The Afghan Women And The American Literacy Program

23 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Trent Hickman, a senior American Marines commander in Afghanistan, has said that they want to launch a program which is hoped to easily inculcate the notion of progress and development into the minds of the Afghan women and familiarize them with the American initiatives and values. He said, to achieve this goal, they would use some media outlets, particularly, the New World which will broadcast the program for 30 minutes every day. Every Afghan woman with a pen and a notebook will learn Pashto alphabets while staying at home. Thus, they will become literate.

Talking at an American military base in the centre of Helmand province, the American commander expressed his concern over the lack of measures in the past decade to improve condition of the Afghan women and to raise their literacy level. According to the American commander, they will make this possible now as the American Marines have already distributed thousands of China-make radio sets in Afghan villages and localities. Now the Afghan women are able to tune in to the New World and get literacy education.

As far as the notion of the American Marine commander is concerned, we do not think, the Americans will ever be able to strip the Afghan honorable and religiously-committed environ of its faith and national spirit--still less after the exposure of American debasement and clear defeats at every front, particularly they will fail to get the people in the far-flung localities to compromise on their sense of decency and honor, ostensibly under the name of modernism and progress and instead, foist on them the anti-Islamic culture of America based on nakedness and lewdness.

In the past decade, the Afghans were witness to various accounts of American sympathy and altruism with the Afghan women, children, old men and youths— in the shape of the salvoes of bullets and missiles that the American aircrafts, helicopters and tanks rained down on them! Thousands of Afghan households, women and old men have witnessed the gruesome scenes during which the callous American troops shot their sons, brothers and relatives pointblank on the floor of their houses and before the eyes of their parents or they put the devilish hoods on their heads , before taking them to American open and secret prisons. They will never forget these agonizing scenes. Is it possible for an enemy and a murderer to project himself as a sympathizer all of sudden only by handing out China-make crank radio sets-- still more hoping, the people will come around to believe him as being sincere?

Only last week, a documented report appeared in media with photos showing that how America obliterated a whole village along with orchards and green fields in a one-hour long aerial bombardment, turning it into debris. Was not the village inhabited by Afghan wives, women, old men and children? Could there be any clear proof of American so-called sympathy with Afghan women than this horrendous even?

If America had ever harbored an iota of humanitarian sympathy with the Afghan women, it would have already drawn up plans for the betterment of the Afghan women's hygienic and economic conditions. The surveys conducted and reports prepared by the world health organizations indicate high mortality rate among Afghan children and women due to lack of health facilities in their respective localities and because of widespread nourishment among them. Every one is aware of the fact that hundreds of thousands of Afghan women and children are suffering from the after- effects of the poisonous weapons used by the Americans. Furthermore, as every one knows, the Americans are not intending to raise literary level of the Afghan women in the true sense of the word, so that they will become literate and solve their day- to- day life and economic problems, nor it is possible that they will attain this goal through the China-make radio sets presumably in a 30- minutes radio show. But the real aim is to eradicate the sense of Islamic decency through pernicious and blasphemous programs and bring them round to become indifferent to their religious and traditional values.

The American commander has to know that this very notion of yours is a failure in its offing because not only the Talib Mujahideen know your open and secret crimes but the common Afghans are aware of them. They are ready to counter America's every ploy and initiative and want to deal them tit-for-tat-- like in the last week, a tribal chief of Helmand crushed the head of an American general with stones, causing him die instantly, so to say, taught him an exemplary lesson!


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