Mujahideen Control 7 Districts In Balkh Province And The Main Road To Shubarghan

16 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Balkh is amongst one of Afghanistan's 34 provinces and is considered as one of the most important provinces in the North of the country. Its capital is Mazar Sharif which is one of the country's major cities. It is approximately 12,593 square kilometers and has a population of about 650000 or more according to a recent survey. Balkh province has been divided into 15 districts as shown below:

1. Mazar Sharif 2.Dahdady
3. Nahr-e-Shahi

4. Marmal
5. Khlam (tashqalghan)

6. Keldar
7. Shor Tipa

8. Dawlatbad
9. Balkh

10. Charbolak
11. Chamtal

12. Sholgira
13. Charkant

14. Kashinda
15. Zari

Balkh is regarded as one of Afghanistan's most historical and cultural cities and moreover it was one of the strongholds of Mujahideen is the last Jihad and is also a trench of Mujahideen in the current jihad. 

A brief biography of Balkh province Jihadi leader 

Mullah Abdul Karim (Nafiz) is the son of Abdul Jabbar and was born into a religiously devout family 26 years ago today in Sholgari district of Balkh province. He conducted his elementary studies in his home town and then furthered his religious studies in the different provinces of Afghanistan. He was also a friend of the Martyred Mullah Raz Muhammad Haidari the previous leader of this province and along with him has carried out Jihadi services in Balkh, Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul provinces and is presently the head Jihadi leader of Balkh province. 

Alemrah Studio: Dear Nafiz Sahib, before everything else, can you shed some light on the current year Jihadi situation of Balkh province? 

Mullah Abdul Karim: All praises are due to Allah and may his peace and blessings be on Muhammad (SAW) and his rightly guided companions. 

To answer your question, I must firstly say that Alhamdulillah, this year was the year of honor, victory and help from Allah in accordance with the name of this year's operation ĎAl-Fath' as declared by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. We witnessed the evident manifestation of Mujahideen victories in Balkh and the rest of the Northern provinces. I would like to mention that even though we had Mujahideen groups operating in all the district's but our sphere of influence and controlled was restricted to 4 district's which were Balkh, Chabolak, Chamtal and Sholgira. During this year we extended our reach and took control of other districts like Kashinda, Nahr-e-Shahi and also Keldar and other surrounding areas. We have also had great achievements in the other districts as well. The main highway between Balkh-Shubarghan which passes through Charbolak is always bearing witness to the constant ambushes of our Mujahideen which has become a major obstacle for the enemy logistical supply rout. We were able to neutralize the enemy conspiracies by completely shutting down all the polling stations in 6 districts on Election Day. We also took out more than 15 enemy centers in which the enemy took on heavy losses from the resulting clashes. So overall the situation of Balkh province is very promising, all thanks are due to Allah. Groups of Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have also been sent to all the district's where the enemy forces are facing a lot of difficulties. 

Alemrah Studio: Is the presence of foreign troops in Balkh still limited to the center or have they spread out to the districts? 

Mullah Abdul Karim: Like other northern provinces, the occupying forces based in Balkh are German, Norway, Bulgaria and other countries and are based in the provincial center, Mazar Sharif. The invading forces do go out to the surrounding districts for operations but have not built any outposts there. 

Alemrah Studio: Kabul regimes Ministry of Defense as well as the governor of Balkh province in the press recently claimed that their operations in Mujahideen dominated areas have yielded great results and achievements; can you provide some information regarding this issue? 

Mullah Abdul Karim: It is true that the domestic and foreign troops were recently gathered from surrounding provinces to carry out operations against Mujahideen in Balkh province because the Kabul regime's Ministry of Defense announced its intentions to carryout operation in the Northern provinces such as those being carried out in Kandahar and Helmand. Almost 5000 international and domestic troops supported by airpower entered Chamtal and Charbolak districts but faced stiff Mujahideen resistance from the very first day. Their tanks were blown apart in bombings and their foot patrols were also relentlessly ambushed. The enemy only had presence in Charbolak's Darzankar, Timorak and Khanabad areas and in Chamtal's Tarako and Hotako villages before fleeing from all the areas due to the deadly casualties and damages caused by the ferocity of Mujahideen attacks. All praises are due to Allah, Mujahideen did not have any significant losses but the enemy took on heavy losses compared to any other time and fled, disgraced and humiliated. 

Alemrah Studio: How much of the region do the Mujahideen control in Balkh? 

Mullah Abdul Karim: As I pointed out earlier, Mujahideen have complete control of 7 districts but not the district centers and the enemy only controls those areas which are in close proximity to Mazar Sharif however Mujahideen are active in those areas too. The enemy forces are facing a tough time as Balkh-Shubarghan main highway, the main supply rout of the enemy runs through Mujahideen controlled regions where they constantly ambush the enemy logistical convoys. 

Alemrah Studio: One of the new programs of the enemy is that of creating Arbaki (militia) forces in the Northern provinces. Has this development taken place in Balkh and what has been its result? 

Mullah Abdul Karim: The only district in Balkh province where an effort was made by the enemy to create militia force was Charbolak, were its Muslim population vehemently rejected this proposal with a united voice and said that they had experienced these militias before and are not ready to repeat the same mistake. With this disappointment, the enemy armed 2 previous gunmen commanders (one from Masood's and another from Dustam's party) along with some former thieves and robbers in Charbolak district where they have set up a few check posts but have so far not been able to harm Mujahideen. This failed program has only been tried in Charbolak district which has resulted in hatred for the government by local population because of the re-armament of previous criminals who recently, as per their previous behavior stole the valuables from homes which were located near their check posts during searches. 

Alemrah Studio: How much support and cooperation do the Mujahideen have from the people of Balkh province? 

Mullah Abdul Karim: The Mujahid people of Balkh, just as they had previously, are standing shoulder to shoulder and are fully cooperating with the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate. Despite the repeated efforts by the enemy to sow seeds of division and create local militias to strain the relationship between Mujahideen and local populace but due to the nation's understanding the nature and plans of the enemy through the years seem to have foiled these plans. The reason that Mujahideen are mobile and carry operations through the different districts of Balkh province is directly the result of the support of the people and we thank Allah Almighty for this situation. 

Alemrah Studio: How would you describe your relationship with the other Jihad areas in the Northern provinces? 

Mullah Abdul Karim: We are always in contact with our neighboring Juzjan province. Faizabad district is one of the districts in Juzjan which has a border with Balkh province and is in complete control of Mujahideen and so we lend each other a helping hand during rough times. All praises are due to Allah, Mujahideen in the Northern provinces are also in direct contact with each other like the rest of the country. Balkh, Juzjan, Faryab and Sar-e-Pul have regions which are in full Mujahideen control and they regularly carry out joint operations. There are vast regions under Mujahideen control from Balkh's Sholgari and Charbolk to Juzjan's Faizabad, Shortipa, Darzab and Faryab's Dawlatabad and Sar-e-Puls Sayad districts are linked to each other. So due to this blessing, Mujahideen are able to coordinate and plan their operations with assurance and take advice from experiences of each other. 

Alemrah Studio: The enemy is constantly making efforts and is spreading rumors that it will oust Mujahideen from Northern districts. What do you believe regarding this? 

Mullah Abdul Karim: We have believed in Allah Almighty and started the Jihad here only by trusting in his power. In the beginning there were only a handful of Mujahideen carrying out guerilla style attacks in Balkh but never did we lose faith in Allah's support and we have witnessed his help arrive in the past couple of years and are witnessing it now. We still repeat ourselves; that if we stay true to our covenant with Allah (Islam and Jihad) than no power in this world can defeat us. I think that this propaganda is the enemy's last ditch effort so to raise the moral of its hired soldiers and give them false hopes. The Jihadic activities in North have reached a point where no military operation can dismantle or eliminate it. The nation has now decided to help the Mujahideen and their stance will not be changed by any military operation. 

Alemrah Studio: A few days earlier the German Chancellor (Angela Merkel) visited her troops in the North and told them that they were involved in a legitimate fight and were not occupiers like Nazi Germany and added that the people wanted them here. What do have to say regarding this as an Islamic Emirate Jihadi leader of one of the Northern provinces? 

Mullah Abdul Karim: I must say that these are false allegations by which the western leaders want to deceive their people. How are they not occupiers? By what treaty did they enter the North of Afghanistan? They might not call themselves occupiers but every Afghan attacks and kills them for this very reason. They are the helpers of America. Historically Germany has always had a good relationship with Afghanistan and should work hard to not lose this trust. I think Germany has made a big mistake by helping the Americas in this illegal invasion and should withdraw their troops as soon as possible or they will have to bear the brunt of our strikes. 

Alemrah Studio: To end, what message do you have? 

Mullah Abdul Karim: To end I want to thank the Cultural commission of Islamic Emirate who are reporting on the Jihadic activities of the Mujahideen and sending the good news of Mujahideen victories to our beloved countrymen and may Allah reward them for their sacrifices and bless their efforts. I want to thank them once again for reaching out to the Mujahideen of Balkh province and helping us to reach out the our beloved countrymen and the world.

Alemrah Studio: And thank you also.


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