A Story Told By Mujahidun Doctor Upon Her Return From Maluku

22 December 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

This is another narration about the barbaric Christian aggression against Muslims in Indonesia's Maluku and the ensuing Jihad that it ignited. Though written 7 years ago, yet it still applies and is full of lessons for us in treading the path of our current da'wah and jihad.


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. All praise be to Allah, the All-Knowing and All-Wise.

For our mutual contemplation, those who are still hostile to fellow Muslims only because of differences in opinions. Maybe only when a similar incident happens that the Malay people in Malaysia would want to unite.

Till then.



Alhamdulillah, Karen & I have just returned home last night. Azhar, Insha Allah, will arrive tomorrow and followed by Wan Hazmy and Al-Amin.

None of us had thought that it had been too far and too difficult to get there and we had the chance of trying almost everything, the jet plane, small plane, boat, ship, 4WD vehicle, etc.

Brothers and sisters, the war in Maluku (or Moluccas - ed) is currently flaring up and when I am writing this, I figure that the Mujahideen are conducting attacks in Ambon and North Halmahera. It is the real jihad in the full meaning of the word. Frankly speaking, I was initially somewhat sceptical because too little was written in the newspapers.

But now I realize and I have come home with a mandate from the people of Maluku to spread the correct information in respect of the war that happened there. If you think Kosova is extreme, try to imagine being in an area which is worse than that. This is a war that was sparked and initiated by a international conspiracy.

Geographically, it is likely that after the fall of East Timor into the hands of the Christian, Maluku, Sulawesi and if we are not careful, East Malaysia will also follow suit. This will create a buffer for the country like Australia and the West.

This war started with a call from the Grand Priest of Maluku to eradicate the Muslims and banish Islam out of Maluku, where the populations are 50-50% Muslims - Christians. The Muslims in Maluku are considerate people unlike the Malays in Malaysia. They had never thought that this thing would happen. They had never expected that they would be attacked on 'Eidul Fitri in 1999. They had never imagined that they would be burned alive while in the middle of performing the taraweeh prayer during last Ramadhan.

Try to imagine an area with tens of thousands of Muslim people being killed. Not only killed, but their heads are chopped off, organs mutilated, etc. Then the flesh were shredded, hearts taken out and eaten or powderised to make bullets powder mixture.

Try to imagine the women being raped in the Masjid by the terrorists including their priests who later commented "the skin of these female Muslims feel tasty" in front of the families who waited for their turn to be killed. Their breasts were cut off and thrown like playing a frisbee game, whereas they were laying in agony awaiting the final blow that would finish their lives.

Imagine an Imam who was murdered and buried, in which when the ground was excavated again, it was found that his genital was cut off and his mouth was stuffed with raw pork meat. The earth shook and only the will of Allah prevented them from going further.

Imagine the children with dirty faces and mucus flowing from the nose on their dry faces, as well as being neglected, holding your hands and whining "Ma'am... hungry ma'am... have not eaten for 3 days ma'am..." Imagine the foods that only contain plain rice and if fared well, with a side dish of indomie (local brand of instant noodles - ed) soup or if really 'luxuriant', with a little piece of tuna.

Imagine the fearless Mujahids who walked with arrows and spears thrusted to their shoulders, arms and legs without any feeling of despair or crying but the utterance of the kalimah "Allahu Akbar" on their lips.

Imagine the eight-year-old boy who fought for Allah and when asked, he answered "no use of living... they are trampling on our sacred religion..."

Imagine the thousands of evacuees who arrived on the coast of Ternate with gunny sacks full of their belongings and if they are lucky, they could sleep on the stairs of the crowded masjid and other places of refuge.

Imagine the thousands of evacuees huddling together inside the cloves drying warehouse. The air inside was hot and stifling. Some children with high fever were lying on the pieces of hardwood that they call home now.

Imagine the sick and injured being treated on the floor of the masjid and makeshift structures where the walls were breaking apart, supported by bicycle parts and iron piles driven into the ground. Wounds were bandaged with honey and cloth (by the will of Allah, the wounds were healed and jointure of bones took place).

Imagine the Christian doctors, who, in the few years which had passed, have been making their life's mission to kill Muslim newborns or conduct caesarean operation in order to stunt the growing numbers of the Islamic ummah.

Imagine all these O Brothers and Sisters. This is what we experienced and heard. It looked like there was too little that we could offer but alhamdulillah, our presence itself had been enough to give them peacefulness. We look almost alike. Speaking the languages which are almost alike and we worship the same God. They want us to bring back with us the counterbalanced news and present the story of a ferocious war to you all and the entire Islamic ummah in this world.

The money that we had collected were used for paying the advance money to buy a good house, to be made as a health centre for treating the Mujahideen, as well as the refugees. When I am writing this, Wan Hazmy and Al-Amin are surely busy moving into the building and setting up the preparation to receive the patients. Also when I am writing this, the Islamic forces are entering and taking over the territory in Ambon and North Halmahera.

Trust me, this is not a war about territories or nations/races. This is a true jihad against the enemies of Allah. Not even one person whom we met, talked about their properties which they had lost but they talked about a war which is against Islam.

They need our help. They need the money and also the efforts, expertise and do'a. Please help us to help them. We are in need of surgery experts especially Orthopaedic surgeons. We need to form a squad. The centre is in Ternate Island, it is 100% Muslim and safe. Insha Allah.

It is a beautiful island and the breakwater (jetty) is like an aquarium with clear water and colorful fish underneath. Please contact Azhar, myself or Zaleha in order to offer your service. We feel the priority is to look after the Mujahideen due to our expertise in medical. If you feel scared, remember that the time of our death has been written, not a moment sooner and not a moment later. Indeed, to die for jihad in the cause of Allah is the best death.


Sincerely from: Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, MERCY

This E-Mail was sent by Dr. Jemilah after her return from the Maluku Islands on 15th March 2003. For general information, Dr. Jemilah is the president of MERCY Malaysia (Medical Relief Society) a NGO that is involved in the despatch and mission to Kosova and Turkey and now Maluku Islands (now to Palestine, Pakistan, etc. - ed)

Their website is: www.mercy.org.my



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