive' programs only reflect the lowly akhlaq of those people who are seeking fame in a very real sense.

Can The Ummah Still Trust Them?

They, the people who embrace the system of democracy and reject the implementation of Islamic shari'a, are the people who have no honour, dignity or glory and can only be described as beasts. In fact, not a few of those whom they champion as legislative candidates in the election are the people who are most obviously enemies of Islam, they are always fighting against Islam and the Mujahideen, refusing to apply the Shari'a and are pleased with the kufr laws in their midst.

So, how is it possible that a party which claims to be acting in the name of Islamic party, or the activists who also claim to be the strugglers of the Shari'a and Khilafah, want to sit together, let alone expect the candidates who are against Islam to implement the Shari'a of Islam. Indeed, it's like "erecting a wet yarn" (an expression denoting impossibility – ed.)

Well, the question is, are the Muslims going to be pleased when it is these kuffar whom they take as 'God' besides Allah SWT??? Is it these beasts whom they elect to be the companions of the believers??? Are these beasts the people whom they elect to represent them in this dunya and the akhira later??? Are these beasts the people whom they campaign for and call to other Muslims to choose them too??? Is it these beasts whom they appoint as their leaders and liberators of the Muslim lands which today are occupied by the kafir Jews and Christian??? Are these beasts the people whom they said as embracing the Muslims??? How many promises have they fulfilled??? Which war have they stopped??? How many Muslims and Mujahideen have they slaughtered???

O Islamic ummah…! Make this as a lesson for us all, honour, dugnity and glory can only be found and acquired from Allah SWT and the way of life that He (Allah SWT) has chosen for mankind, namely Islam.

Whoever looks for ‘izzah (honor) from the kafir or from their way of life, he would only be humiliated and abased by Allah in the life of this world and the hereafter.

"But honour belongs to Allah and His Messenger, and to the Believers; but the Hypocrites know not." (QS Al Munaafiqun (8)

"Yea, to those who take for friends unbelievers rather than believers: is it honour they seek among them? Nay,- all honour is with Allah." (QS An Nisaa : 139)


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