Alemareh Interview With The Commander In Charge Of Eastern Afghanistan Mawla Abdul Kabir

25 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Alemarah: Recently Karzai's Kabul regime has announced ‘Great Peace Shura' (council) consisting of 69 members, which includes some familiar faces of leaders of some earlier movements, and also earlier members of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. What is your view about the significance of this particular council, efficacy of its members and its key role towards achieving peace?

In the presence of foreign troops ‘the dialogue for peace' is baseless and nothing more than propaganda.

Maulawe Abdul Kabir: Dialogue and congregation is an accepted Afghan culture, and is a base for sorting internal problems and differences. Whereas this particular ‘shura' has no such credibility, because it is one sided and is intended to serve personal profits and benefits. To a far extent, its members are in favor of American occupation, although they consider themselves ‘Jihadi leaders' which they were at the times of Jihad against the Russians but as a result of their support for American occupation, they have no such status in the sight of Afghan nation. Similarly, those members who are representing the Islamic Emirate and are considered to have participated in the ‘peace shura' can never represent Islamic Emirate, because they themselves are under American surveillance and custody.

Alemarah: Seeing that you negate every peace process and press more on military solution, don't you think that to some extent this might indicate your political weakness?

Maulawe Abdul Kabir: As far as Afghanistan's current circumstances are concerned peace process will only be possible if it results in the guaranteed expulsion of occupation forces and paves the way for the establishment of Islamic State. Any such process seems to be unachievable in the presence of occupation forces.

Alemarah: During the governance of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan there was undoubtedly relentless fighting in north of Kabul and in many other northern provinces, which resulted in killing, imprisonment, and suffering of thousands. Therefore there is an atmosphere of mistrust between you and the north and the hostility which arose as a result of relentless fighting has not been eliminated yet. So in order to solve these problems and maintain an atmosphere of confidence, have you taken or are planning to take any steps?

Maulawe Abdul Kabir: It's very apparent that the Islamic Emirate has not fought or disputed over tribe, language or zone. During the Islamic Emirate's previous rule, ethnic groups from all over the country including the North were members and part of the Islamic Emirate. Even now, from north to south and every other province of Afghanistan has ‘Jihadi Arrangements' and ‘problem resolving body' in which they all participate. As far as the differences with the North are concerned, we must make it clear that Islamic Emirate has never fought northern general public, nor has any antagonism on basis of zone or language. However we have fought those who were creating obstacles for our ‘virtuous objectives' which were to achieve peace throughout the country and establish an Islamic State. These obstacles were also created in the south and likewise we fought them and had similar policy towards them. Islamic Emirate does not differentiate between ethnic groups, and expects from country's all ethnic groups including ‘the great North' to intensify the fighting against the invading forces, and to disclose the enemy's known and secret plans.

Alemarah: Amir-ul-Mu'mineen, Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid, in his interesting Eid-ul-fitr message had pointed towards country's state-building program and its important features, one of which was employment of qualified personnel and another was activation of ‘shura' type system. So could you please explain the criteria for requirements and qualifications of Islamic Emirate personnel? Will it be limited to religious students and knowledge only or will it include modern day knowledge and qualifications?

Maulawe Abdul Kabir: Islamic Emirate has never overlooked qualified populace but it was only some higher posts which were occupied by scholars and students of knowledge (i.e. Taliban), the rest of our employees were qualified people and with the help of Allah if Islamic Emirate comes to power again, we will pay even more attention towards employing qualified personnel according to our law. Coming to the last part of your question, no our criteria is not limited to religious knowledge only, but we prefer qualification and taqwa (God fearing) and whoever possess these qualities is our ideal choice.

Alemarah: In Afghanistan, whoever comes to power, in order to stay potent they must pursue a policy which results in good and harmless relations with neighboring countries, and the neighbor must not have concerns about them. Accordingly, what will be the plan and practice of Islamic Emirate, and how can you assure your neighbors that Islamic Emirate will not take any action against them and will follow a policy of mutual respect?

Maulawe Abdul Kabir: As Muslims we know very well the rights of neighbors according to Islam. We have always strived to maintain good relations with our neighbors, and no one can prove that we created problems or difficulties for our neighbors when we were in authority. Even though we have very critical circumstances in front of us right now, none of our neighbors including Iran and Pakistan can argue that we have interfered in any way in their country's internal affairs. Furthermore respected Commander of the Believers, Mullah Muhammad Omar, has from time to time made this matter clear in his messages, and that is our official policy.

Alemarah: We occasionally hear reports that Taliban leaders are engaged in talks with the Americans or the Kabul regime, in such and such country was held the first meeting, another meeting was held in such and such country and so on. Furthermore, the media points out specific names that so and so among Taliban leaders is inclined to peace talks, even though you have rejected these contacts and reports up to this moment. Can you discuss who might be trying to issue such reports and what might be their prime objective behind it?

Maulawe Abdul Kabir: There is no doubt that the Americans have been defeated militarily and their combatants have failed in this regard. Now America and her allies are trying to have at least some political gains. Hence they try hard to expand and boast about this show, they also try to provide with some fabricated proofs and mention names of Taliban leaders that they are in contact with and they are inclined to peace talks. Whereas all this is nothing but propaganda of occupation forces who try to create an atmosphere of mistrust between ordinary Afghans and Mujahideen. You can see that the enemy of Islam, in spite of enormous propaganda, cannot provide any evidence of peace talks with the authorities of Islamic Emirate. This is a proof in itself that neither there has been any peace talk nor has any authority of Islamic Emirate shown any inclination towards it.


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