Afghan Mujahidun Reaction To Senator Lindsay Graham Remarks To Maintain Us Permanent Bases in Afghanistan

09 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

A Republic Senator Lindsey Graham in an interview t with NBC Television has said that USA should maintain permanent military bases in Afghanistan. He has claimed, the bases would be beneficial for the region and in the combat against the Taliban. His remarks definitely lifts the curtain from the colonialist motives of America which the Islamic Emirate has been trying in the past decade to draw to them, attention of the people of the world. In fact, the invading America wants to establish her dominance over the region and the world under the so-called war on terror. Thus, they are trying to deprive the masses from their inalienable rights. In view of this, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would like to spell out its response as follows:

1. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan categorically rejects the suggestion by the Republican senator. America's intention to maintain permanent bases in Afghanistan would mean extending the occupation indefinitely. This illegitimate step is never acceptable to any Islamist and patriotic Afghan. The Muslim people of Afghanistan and the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate will continue their struggle against the occupation and other ploys of America until and unless Afghanistan wins its deserved place among the comity of nations as an independent country.

2. The maintenance of permanent bases in Afghanistan by America will usher in law and order situation as well as social, cultural and economic problems for Afghanistan and the region. They will deprive the regional people of their natural economic and academic advancement. Current explosions at congested places in cities, mosques, religious seminaries and demonstrations are the ugly upshot of the invading America's plots. Therefore, neither the people of the region nor the freedom-loving Afghans will ever accept the permanent bases in Afghanistan.

3. Remarks by high-ranking figures of the invading America elucidates the fact that the war on terror was a phony drama conceived and staged by Washington. Their real goal was to occupy Afghanistan and maintain domination over the region. The relevant facts crop up one by one with the passage of time. The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate will continue their struggle against these conspiracies until they reach a victorious end.

4. The invading America and her Allies have no capability to face the Mujahideen in a broad day light in view of their constant frustration during the decade-long showdown of muscles. They raid houses in the stillness of the night, killing innocent Afghans. Therefore, in this critical phase , we request all countries of the region and the world to grant due recognition to the struggle of the people of Afghanistan against colonialism and render all-sided moral and financial assistance with this movement because the current Jihad is, undoubtedly, a liberation struggle for all freedom-loving humanity at regional and global level.

5. The tempo of economic and industrial progress is going to shift from America and Europe to Asia in the near future. This economic impetus needs raw material. Hence, the invading America wants to bring under her belly the natural resources of Afghanistan, ostensibly, under the name of war on terrorism, thus intending to coerce regional countries to agree to the colonialist objectives and strings of America. Similarly, they want to deprive the Afghan people of access to their natural resources and compel them live in poverty and misery. Therefore, the Mujahid people of Afghanistan will never allow the invading America to plunder their natural resources and take their freedom.

6. We are ready to enter into transparent bilateral agreements with other countries on the basis of national interests and economic profitability for the extraction of the said natural resources.

7. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is a responsible force. We assure all regional countries that we will maintain good relations with them in light of the lofty rules of ethics of Islam, following our obtaining independence. Meanwhile, we urge them not to be beguiled by America to give consent to establishment of American permanent bases in Afghanistan under the unjustified name of war on terror. The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are neither exhausted nor have become weak in their legitimate struggle.



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