The Afghan Mujahidun: The Shameful Consequence of the phony Negotiation

19 December 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

The Americans and the Britons are most conceited and pleased with their advanced military technology and their armed- to- the- teeth army and their economic strength. One of their main pillars is the existence of their espionage agencies which have been operating in all parts of the world, engaged in the filthy business of disintegrating integral nations, disseminating dissentions and creating rifts among people and giving rise to religious and geographical differences. All people are aware of these anomalies.

These circles of devils left no stone unturned in Afghanistan during the past decade to achieve their goals, trying to play fraternal Afghans ethnicities against each other and thus ensure survival of the invaders and continuation of the occupation in the country. They want to unspin the thread of national unity of the Afghans; flare up lingual, racial and geographical motives while at the same time, weaken the spirit of Jihad and lessen the momentum of resistance against the invaders. But fortunately, during the past decade, their military technology, army, financial incentives and other intrigues faced smashing failure.

Similarly, their intelligence dragnets and other conspiracies also botched up. The fatuous drama of negotiation is one of them. They have started this process with most fanfare for the past two years under various names and titles. They want to blunt the sacred slogan of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan through conspiracies and discredit it in the eyes of the Afghans.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was on its guard against these intrigues of the Americans and their invading Allies. It is determined that it would never show its readiness for negotiation in conditions that the foreign forces are stationing in the country. As it is unveiled, America has a vortex of conspiracies up its sleeve which they concoct under the pretext of negotiation.

The Americans think that even a mere consent of the Islamic Emirate to talks in conditions of the presence of the foreign forces in the country is an achievement in itself which they want to use as a stunt politically and militarily. The recent exposure of the fake Mullah Mohammad Mansur indicates how the Americans and other vested interested are bent on harming the image of the prominent figures of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Observers believe that the exposure of the fake Mullah Akkhtar Mansour is a matter of shame for the Americans and their invading Allies. On the one hand, they engineered such a sophisticated conspiracy but on other hand, they ridiculously lacked adequate information and their knowledge about the would be participant in the negotiation was so much ludicrous that even an ordinary Afghan deceived them for 15 months, taking from them hundreds of thousand of dollars and sterling pounds.

To end, we want to tell the concocters of conspiracies of CIA that the Islamic Emirate is not a foundation, the leaders of which you can buy with money or could deceive with your phony processes and fatuous slogans but their personalities are overwhelming with the Islamic faith and real Afghan spirit. They have a strong resolve to forge ahead with the Jihad and keep on the face-off with the enemy. Either they will lay down their lives or compel the enemy to flee the territory of the Afghans.



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