Cruel! Ustadz Aman Abdurrahman Sentenced To 9 Years In Jail

31 December 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Injustices on the Muslims continue to be displayed by the government. This time Ustadz Aman Abdurrahman and 8 Aceh Mujahids are experiencing it. Ustadz Aman is sentenced to 9 tears in prison and eight Aceh Mujahids are sentenced to 9 years in prison just because they were practicing one of the requirement of the Islamic shari'a, namely I'dad (military exercise) in Aceh. When will this oppression against Muslims end?

9 Years Imprisonment For An Ustadz

Ustadz Aman is known as a dai'e who is active in da'wah. But now Ustadz Aman is charged as being involved in the armed training (I'dad) in Aceh and ended up being sentenced to nine years in jail by the judges of the District Court of West Jakarta, Monday (20-12-2010). According to the judge, Ustadz Aman is proven to have assisted in the military training or I'dad which was held in the mountains of Jalin Jantho, Aceh Besar, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, in 2009.

Ustadz Aman earlier was to be prosecuted for 12 years imprisonment by the prosecutor. He was charged as guilty for violating article 13 letter (a) Laws on Terrorism. Responding to the decision of the judges, Ustadz Aman states that he does not accept the verdict. However, he would not filed an appeal against such decision.

"I do not accept this judgment," he said. Last week, Ustadz Aman instead have written a defense letter entitled "The Gulty One Is Fir'aun, Not Us." In that of his defense, it is described in detail the tyranny of Fir'aun and the cruelties that he did along with his security apparatuses in quelling the tawheed da'wah of Prophet Musa AS.

The trial verdict was filled up with the ikhwans, the supporters of Ustadz Aman. They cried out the takbeer in every opportunity, whether in the beginning or the end of the session. The ikhwans were not satisfied with the sentence given to Ustadz Aman and considered the verdict as an injustice. 

8 Mujahids Sentenced To 12 Years In Jail 

Meanwhile, other injustices fall upon 8 Aceh Mujahids. Only because of conducting a 'military exercise' alias I'dad they are sentenced to 12 years in jail. Cruel! The prosecutors assessed that the defendants were involved in the military training in Aceh. The defendants raised their objections for the prosecution.

The eight defendants were threatened with article 15 jo. article 9 Law No 15/2003 about Terrorism Crime Acts. Things which incriminate the accused are their acts which are disturbing the society. While things which relieve them are the polite behavior, the fact that they have never been convicted and the confession for their acts.

The eight accused are Laode Afif alias Hafis alias Hadid, Mukhtar Khairi alias Umar Bin Fasihin, Masykur Rahmat bin Mahmud, Muchsin Kamal alias Zulkifli, Surya Achda alias Abu Semak Belukar, Hasbuddin alias Abu Azzam, Deni Sulaiman alias Sule, Rahmadi Nowo Kuncoro alias Usyak As Syahid.

From the hands of the defendant are seized evidences in the form of 1 AK-47 gun, 312 bullets, 2 M-16 guns, 1 telescope, 1 Bali Bombing Jiahd CD and 1 military-style khameez outfit.

On the demands of the JPU (public prosecutors), the defendants through their legal counsel, Musliman N, will lodge a defense, "we will make a plea," he said.

Ya Rabbi... when will these injustices on the Muslims end..?



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