It Turned Out That The JAT's Money Went to Gaza, When Will This Fitnah End?

15 December 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The opinion that was developed by the POLRI (National Police of Indonesia) and the media about the involvement of the management of the JAT (Jama'ah Ansarut Tauhid) related to the channeling of funds for terrorist activities in Aceh, which all this time has been heralded, is apparently in need of proof that could be accepted by the general public.

All this time, the Polri have been saying that they have enough evidence to ensnare the managements of the JAT but in practice they have not been able to prove anything, in fact the source of who is in the body of the Polri said that the Polri are now at a loss of how to prove the involvement of the JAT and its boards related to the flow of funds, because the evidence in the form of transfer, receipt, etc. is absent.

The arrests of a number of JAT activists including Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir is an option chosen by the Polri due to their frustration in finding the evidence. This option was chosen by the Polri with the assumption that they would be able to force the JAT activists to give testimony.

This detention, flavoured with a "little torture", could possibly provide a tremendous effect on the JAT activists to the point that they, with a heavy heart, justify what is in the plan of the Polri plus the fact that they only can be assorted by lawyers who are the creation of the Polri and not the TPM (Team of Muslim Lawyers), until they are all in the complete control of the Polri.

What is the latest report obtained by the editorial of concerning the actual flow of the funds which are in the 'pockets' of the JAT?

The editors received an e-mail from the territorial amir of the JAT for the area of Jakarta regarding the JAT being a donor in the construction of Indonesia Hospital in Gaza, Palestine, for an amount as much as Rp.150 Millions which was channeled through MER–C (Medical Emergency Rescue Committee) and which was validated by the issuing of a donation certificate by Dr. Joserizal Jurnalis, Sp.OT.

Besides giving a donation which is quite a huge amount to MER-C, the JAT has also given a contribution by forming the KATIBAH volunteers, where its initial move was to help the victims of the Merapi eruption and it would be continued by moving to other areas of disasters by distributing donations and equipments and others.

Looking at the moves made by the JAT along with its managements including the giving of funds for the construction of Indonesia Hospital in Gaza, Palestine, which automatically will promote the name of the Indonesian nation on the international scene, why is this country along with its law enforcement bodies so nasty in their treatment of the JAT activists by detaining, torturing and slandering them? Shouldn't they be thankful for the contributions of the best sons whom this nation possessed?

(saveabb/Saif Al Battar )


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