Strive For The Paradise, Strive In The Way Of Our Lord - The Last Will Of The Second Sister Who Attacked Moscow

15 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Peace, mercy and the Blessings of Allah be upon you, my Muslim sisters.

My friends, some would say that this path I have chosen is a hard and difficult one, but it is very valuable in the eyes of Allah. By Allah it is valuable!

Sometimes the price we have to pay for taking this path is our own life, and so we sell it to Allah in exchange for Paradise.

Man sells his life to Allah, Glorified and Exalted, as mentioned in the Quran: there are some men who are willing to sell their lives to Allah so as to gain His mercy.

It means, that Allah will show His mercy to anyone who is willing to sell themselves for the sake of Allah. We are striving for Paradise, and the pleasure of Allah, to earn the grace of Allah.

So today Allah has given us this opportunity, and it may be that if we pass up this opportunity, Allah may not give us another chance, and we may never again reach the same height of Faith as we have today.

We decided to sell our souls to Allah, in order to please Allah, but also to terrorise the enemies of Allah, who seek to humiliate the Muslims today, and who wish to harm the Muslims.

My dear sisters, our enemy, these Disbelievers, can harm us only so far as Allah wills, they cannot achieve anything that Allah, Glorified and Exalted, does not allow.

Our strength comes from us being united. But if we are not united, if the Muslims are fragmented, then the enemy will destroy us rapidly.

You say that you are working on the path of Allah, that you are doing good deeds, that you have exerted all your energy in this way. But why are we doing these things?

We strive and exert all our energy for the sake of Allah's mercy, to earn Paradise, and to have an answer on Judgement Day, when we're asked by Allah what we did for His sake.

I'm happy for all those who are doing something for the sake of Allah, but my sisters…

I have to say that sometimes your words cause damage to the Jihad in the path of Allah.

If you are not careful then your good deeds can become insignificant when compared with the damage you inflict.

It came to pass to some sisters used a moment when I was weak, weak in my Faith, for we all know that our Faith can go up and down.

And at that time, when there was a period of my weakness, they began to say things in conversation, to cause such discord, and to disparage one sister, who eventually turned out to be far worthier and more sincere than they are.

And praise be to Allah, Satan comes to us, trying to weaken us, and turns us against one another, except for the sincere slaves.

And praise be to Allah, we were found to be among the sincere, and in spite of the discord and differences that existed between that sister and me, all praise be to Allah, it is all in the past, and we have adjusted our attitude, and forgiven one another.

My sisters, this is a very serious issue. Think about it, as you will have to answer to Allah!

If you work in the path of Allah and desire Paradise, then do martyrdom attacks, sell your souls to Allah. What could be better than this? Think about it carefully. And also, some of you have published a variety of poems and then blamed each other. These verses and this gossip bring nothing but harm to the religion of Allah.

If there is some offense caused to one of you, if there is a problem, then solve it among yourselves. Is the discord between you not bad enough, that you need to expose it to the public?

Glory be to Allah! May Allah forgive all of us for this discord.

And I do not want, nor am I able to speak at great length, I wasn't going to do this record at all, but then I decided to make it as dawah for the sake of Allah in my last moments.

Peace be upon you, and the mercy of Allah.

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