Peace Council's Efforts, Symbolic And Dictated - Afghanistan Mujahidun

18 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

The commission constituted under the name of peace high council has a specific duty in the light of the American military strategy and is toeing the line in tandem. In the current week, a high level delegation of the council made a symbolic trip to neighboring Pakistan where they claimed to have had fruitful and meaningful talks with officials of the country. 

The very structure and endeavors of the peace high council is cosmetic, being part and parcel of the American war strategy in view of the fact that they do not consider the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan as their main objective nor they recognize it as an important and vital item of the agenda. However, it is the essential demand of the majority people of Afghanistan and of the region. Still more, they do not follow a roadmap that would lead to a decisive stage where peace and reconciliation will become a must and indispensable. Contrarily, they continue their ineffective and fruitless efforts aimed at paving the way for the American and other foreign forces to stay in Afghanistan; to prolong the occupation and keep the war unabated. If the council wants, in earnest, to usher in peace in Afghanistan and put an end to the fighting, they should, first and foremost, reach a conclusion with the Americans who have taken the "peace" as hostage that whether they are ready to respect and accept a solution based on pull-out of their forces from Afghanistan?

Currently, not only the Afghans but the people of the region, America and the West want this war to be stopped immediately and Afghanistan must be delivered from the claws of the invading foreign forces. But the Americans are not ready to come down from the saddle of their stubbornness and brutality. Sometimes, they unveil their ambition of continuing the occupation for another four years; sometimes, they speak of sending new cache of weapons, surveillance aircrafts and re-enforcement. Even some American senators unfurl their pipedream of maintaining permanent bases in Afghanistan and put up notions in this regard.

We ask the steering high-up and members of the peace council, could you produce your single tangible proposal that has ever extracted a positive response from the Americans? Was there any point in the review of the Obama's war strategy for the years 2010-2011 to show their intention of conceding any importance to peace? If so, the peace council would have had the space to perform their task in its true sense and context and the Americans would have supported them. But, it seems, the establishment of the peace council is part of the war strategy of Obama. The American troops and the Kabul hireling army and security apparatus are engaged in killing and torturing the Afghan Mujahid people. They want to uproot the Jihad and the peace council, with a palatable diplomacy and stratagems, simultaneously want to weaken it. Allah, forbid, they want the Mujahideen to crumble. But we ask the Almighty Allah (SwT) to foil this conspiracy like your other conspiracies and face it with shame and humiliation. Thus the fact may come to open that you are not supporters and seekers of peace but lining your pockets with dollars and grabbing lucrative slots. 

You are those well-known faces who have trampled down on their history, identity and honor to achieve these targets. You sold the country to the Americans; you called the Western democracy of nakedness as being in agreement with Islam. You are trying to beef up its continuation and, last, you serve as spice and pepper to season the present dispensation.

--Forward to Establishment of Islamic Sovereignty in the Country!



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