Morchal Magazine's Interview With Jihadi Leader Of Nimroz Province

17 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Morchal Magazine's interview with Jihadi leader of Nimroz province Saturday, 15 January 2011 12:16 - . Nimroz province is located in south eastern Afghanistan. Farah province is located to its north, to east is Helmand, Balouchistan province of Pakistan is located to the south and to the west is Iran. Nimroz has one of the smallest populations of all the provinces which stands at around 149000 according to the latest statistics. 

Nimroz is mainly dry desert with an area of approximately 41,005 square kilometers. The famous Marko desert is in this province and the rivers of Helmand and Khasrod also pass through it. The provincial capital in Zaranj city and its districts are as follows: 

1. Delaram
2. Chakhansor
3. Khashrod
4. Gank
5. Charbarjak

Short biography of Maulavi Abdul Rasheed: 

The head Jihadi military leader of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in charge of Nimroz province, Maulavi Abdul Rasheed was born 40 years ago in Disho district of Helmand province into a Mujahid household. He has successfully completed his religious studies for which he had an immense love since childhood. He was appointed this important responsibility 4 years ago after the previous leader, Maulavi Mahmood was Martyred (may Allah have mercy on his soul) and is still actively carrying out his duties. The honorable Maulavi is a Balouch by ethnicity. He has also carried out his Jihadi obligations in Nimroz, Helmand, Kandahar, Kabul, Kapisa, Baghlan, Faryab and Kunduz provinces and has been wounded twice in Kapisa's Koh-e-Safa and Faryab's Khwaja Doko districts (may Allah make it a shield for him).

Q: Respected Maulivi Sahib, firstly we are honored to be sitting here with you talking about Jihadi affairs. Secondly, can you give us some information on the situation in Nimroz? 

A: All praise is due to Allah and may his blessings be on the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and what is to follow:

The Jihadic situation in Nimroz province, just like the other provinces, has seen significant progress this year; All praise is due to Allah. Nimroz provincial capital along with all 5 districts have been covered by our Mujahideen groups who have been able to take complete control of Delaram and Khashrod districts but not the district centers. From Rod southwards of Charbarjak district, which covers nearly half of the province, is also under our command. Our Mujahideen are also carrying out regular guerilla attacks in Chakhansor and Gank districts and we are hopeful to Allah Almighty that he will also grant us a complete victory there soon. 

Q: Can you tell us which foreign occupying countries are based in Nimroz and in which areas? 

A: All the foreign forces in Nimroz are American whose real headquarters is based in Delaram which is a huge PRT in the district center along with a small airfield. They also have an outpost in Dahmazang area. They had an outpost, which has been abandoned recently, in Khashrod's Ghor Ghori area. Similary there is a small contingent in Zaranj city. 

Q: Can you elaborate on the Jihadi situation in the province, what operations have you carried out recently? 

A: This year was Alhmadulillah very successful when compared with the other years and we had a lot of success. A day hasn't passed in Delaram and Khashrod where Mujahideen haven't carried out an operation against the enemy. Mujahideen caused the enemy deadly casualties and damages by armed attacks and IED blasts in Delaram's Dahmazang, Sherkot, Durahi and all the other areas. A few days earlier, Mujahideen ambushed an enemy patrol in Dahmazang area in which 7 enemy tanks and vehicles were destroyed. Mujahideen also carried out deadly assaults on the check post scattered on the main road lying between Nimroz provincial capital and Khashrod district. We have also been successful in closing logistical routs of the enemy and in some areas have become an obstacle for them. The main road between Delaram and Khashrod has been closed for a very long time and Mujahideen also control many of the other roads. The Americans only dare to pass in huge convoys and only when accompanied by airpower. 

Q: What type of operation can the Mujahideen generally carry out in the province? 

A: Our Mujahideen have reached a level where they carry out offensive attacks on the enemy in big groups and are also able to put up resistance against very large enemy force. In some areas they carry out guerilla attacks in small groups in accordance with the situation there. Except a limited number of areas, we have forced the enemy on the defensive because of our sheer strength. 

Q: How is the governance handled in the areas controlled by Islamic Emirate? Do you have civilian organizations active there? 

A: Yes! We have been successful in handling the governance in accordance with the rules laid out by Islamic Emirate in Delaram and Khashrod district and its surrounding areas. We have a civilian Governor, district Deputy, Judge, Commission as well as heads for Education and Guidance. 

Q: Are the people of Nimroz cooperating with the stooge regime or are they supporting the Mujahideen? 

A: The Muslim and Mujahid people of Nimroz, as previously, are fully supporting the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate. The people of Nimroz have embraced Mujahideen in recent years even more than before due to understanding the nature and false propaganda of democracy which the enemy spreads. The enemy is often trapped in their headquarters and when they do come out for an operation, they bomb the area and create an atmosphere of fear in hopes of achieving some progress. These types of enemy operations have caused immense damage to the lives and property of civilians in Nimroz, especially to the people of Khashrod district. So how can the people of Nimroz open up or have any faith in them? The day to day achievements of Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate is related directly to the full support we garner from the people. 

Q: Dear Maulavi Sahib, to end, do you have a message to your people, Mujahideen or Muslims in general, in which we can help deliver? 

A: Thank you brother. I would like to tell ordinary people that the situation in our country has reached a very sensitive point and all signs are indicating that the invaders have failed and are going to flee with the help of Allah Almighty. We are going to be facing another hurdle just like how we have been in bringing a pure Islamic government. So we must unify ourselves and be very vigilant to not get deceived by the cunning plans of the enemy by which, may Allah forbid, our sacrifices become fruitless like those of the previous Jihad. I have the same request and hope from our Mujahideen to deliver on the promise to our nation of a free, independent and an Islamic State and not let the dreams and aspirations of our Martyrs, Orphans and Widows go to waste. They should do their utmost not to harm our people who are true Mumineen (Believers) and have sacrificed a lot in the way of Allah for an Islamic State. No effort should be spared in keeping them happy.



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