A Risaalah From Behind The Iron Bars - Jihad Needs People Who Are Trustworthy

22 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

This risaalah (message) was personally written by akhuna Muhammad Jibriel Abdul Rahman, may Allah protect him.

This is a risalaah which arouses the heart and burns the spirit in carrying out the mission of da'wah and jihad which are not easy and could only be handled by the chosen people.

Glory be to Allah! For all the blessings that He gives abundantly to mankind. Salawat and salam be ever poured down on our great exemplar, Muhammad Salallahu ‘Alaihi Wasalam (SAW) along with his family and Sahabahs.

Amma Ba'du

Ikhwani wa Akhwati Fillah whom I love for the sake of Allah…

Subhanallah, time passes so fast, it has been almost 3 months that I have been in this Palace of Uzlah. With the various tests and trials that have been undergone, Alhamdulillah, I have gone through them all well and may Allah gives rewards to us all. Trials and adversities are no excuses for us to not become a Mujahid and Mujahidah Fie Sabilillah. Yes, this path of Jihad is difficult and winding. It is not easy to be Istiqomah and always be on the right corridor. There are always things that will make us futur and weak in treading it. Loyalty can turn into disloyalty, promises can only remain as pieces of writings, honesty can turn into hypocrisy.

Mankind have different levels of iman, O my friends, sometimes iman can increase rapidly when there are honest people who are willing to provide motivations so that we can remain Istiqomah and keep on being strong through all the obstacles in this struggle. But there is also the opposite which can make our iman dwindle, the cause is the intensifying carnal desires, which give birth to the seedlings of Nifaq (Hypocrisy), which give importance to own selves than to others. Their integrity has been sold by their own carnal desires. The promises which have been engraved all these while, to unite with the Caravans of Mujahid, are only empty promises now. Supposedly all this happened due to the weakness iman, or the greed of the world has already enveloped their selves. To the point that, the path they had trodden could only reach as far as at the crossroad.

Hasbunallahu wa Ni'mal Wakiil….

Ikhwan wa Akhwati Fillah …

No human being is perfect, it's true. But we must always try to become the best human in the sight of the Creator, Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla

How to go about it:

* Be Istiqomah and patient in fording all the problems: no matter how big the problem is, there must be a way out. Man is unable to do anything without His permission. Let the evil people terrorize, make trouble, in fact even make you scared to fight, remember, Allah will always be with the people who are patient and Istiqomah.

From Abu Amr – some say Abu Amrah - Sufyan bin Abdillah Ats-Tsaqafi radhiallahu ‘anhu. He said, "O Rasulullah, tell me a word about Islam, which I cannot turn to others except you." Rasulullah SAW said, "Say: 'I believe in Allah, then be istiqomah." (HR Muslim)

How can you want Jannah, but are still unsure of what you choose, there are still this excuse and that excuse when the given mandate can not be done. We can only give excuses without bearing out results. Fearing the human beings more than fearing Allah. Wake Up Brothers…!!! Don't be a Munafiq.

From Abu Muhammad Al-Hasan bin Ali bin Abu Thalib, grandson of Rasulullah SAW and his favorite radhiallahu ‘anhuma, he said: "I have memorized (the saying) from Rasulullah SAW: 'Leave something that doubt you into something that does not doubt you.'" (HR. Tirmidzi and Nasa'i. Tirmidzi said: This Hadith is Hasan Saheeh)

Many chosen people of Allah have been Shaheed, many more of them will be Shaheed, but it is the path they have trodden that will bring them to Firdawsil ‘Alaa. Insha Allah..

May this bit of advice be able to serve as a mutual reflection for us all. Let's fix ourselves if there are matters of Khilaf (blunders) and wrong steps, while there is still time to fix it. Insha Allah.

Depok , 12 November 2009, Uzlah Palace

Akhukum Fillah


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