Obama's Annual Review of the Afghanistan Strategy Inflated and Wishful

29 December 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Last week, US president Obama tried to show the ground realities of the war in Afghanistan distortedly in the eyes of the people of the world, the Americans and the Afghans. This he did in an effort to produce an inflated review of the war in Afghanistan and the overall situation there. He manipulated his retreats, humiliation and failures in all parts of Afghanistan in a manner to appear as being gradual gains and advancement. Two American secretaries of State Department and the Defense, were standing besides him as false witnesses at a ceremony held at the White House to unveil the annual strategy review. He wanted to show that the current year was a period of hopes and gains in comparison with the last year, saying they had had spectacular achievements both at military and political fronts.

In his efforts to justify the current American illegitimate and contemptible war in Afghanistan in a 5-pages review, American president Obama, could not produce or present any proof and reason to indicate a concrete and tangible change and advancement in the country that has occurred this year and which the world does not know as yet. American generals and NATO high-ranking officials admit that, that their casualties graph has spiraled up threefold comparing previous years. The Mujahideen have become more strengthened; their fighting manpower has increased; their media is now more effective and their influence among the masses has augmented.

As far as the political front is concerned, the public opinions at world level go against the current war of Afghanistan. Pressing oppositions to the war raise up from all parts of the world, urging the Afghan war could not be won through military muscles showdown. At the diplomatic front, this is an achievement for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. On the other hand, the NATO recent meeting in Lisbon and the decision to withdraw foreign forces from Afghanistan in 2014, itself negates the boastful annual review of Obama and are concerti proofs, refuting his bragging.

The public opinion in America and Europe, in general, condemn the war of Afghanistan and consider the strategy of Obama as being meaningless. Therefore, some close allies of America are determined to pull their forces out of Afghanistan until the end of 2011. Verily, Obama is feeling jittery on seeing the new developments and thinks America is going to face being left abandoned in the time to come, so in his annual review, he falsely claimed that another event on the line of 9/11 is in the offing. We should prevent it from happening and should not end the war in Afghanistan. This he did in order to compel his Allies to carry on the current war. Furthermore, a recent opinion poll conducted by CBC and Washington Post reveals 65% Americans are in favor of pull-out of Americans troops from Afghanistan. This has made American secretary of Defense Robert Gates run amok, telling media in reaction to the poll, the other day, we know our mission and vision very well and are not going to allow public opinion to get in its way.

Observers believe, Obama annual review of the strategy is devoid of facts and grounds realties. It is an inflated and fatuous propaganda stint through which he tries to hide his failures; distract the attention of the public of America and the world and keep the public opinions engaged in an illusive hope. But all are aware that the American rulers are grappling with deep worries and trouble and feel being left in the lurch. A clear example for our claim is Holbrook's death-bed confession and his speaking of problems and worries in the war of Afghanistan and calling for its peaceful solution.



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