How Will The War End? The Basis Of The Weakness Of America And Obama Exit Running Plan

27 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah the Only One, the Ultimate.

And peace and blessings of Allah on the smiling slayer.

How will the war end?

The German forces raided western Europe in the second world war, with the flashing war of Hitler until it reached the French beaches and there was nothing left between the forces of Fermecht and the SS except to discover an inspiring technique to cross the channel and reach the English beaches and raid the great English empire, in its very capital. And at this time, the Prime minister of Britain, Winston Churchill was lighting cigar after cigar trying to find the answer to this difficult question- What is it that Hitler needs at this time in order to raid the English islands?

After heated discussions with his military advisors and from his understanding of the German way of thinking Churchill reached the strategic conclusion that the German will not be able to land on the English coast except after destroying the British air force completely because it would be the only danger that would threaten their special dispatched forces, and that's why the British war ministry decided to put all the funds of the states, within and from its colonies, in order to strengthen the royal air forces and considering it the last and critical line of defense before the fall of the great British empire. The German air force commander, at the same time started the violent strategy of ‘The lion of the water' in order to dominate the British skies, confirming the expectations of Churchill and his advisors, and that is why Churchill stated at this point, what means- that if we and the Germans had reached the same conclusion on the political front. As it happened in the steps of thinking here, the war would never have taken place from the beginning!!

We are now at the 10th year of the war, and I was intrigued in the same manner as Churchill as I drank coffee, cup after cup in order to find an answer to this important question in our war against the Jewish Crusade alliance: How will the war end, and in what form?

In the beginning I think we should relay the end of all the other important wars in which the Jihadi current was one of the sides, in order to come closer to the answer to this question. For in the Afghan Jihad against the Russians, the war continued for 10 grinding years, and the Russians did not withdraw until they gave the government to the communist party and its leader Najeeb, whose name they later changed to Najeebullah, and painted it with the Islamic color and to an appearance that is closer to the Afghani present, that holds on to Islam, in spite of the fact that communism is based on uprooting religion! And when Kabul was conquered at the hands of the Afghani groups, America interfered with all its political weight to control the government of the Mujahideen using Pakistan and Saudi and the sects based on them and entered in it sects that were not Jihadi, in fact even those, that were not Ahl Us sunnah, until internal wars arose and the end was quite beautiful and pleasing to America and the big nations. As for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbian massacres against Muslims continued to take place at an organized level until the victories of the Mujahideen in Banikola and earlier rang the danger gong in the heart of Europe and made America pressurize all the sides to sign the Daiton pact that stopped the war and removed the Mujahideen from the playground! And in the first war of Chechnya, Russia bowed to the results of the war and withdrew without acknowledging the freedom of Chechnya and then returned to the same military solution after it revised its mistakes in the first war and after it set up during that time a study of every small and big of Chechnya. As for the war in Kashmir then it is licensed by Pakistan and is highly affected by the situations of peace or war with India, and the war there does not form any kind of pressure on the international level and that is why this war has left the international concern. As for the guerilla wars that took place in Syria and Algeria and Egypt , then the bigger nations sufficed by aiding the governments of the location in order to uproot the Jihadi movements.

And from here we find that the solutions and ends that the bigger nations seek in their war against us ranged between containing the wars, creating longtime internal turmoil as in the first Afghan war, and pacts that remove the unwanted parties like in Dayton, and to return to the military solution as happened in Chechnya, so these are the most prominent solutions that were removed in order to treat the situations that arose in the wars. So now we can come closer to understanding the policy that controls the look of the west and the stronger powers towards us, for there are powers that are anti west and the west would prefer it to perish, but in spite of that it can live with it, like Iran and Cuba and North Korea and Syria, and Hizbullah and Hamas, and others and there are other organizations that are anti West but the west cannot live with it, in any condition and it has to work to get rid of it and we fall in the second category, and the difference between the two lies in the fact that the first group believes in the international community and participates in the membership of its organizations and returns to it in any conflict and this is good for the west as they are the ones who control the international organizations like the UN and the Security council, and others and through it, they can control the conflict with any side of these enemy organizations in order to weaken them or subject them! As for the Jihadi current then it does not believe in these organization and it cannot live with it nor judge up to it, and the west knows this well and knows too that the Jihadi current will not stop in the areas of conflict instead it will cross to farther than that, like getting rid of the puppet governments that follow it and remove oppression from the Muslim minorities in the rest of the world, instead the Western analysts know well that the project of the Jihadi current will not stop until it expels one of them from the White House to pay Jizyah to us!

And that's why, there are no points of meeting between these two sides and the toppling of the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and the Islamic courts in Somalia is the best example for even though they did not enter a direct war with America, but their Islamic color and the presence of the Jihadi current in them made them from the second group which has to be worked on its destruction and at any cost, so it took down the first one with the pretext of Al Qaeda and the second one without a pretext, and indeed truthful is Allah the greatest, who said " "so any reaching of the Mujahideen to the levels of control are considered exceptions that makes it a must for the international organization (center nations - allies - followers) to work in order to end it or contain it in such a manner that it will not possess any danger to the bigger nations.

What remains now for us is to analyze the direction of the current war that is close to an end after the declaration of American withdrawal from Iraq and its schedule to withdraw the NATO forces from Afghanistan and stopping the usage of the context ‘War on Terror' and other signs of the end of the war and we will tie that with the previous wars, to come to the closest scenario to the end of the war, and taking a general look at the direction of the war, we can say that it started on the ground of Afghanistan vigorously and quickly, and then the Crusade campaign transferred to Iraq and started breaking somewhat at the hands of the Mujahideen there and at this time, the area of the war increased to include the Arabian Peninsula in its first and second phase, and Maghrib and Somalia and Pakistan and others. Then the strategy of Obama came, to return back to Afghanistan and to exit Iraq at any cost where 1000's of its soldiers were killed and injured and after it drained the American treasury like never before- see the book War of 3000 millions by Professor Stilgelts Volinda Palms- and America considered returning to Afghanistan a way of honorable exit from ‘the war on terror' the longest of American wars so far, and the one who notes the direction of the war here sees that the war began with the American planning in the first step in Afghanistan and in the second in Iraq, and then the remaining steps and points of the war were imposed on America in a way in which the eagles of Pentagon had no choice but to fall in line with! In fact even the project of returning to Afghanistan as an exit from the war came at a time and place that was not suitable at all, for the decision to exit Iraq was taken in an attempt to exit the bloody front that it constituted there, and to suffice with the number of military bases that were in hand, that would guarantee adherence to the security and economic agreements with the Iraqi government and the decision to move towards Afghanistan was taken on the basis of the weakness of the front there, as compared to the Iraqi front, and its suitability to the project of Obama of an honorable exit from the war, but the reality changed in an opposite direction completely for the Americans came out of Iraq when the front there had weakened and went to Afghanistan when the front became strong there, so they were like the one who seeks refuge with coal from fire!

To be continued…

Translated by
Dar Al Murabiteen Publications

Written by
Abdullah Bin Muhammad
The Arabian Peninsula


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