The Condemnation Of The 31st Anniversary Of The Red Army Invasion Of Afghanistan

02 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

The 6th Jaddi (the Hijri Lunar year) which coincides with 27th December, is the day of the former Soviet Union's aggression against Afghanistan. Three decades ago, on this day, 700 soldiers of the Red Army dressed in the uniform of the Afghan Army killed Hafizulla Amin, the former communist ruler of Afghanistan at Taj Beg Palace, near the capital Kabul. With this, 80,000 Red Army soldiers entered Afghanistan through land and air which, at one point, reached 150,000 soldiers. To confront the coward aggression of their northern neighbor--the former Soviet Union-- the Afghans chose the path of armed Jihad as per the requirement of their religious obligation and other humane values. The Soviets' invasion expedited the tempo of the struggle which had already been going on against the communist government, giving it a new impetus.

The Soviet troops remained engaged in a military muscle showdown against the freedom- loving and Islamist people of Afghanistan almost for ten years from December 1979 to February 1989. After passage of a few years; reviewing and revision of new strategies and troops re-enforcement, they were not able to have a tangible achievement. Contrarily, the situation had slipped into a deepening crisis, following the prolongation of the war and expansion of battles. The decrepit Soviet Union's economy was not strong enough to fund the aggression. Hence, the last ruler of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbacheve admitted the bitter reality in 1989, saying openly, the crisis of Afghanistan was a bleeding wound for the Soviet Union. He promised to put an end to the invasion.

The struggle against the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan and the Soviets ultimate defeat came to be known epically as the miracle of the century. The Afghans proved once again as saviors of the world from the fangs of another global anaconda. The rulers of the Soviet Union themselves conceded that historically, the invasion was their big mistake—ushering in collapse of the empire existing by the name of the Soviet Union; bringing to and end the rule of the communist empire in central Asia and Eastern Europe ; dissolving the Warsaw pact and crumbling into pieces the Wall of Berlin . Consequently, the spell of awe and fear from the Soviet Union which had gripped the globe, melted away simultaneously.

After the disintegration of the Red Empire, as a result of the Afghan Jihad, the stage was set for the Western Empire under the leadership of USA to exercise unipolarism and arrogance in the world. Instead of taking a lesson from the shameful end of the invading Soviets, the American arrogant authority, contrarily, turned to colonizing and oppressing miserable people. This gun boat approach on the part of the Americans led to the Americans attacking the miserable people of Afghanistan like the former Soviet Union had done this before; to commence a bloodbath against the oppressed people and occupy the country itself by dent of advanced weapons. The Americans did fulfill their wicked designs practically. At the start, like the former Soviet Union, they had thought, that it was easy to swallow and ingest Afghanistan.

The present rulers of the setting puppet regime had encouraged the White House to invade Afghanistan. Thus, they deceived them and used their power for realization of their own whims of power-grabbing. Even now, they are trying to keep the Americans unaware of the ground realities in Afghanistan--encouraging them to unleash further atrocities and brutalities on the common people.

The Global insatiable colonialism as per its trait has deprived the brave people of Afghanistan of their freedom, ironically, under the misleading slogan of democracy. They have packed the prisons of Kandahar, Bagram and other tens of prisons with the innocent Afghans; has brought about an atmosphere of terror and fear throughout the country as a result of night raids against the houses of the common people. They think, the tactic of terrorizing and oppressing people will vouchsafe them victory, or they will subjugate the Afghans through force and coercion. But despite their showdown of their military might during the past decade, neither they have stabilized the country nor did they silence the Jihadic resistance of the Afghans. If God willing, Afghanistan will prove to become a bleeding wound for the invaders once again. The global colonialist power will breathe its last here.

On this 31st anniversary of the former Soviet Union's invasion, while condemning the invasion of the Soviets, and believing it as an incendiary spark which kept the 3-decade long war of Afghanistan ignited, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, meanwhile, remind the Americans to learn lesson from the shameful fate of the invading Soviets by using sagacity and rationale and immediately pull their invading troops out of Afghanistan.


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