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The Houthis And The Coming Project: Saudi Arabia, Yemen And The War By All Parties

19 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

At a time when the throats of the Rafidites from the Houthi sect were becoming hoarse from shouting from above the military vehicles that they had seized from the lackey Ali Saleh's army and ringing out "Death to America! Death to Israel!", there was another voice in London declaring in a sound bite with implications that will not be uttered by the lackey Arab rulers and saying with all confidence "The war with the Houthis in northern Yemen has ended". This was none other than American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The matter required only a few days before the Houthi Abdul Malek revealed the existence of a cease-fire initiative which had been put in force with all speed by all parties: Ali Saleh, the house of al-Saud and the Houthis.

So how can we therefore understand Houthi slogans which are hostile to America and Israel? In exchange for these slogans, Hillary Clinton has made a handsome proposal to the Houthis, as it is known that a cease-fire initiative works to the advantage of the Houthis more than any other party?

Upon swift contemplation, every rational person understands the truth which the Houthis attempt to conceal behind their deceptive slogans and statements is that their plan is completely contrary to their shining declarations and that they have never been opposed to America or Israel. To prove this fact: can the Houthis show us one case in which they harmed a single American or Israeli, let alone killed him? Can their media show us a picture of one bullet they have fired against an American or Israeli target at this time when global networks are conveying images of those who truly are carrying death to America and Israel? If the Houthis were threatening Israel and America with death, why then have American aircraft and missiles of death not pursued them in Maran, al-Talah and other areas of Sa'da and Safyan? I think everyone knows those whom America really pursues with its missiles of destruction and lava of death because they; simply put, threaten it with real death.

The death of America and Israel; therefore, is not a goal of the Houthis, who prefer a plan for successive wars with local authorities and the shabby army.

With a swift review of the most significant and prominent events that have occurred after the cease-fire between the Houthis and the governments of Riyadh and Sanaa, we know why Hillary Clinton stopped the war. After the cease-fire, the Houthis were roaming the markets in Saudi and Yemeni military clothes and rejoicing in victory. And I think that they mean what they say! They mean the continuing triumph of their project, but this time the victory is greater, wider and more comprehensive. They continued in their plan to control the mosques of the Ahl al-Sunna by seizing pulpits and Friday sermons; and performing what they call sarkha, or chanting their special slogans after prayers, and hanging their posters which preach their ideas and false; Rafidite ideology. If these acts are not countered by the rejection or cessation on the part of the Imam of the mosque and his group then the only solution is force of arms. This incident has been repeated more than once, and has been verified by reliable eye-witnesses in Sa'da and Jawf. Indeed, in one case, they were not content with killing the Sunni imam of the mosque, but also destroyed his home and expelled his family! All the children of al-Jawf know the story of Zubnullah, may Allah have mercy on him.

After the cease-fire had taken effect and after the Houthis had a quick breather, the battles against the tribes loyal to the state began. In the past, Ali Saleh had used these tribes in the war against the Houthis and then abandoned them as an easy victim. When the Houthis killed dozens from the bin Aziz tribes loyal to the state, and captured more than 100 soldiers of Ali Saleh along with seizing the al-Za'la military base with all its equipment and ordnance; Ali Saleh stressed his commitment to peace, the cease-fire and calming the situation; forgetting those tribes who were his allies yesterday, and even his soldiers who were taken prisoner in battles which should have been sufficient to detonate a seventh war! It was as if none of this had happened and as if Ali Saleh was saying to those allied with him: this is the reward of those who trust in the "al-Anasi lions" and a warning to those who ally with and trust in the apostate; lackey governments which are only concerned with pleasing the Americans and no else while on the other hand (Saleh) was confirming that the Houthis were continuing with their project which bears no relation at all to their slogans.

Although the cease-fire stipulates the removal of Houthi checkpoints and the opening of roads, the situation remains as it was and even more so with the expansion of the areas under (Houthi) control. Their barracks, which they have taken from schools as places to drill, have spread and their checkpoints cut off roads so they can secure and subjugate the region, especially in the Sunni areas adjacent to their own regions or in which they have a presence. There are many Sunni captives in Houthi prisons who were captured at these checkpoints. The identification of all those who pass these checkpoints is inspected. In the best of cases, and with the intervention of mediators, investigation of identity can last for days if they are from the tribes. As for others from among the weak of the Ahl al-Sunna, do not ask! These Houthi checkpoints have been used to capture some Mujahideen and deliver them to America's lackey regime in Sanaa. These brothers are Mashur al-Ahdal al-Husseini al-Hashemi and Hussein al-Tais al-Wa'ili who were captured at a Houthi checkpoint in al-Jawf. They were betrayed after they resisted and clashed with the Houthis. I don't think Hillary Clinton needs more than that and I think the Americans consider this tantamount to a good turn and mutual acknowledgment; and confirmation of good Houthi intentions towards America and the international community. There is no death to America and they are not sad! Rather there is cooperation and collusion. America, throughout the history of its war on Islam, has found not better and greater cooperation even from Rafidite Shias of Iraq, than they have from my example here.

Therefore, after reviewing some of the recent events after the cease-fire with the Houthis, we can say that the upcoming project of the Houthis is tantamount to a project of "control and expanding influence" in which the Houthis present themselves as the police and the clubs of the Americans in the northern regions against the Mujahideen of the Ahl al-Sunna and the al-Qaeda Organization; and those who aid them, especially after Ali Saleh lost control and lost the trust he was granted by satisfying the Americans. At the same time, the Houthi movement will be one of the throns of Iran in the sides of the Gulf regimes. We understand these dual-loyalties when we view the situation of the Rafidite governments in Iraq throughout the years of the past occupation. (Look) how the Iranian president was received in the Green Zone, as if he was a partner of the Americans in occupying the country. The Americans expressed their repeated displeasure over acts of the Rafidite governments which did not hesitate to provide every kind of service and subordination to both the Iranians and the Americans at the same time. Upon understanding the Rafidite mindset and the way in which they act with that, it is understood that they have no Deen! They are wherever their material interest lies. That is what the Rafidite politician Hasan Zayd declared in an interview on the al-Arabiyah network when he said "The Houthis can never deal with al-Qaeda, but on the other hand they are prepared to deal with the Americans". He then corrected this slip of the tongue and said, "Of course, when America gives up". This corroborates the story which tells of great Saudi support for the Houthis in return for war against the "al-Qaeda Organization". Because if, according to the words of Hasan Zayd, they accept dealing with the American, they will find no shame in the House of al-Saud; their enemies of yesterday. We can therefore understand Obama's message which was sent through his special envoy in Yemen in which he expressed support for the lackey government in Sanaa against the "al-Qaeda Organization". He likewise confirmed his complete commitment to the cease-fire in Sa'da.

The coming Houthi project then is a project of control and expansion at the expense of the Ahl al-Sunna in Yemen, and the implicit expansion of false Iranian Rafidite ideology and all it entails of shame, humiliation and disgrace for the Ahl al-Sunna at the hands of the hated Rafidites. I do not think we need a repetition of the tragedy of the Ahl al-Sunna in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon, especially in the shadow of the abandonment by the Islamic movements of arms and the choice of Jihad and confrontation; and the clear treachery of the regional governments who even abandon their allies after dragging them into the vortex of a grinding war in order to satisfy America. If this is the project of the Houthis to fulfill the desires of the Americans and Iranians in the region, what then will be the fate of the Ahl al-Sunna if they do not stand in one rank to repel, defend, halt and defeat this project; far removed from those lackey governments who have obviously become impotent in the face of this imminent danger, under a clear banner striving in the cause of Allah alone and satisfying only His Sovereignty? If the Ahl al-Sunna do not do this, universal customs will be imposed upon them and no one will show deference for the customs of Allah.

The article was written by Umar al-Jawfy Translated From Sada al-Malahim Magazine Issue #15



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