In The Heart Of The Matter: The Reality And The Role Of The Jihadist Media

18 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate

Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation; Lord and Supporter of the oppressed monotheists; Breaker and Vanquisher of unjust tyrants. Peace and blessings be upon the Seal of the Prophets, and their master; Imam and exemplar of the Mujahideen; and upon his household and his companions and those guided by his guidance; revive his Sunnah until the Day of Judgment.


Discussion of the media in general must undoubtedly lead us to discussion of and attention to what has come to be known as the Jihadist media or, as the enemy calls it; extremist sites supporting terrorism. This is an honor to us as monotheist Muslims striving to terrorize the enemies of Allah and fight them with proofs, statements and swords in order to realize Allah's promise to us that they will be defeated and the Religion of Allah will be elevated over all of their false creeds and unjust laws.

We consider ourselves to be an inseparable part of the armies and hosts of Truth that are marching towards the enemy to revive offensive Jihad (Jihad al-Talab) and not simply practice defensive Jihad. We have passed the stage of defense and all the debate about it has been excited by our enemies in order to paralyze offensive Jihad which is considered the sharpest weapon for the community of Muslims.

The Role of the Media Pulpits in the Jihadist March

These blessed Jihadist pulpits are a boon from Allah Almighty to his Mujahideen servants and also their supporters in order to enable them to communicate among themselves to support the Religion of Allah Almighty.

All of us know the difficulties the Mujahideen encountered for the sake of communicating – both among themselves and with their supporters – and thus Allah granted to them these media pulpits to be a means of disseminating their truthful program for which sake they fight. Moreover, they publish news of their Jihad and truthful images of this Jihad, as they likewise are a means of preparing and recruiting new soldiers for Jihadist work through organized, regulated and secure media efforts.

For they have mobilized battalions of media magicians in order to denigrate the reputation of the Mujahideen and the intentions of their noble Jihad. This has had a great impact on the blessed Jihad and has caused the break down or delay of many Jihadist projects – according to the wisdom Allah knows. Finally, however, Allah has ordained that the dust of this hypocritical and vile media be dispersed, and its hideous face has been revealed to the Ummah through these blessed pulpits. The enemy can no longer stand alone in the field with its misleading media tools, because the Mujahideen and their supporters have through these blessed pulpits entered the battlefield from a number of gates that they (the enemies) can not completely shut. There always remain gaps through which the Word of Truth is delivered; falsehood is revealed; a complete picture of the battlefield is published and weakness of the enemy is exposed, thereby increasing his confusion and perplexity in confronting the blessed Jihadist tide.

These Jihadist media establishments and pulpits are regarded as a great gain for the Jihad and the Mujahideen. They are tantamount to a seed in their hands that they must always water and care for so that it will grow, get bigger and give its expected fruit, the Lord permitting. It also requires continuous development and improvement through our devoted experts – and they have increased, praise be to Allah. They lack nothing except more coordination and finding suitable means to establish organized media work under rightly-guided and aware leadership, as is the case with Jihadist work on the battlefield.

Its role of course is moral, spiritual and logistical support for the fighting soldiers. It also makes great contributions to operations of preaching and preparing; and confusing the enemy and indeed planting terror in their souls through a continuous psychological media war, commensurate with that being waged by the Mujahideen brothers on combat fronts.

We have seen – praise be to Allah – the extent of the abilities of the Jihadist media pulpits. We can measure the degree of its impact through the way the enemy deals with it: they try with all their might to stop these pulpits and block their communication with the masses of the Ummah and with their own people especially.

Concerning the role of Jihadist media pulpits and forums, my advice to their Administrators is:

First: Continue their work with all dedication and steadfastness. Let them understand well and certainly that their media work is considered a strong prop and the flip side of the coin of Jihad. It is equivalent with fighting on the front-lines, which is regarded as the front side of the coin.

Second: They should develop their work methods and how they distribute Jihadist media materials; and make their pulpits secure in order to both continue their work but at the same time protect and secure the secrets of their members and writers far from the eyes of tawagheet. Their value and importance to the Jihadist project is no less than the fighters on the fronts.

Third: Redouble and consolidate the coordination among Jihadist pulpits and websites, with the aim of exchanging experiences; cooperation in the field, and expertise that will serve the interests of the Jihad and Mujahideen. Thus, if one pulpit is absent others will continue to cover the activities of the Mujahideen and communicate among their supporters.

Fourth: They should strengthen their connections with the Mujahideen, increase the channels of communication; communicate with them and make this secure by seeking secret means of communication to achieve precedence in publishing news or alerting the Mujahideen of matters or developments concerning the future of Jihad. Likewise, these blessed pulpits must safeguard the information of their members and not forget that their strength and endurance lays in the security; and staying-power of those members giving free rein to their creativity and beneficial productivity for the sake of the Jihadist march.

I beseech Allah to protect our brothers administering our Jihadist pulpits and websites; and to provide them with more patience, wisdom and steadfastness and that He ordain for them the complete and whole reward of the Mujahideen, and that He grant us and them martyrdom in His Cause. Before that I wish vexation to the enemies of Allah, and that; through the Grace and Power of Allah, their plots and agents be exposed and massacred.

Strengthen the Positives and Avoid the Negatives

It is my belief that the Jihadist media has many positives. It suffices to say that it has been able to break the great and broad siege imposed on our Ummah, and destroy the spells of the enemy with its octopus-like media. It has been able to deliver the truth to the sons of our Ummah and expose the tricks of the enemy;and uncover his plots and weakness; his dejection and defeats on the battlefields into which he entered against the righteous Mujahideen.

This work is considered mandatory and a great and valuable asset for Jihadist work and the Mujahideen at the same time, leaving alone its role in agitating among the ranks of the Ummah so that new soldiers join the ranks of the Mujahideen, and in gathering material aid to assist the Jihad and other great important works.

I see no negatives for the Jihadist media in light of this reality and the harsh conditions in which the Ummah is living amid this vast ocean of the total Crusader war. Indeed, I see that there are difficulties, obstacles and impediments that must be overcome or removed in order for this media to bring forth more of its fruits and dazzling results.

Among them:

1 - Media cadre and capabilities must be doubled in the ranks of the Mujahideen, for the sake of shifting the scales in favor of the Mujahideen in the media field and efforts must be made to acquiring better technology and making a stronger psychological impact – on both supporters and opponents alike.

2 - Money must be spent by the supporters and sons of the Ummah generally for the sake of covering the needs and expenses of the Jihadist media. We know that in order to keep up with and match the enemy media, this Jihadist media needs to possess advanced technology in addition to continuous development for those running this media so that we may surpass our enemy and deliver the whole and complete picture of our agenda and the results of our war with our enemies.

3 - Concerning continuous development, I believe that supporters and specialists should exploit those organizations owned by the enemy as well as independent agencies in order to take advantage of the technologies and programs studied there. This is in anticipation that the Mujahideen will possess their own private and independent organizations.

4 - The media front is an independent front whose value is no less than the combat front. I therefore, believe that greater importance must be accorded to it on the part of the Jihad leadership, and that there should be organized coordination and cooperation among the different organizations in anticipation of creating a unified leadership whose role will be coordinating and dividing the duties and specializations among the different media groups.

5 - The Mujahideen must strive – through their supporters – to own a video channel whose role will be to target the greatest number of viewers. Among its most important programs would be news reports and broadcasts of Mujahideen operations that reveal the massacre of the enemies of Allah on the different combat fronts. In addition, it would broadcast interviews with the leaders and prestigious people of Jihad regarding the correct program which should be followed by the young men of the Ummah, or even opponents and non-Muslims. (We have seen and know of many of the brothers who had been in the ranks of the enemy and embraced Islam, becoming the sincerest soldiers and most destructive against the enemy. The Guantanamo prisoners are a good example). I think this goal will be achieved faster than everyone thinks and that the Media brothers will not stint in their efforts to bring this goal closer to realization. They are an innovative and industrious people who will amaze their foes more than their friends.

I beseech Allah to grant success in what He loves and what pleases Him, strengthens the power of Jihad and the Mujahideen; and plants terror in the hearts of the enemies of Religion.

Concerning the reasons for the success of most of the Jihadist magazines and publications, I say with Allah's tawfeeq:

We know that in past stages of this era of the blessed Call, there was a strict siege on the brothers working for it. Additionally, very few had the means and material resources were in general very limited and one could hardly be found to spend in the cause of Allah for an ideology that had been absent from many Muslims and had become strange to them. Indeed, it had come to scare them because of the heavy consequences for those who supported it.

Volunteers in the field of Da'wa and Jihad were few, and in the field of the media were even fewer, whereas the brothers working had various duties at the same time that had to be covered. These were duties that had special priority in their work agenda, thereby creating a large vacuum in the media field. Added to this were the scarcity of specialists in the media field and the absence of those devoted to this field in college.

The magazine or publication would start its steps with zeal and ardor but it did not take long for the zeal to decrease or diminish with the passage of time; or with the scarcity of resources and magnitude of other work. With the many pressures; especially security, the brothers were forced to sacrifice out of fear their secrets and important affairs would be discovered (and this) might in the future undermine the entirety of the Jihadist effort.

As for now, I believe that matters have changed for the better, and many of the Jihadist movements have known something of stability and have secure bases, praise be to Allah; which have enabled them to control programs for development and work of their members. Indeed, the resources and technical means have become available on a broader and easier basis. The young men were able to innovate in the media field, and the Jihadist movements were able to devote specialized cadres in this field that were able to provide continuity for the media work and a notable creativity to a degree that surpassed and astounded the media of the enemy.

Indeed, the Mujahideen have been able to establish independent and autonomous Islamic Emirates, as is the case in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Somalia and smaller Emirates were established in the lands of the Islamic Maghreb, Pakistan and Eastern Turkestan. In these areas, the Mujahideen have come to possess dependent and secure media organizations, through the Grace and Blessings of Allah, and the brothers in the Ministry of Information or the Media Committees were able to excel in creativity and find a correct and suitable program for that.

We mention for example, but exclusively; as-Sahab Establishment, al-Furqan Establishment, al-Fajr, the Global Islamic Media Front, the al-Ansar Establishment, al-Mas‘ada, al-Malahim, al-Somood, the (al-Ansar) Mailing Group, the al-Yaqeen Center, al-Somood Battalion, al-Andalus Establishment and other Jihadist media establishments and centers. We especially mention these blessed Jihadist forums - led by the blessed al-Shamukh Network, Atahadi, Ansar al-Mujahideen and others – which are considered the primary pulpits from which the voices of the above-mentioned establishments are launched. All of them arose for the sake of supporting the Jihadist-Salafist program, and to publish news of the Mujahideen; and to serve as a connecting link between the masses of the Ummah and the Jihad groups that follow the orders of Allah.

Every day we witness the revival and rebirth of other establishments and pulpits, I pray that Allah increase them; and encompass them in His care to release their potential towards unique and continuous Jihadist media commensurate with Jihadist progress on all fronts.

Among the most important conditions for creativity are security and the provision of the necessary material resources. I believe these two conditions are present in the regions I mentioned above. The line of creativity is still being reeled in and in the future days we will see surprises that will rejoice friends and vex foes, all praise is for Allah, the Lord of all that exists.

The Necessity of the Scholars and Students of Knowledge to Participate in the Media Work

Knowledge and effort are two sides of the same coin. Indeed, knowledge precedes labor as is well-known in our Religion, dear brother. Based on that all of our brothers, in every speciality should not overlook the issue of Shari'ah studies. This is the light which illuminates their path to knowledge, understanding and creativity. He who acts without knowledge is like a driver on a dark road with no lights, so how can such one be guided?

Thus, I say to the brothers that are seeking knowledge that they should not content themselves with academic study, but rather, they must provide service and assistance to their brothers in the fields which need them; such as the media field which has become an effective weapon to wound the enemy.

Just as the media field is regarded as a means of preaching, delivering the Word of Truth and correcting proper Shari'ah concepts for Muslims, you will not be able to deliver this through any other means.

At the same time, I direct this advice to my brothers occupied in the media field to spend their valuable time to obtain Shari'ah knowledge in order to have insight into their affairs and to be able to play advanced roles in the obligation of media Jihad, Allah willing.

The conditions of the war have become very complicated and complex. It is not possible for a man with one specialization to be a pioneer or exemplar in his field. We are in need of leaders and creative directors in every field. Shari'ah knowledge cannot be dispensed with or (else) other ideologies shall overcome us and we shall be influenced by them.

The Media Jihad Takes into Account Circumstances and Reality

Media policy must undoubtedly take into consideration realistic circumstances and interprets the positions of the agency that is managing the media establishment. Not all that is known can be said!

The al-Furqan Establishment, for example, is concerned with distributing the public positions of the Islamic State of Iraq. As we know, the State has plunged into battle on a number of fronts. It is battling the Crusader armies (America and its allies), the armies of apostasy (the Rafidite government and its allies), the armies of hypocrisy (the Awakening Councils), and last but not least, those groups which take Jihad as a slogan and allege that they are fighting the Crusader occupier.

An establishment like this works on two fronts simultaneously: the military front, which is represented by repelling the assailant through force of arms (the sword gives victory) as seen in the various Jihadist operations of different groups, and on the Da'wa front by force of truth (the written word guides) represented by the media establishments that deliver the Word of Truth to the people in general and to the majority of the warring factions who perhaps may repent, return to Truth and be among its supporters. This was before the factions separated and set themselves apart. But after the separation was complete, and each one of these factions took a position; a stance in the ongoing struggle, it became clear to the Islamic State that none of those would come to believe except those who already believed. The State, therefore shifted to revealing the truth in order to make clear the path of the criminals; in order to teach the people the reality of each faction so they could take the proper position in the ongoing struggle. This was especially true of those groups which claimed they were conducting Jihad and the State had wished them well; and gave them the opportunity to review their positions and take an honorable stance. They, however, insisted on deepening the division and seeking discord while they knew that the State owned both the right and the might which enabled it to announce the establishment of a comprehensive State that established the Law of the Most Merciful and waged war against the laws of the Shaitan. They were vexedwhen they saw the vigor of this blessed State and how the tribes and muhajireen gathered around it to support it and swell its numbers.

As for the brothers in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb, for instance, their situation is clearly different from that in Iraq. There the brothers' opponent is represented basically by the apostate regime under the leadership of a group of secularist generals belonging to the Franco-Crusader regime accompanied by hordes of journalists and intellectuals conducting a media war to denigrate the image and goals of the Mujahideen. There had to be a response to the most serious of these sophisms and slanders to expose the regime; and to make known its lies; and attempt to reach the minds and hearts of the Muslims.

I pray that Allah Almighty dispose our hearts in obedience to Him and to make us steadfast in His Religion; and to use us to champion His Religion and its proponents. I pray that He makes possible for us the path to meet and for Him to be pleased with us, to enable us to glorify the obedient people and humiliate the disobedient people. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of all that exists.

Written by: Abu Sa'd al-‘Amili, Supporter of the Jihadist Media and Pulpits - Shawwal 1431 H

With the greetings of your brothers in the al-Mas‘ada Media Establishment

Voice of Shamukh al-Islam Network


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