Poor Aisha Or A Patsy In US Political Ploys And Propaganda Machine

23 December 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

So far, no independent investigations and research have been conducted concerning Aisha's case, whose face was on the front cover of the Time in July, hailing from Uruzgan province of Afghanistan whose nose and ears are said to have been cut off by her in-laws, and the fact that how the very issue has been raised and why her case has drawn a lot of controversies.

What Aisha's Father told media during a recent interview has surfaced stunning facts exposing the true face of the anti-Islamic and self-interested US and its role in Aisha's fake case. Aisha's Father questioned the US' humanitarian assistance and asserted the return of his daughter kidnapped by the US invaders from his house, so in order that he leads an honorable life in the society.

The recent facts surfaced, on the one hand, unveil how brazenly and one-sidedly the mainstream media outlets such as New York Times magazine, New York Times newspaper, CNN, BBC and so on, have pinned the said fake case on Mujahideen; on the other hand, lift the lid off the main role of the invading forces played in Aisha's case, as was clearly stated by Aisha's father that the US forces had been involved.

To put it bluntly, there is enough evidence to prove that this was faked by the world media in order to blame it on Mujahideen, as usual, so that they might have deviated the minds of the naive masses and fooled them yet again.

The sequence of the events, if observed, the issue (Aisha's case) has exactly raised among the world media when US-led coalitions under the leadership of Obama saw no possible further justification for prolongation of Afghan war and extension of their military missions on the ground in Afghanistan, consequently poor Aisah, the honor of Afghan was compromised with the time magazine covering Aisha's heart-breaking photo and tragic story followed by the other media outlets including CNN, which gave the issue a tremendous coverage so that it would apply a sort of emotional blackmail and exploit anti-war minds, meantime, paving the ways for the continuous US military involvement.

Now that the US involvement in the case is crystal clear, further inquiries should be conducted to find out the fact that to what extent the US is dishonest and brutal to the helpless Afghan masses and to what length the US can go to betray the Afghan nation; furthermore, the Afghans should not stay indifferent to poor and oppressed Aisha who fell victim to US ploy and strategy.

With whatever possible means they have at their disposal, the Afghans have to demand a clarification and explanation from the US and their puppets and her return as her father does.



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