NATO Decision To Withdraw In 2014 Would Not Deter The Afghans From Waging Jihad

24 December 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

On 19th and 20th of November, the current year, NATO Secretary General announced in Lisbon that the NATO forces would withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, handing over power to the Kabul Afghan Administration. The announcement came at the end of a meeting held in Lisbon which was also participated by the Russian Premier and UNO Secretary General.

As far as the withdrawal of the American and NATO forces from Afghanistan is concerned, we can say it is the result of the decade-long legitimate struggle of the Afghans and thus good news for them.

The invading Americans and their coalition attacked our country under a baseless and unjustified rationale. They perpetrated oppressions against our people and country for ten years, resorting to all kinds of brutalities but could not force the Afghans to surrender or at least weaken the momentum of the resistance.

Though the Americans and NATO have announced their decision to withdraw from Afghanistan during the next four years but every sagacious human being knows that the Afghans had cornered the NATO and American forces during the past decade, killing thousand of their soldiers, causing their economic pillars to crumble; exposing veil from their deceptive and misleading slogans of humans rights advocacy, civil and political freedoms and other empty slogans. Similarly, the Afghans' legitimate struggle motivated other nations to rise against their arrogant rulers that why they were losing their brothers and sons and other members of their families in a meaningless and unjustified war.

Though the foreign forces withdrawal from Afghanistan would start in 2014 according to the NATO member countries decision passed in Lisbon, but seeing the Jihad momentum and the firm determination of resistance of the Afghans, one could conclude that the conveners of the Lisbon meeting would one day wish alas we had announced the year 2011 as the precise year of withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan instead of the one already announced. This is because the Afghans are not ready to tolerate foreign occupation in their country even for an evanescent period. Furthermore, the Afghans do not trust the enemy that it would ever live up to its promise of withdrawal.

According to an illustrated American daily, the Christian Science Monitor, a number of Western military experts have criticized the prolongation of the war in Afghanistan for further four years, saying it would deal a dashing blow at the financial and budgetary deficit of America which is already in shambles. According to the daily, America would have to spend another astronomical portion of 413 billion dollars for the war in Afghanistan. This huge amount of money is not bearable in view of the current American financial crunch.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes, the NATO decision to withdraws from Afghanistan is the result of the victory of the current Jihad of the Afghans but at the same time, makes it known that none can distract their attention from the path of Jihad and struggle of independence until and unless the last foreign soldiers leave Afghanistan and the military threat is no more hovering over our country. Nor the invaders can achieve their nefarious goals through concoction of machinations and intrigues.



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