The Afghan Jihad: Migration And Preparation - Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri, Sheikh Osama ibn Laden

28 January 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

(But verily thy Lord,- to those who leave their homes after trials and persecutions,- and who thereafter strive and fight for the faith and patiently persevere,- Thy Lord, after all this is oft-forgiving, Most Merciful) 109 Surah Al Nahl 1- After Allah – Subhanah wa Taala - has who blessed me with getting out from the prison – with only His mightiness and Power – the first thing that came to my mind was getting out of Egypt and establish a base for the jihadi actions away from the reach from the regime, based on stages that I participated in drawing it with Essam Al-Qimari – rahimaullah

The necessity of this was ensured to me, when the government kept me under two kinds of surveillance: one public, which is a forced surveillance, which is done by the regular police, and the other was secret, done by the state security intelligence. The meaning of this was very clear to me, that I was on the head of the arresting list in all the arresting campaign. This surveillance is their way to ensure my arrest immediately after the issuance of the arrest decision.

The submission to that regime meant that either I leave the jihadi action completely,until the regime becomes confirmed from its surveillance and investigations that I withdrew from the jihad and left it, or to demolish all that I build and my brothers with every arresting campaign that might be followed by trails then prison sentences .. to the end of the known story.

And if I refuse to submit to that regime and decide to continue the jihadi action so I had before me one of two matters: the first is to disappear, and live underground, and that action will stir the security services very much, and provoke them from launch a wide search campaign, and it could extent to the arrest to everyone who is linked to me, and torture them if that was needed, until they reach to me for my arrest, even if I didn't do anything. Let alone the lack of means of this disappearance since I was still tyro with freedom. The second matter was the logical solution, which was the sunnah of the prophets, messengers and righteous, migration for the sake of Allah.

2- I was determined to go to Pakistan for my previous experience there, I could only leave Egypt after about six months, after Allah facilitated to me escaping from the siege set by the intelligence around me to prevent me from traveling, I went to Jeddah, where I was forced to stay there for a year, until I prepared some of the conditions relating to the work, and from there I went to Pakistan.

3- My relation with Afghanistan began in the summer of 1980 with no arrangement from me, when I was working temporarily in the place of one of the brothers in the clinic of Al-Sayida Zaiynab of the Islamic medical society, which is one of the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood. In one of the nights the director of the clinic – who was from the Muslim Brotherhood – called me about my opinion in going to Pakistan to work in the surgical assistance for the Afghan Muhajreen (refugees), I agreed immediately, since I found in this offer a golden opportunity to know one of the fields of jihad, which can be a tributary and base for jihad in Egypt and the Arab world, the heart of the Islamic world, where the major battle of Islam is going.

4- The problem for finding a safe base for the jihadi action in Egypt preoccupied me very much, due to the security persecution which the Islamic movements face, and the geographical nature of Egypt which can be easily controlled, where the Nile River flows with its narrow valley between two extending deserts with not planting and no water, that nature made the development of a guerilla war in Egypt impossible, thus forced the people of this valley to submit the central authority, that imposed on them a strict system from organization of irrigation to the forced labor and compulsory recruitment.

And the breather was distant eruptions, as a dormant volcano the no on knows when will it throw its lava, or as an earth quake that no one know when will the earth shake – with that on it – from its strike, so it wasn't strange for the modern history of the Islamic movement in Egypt to be a history of successive campaigns of repression from the forties to present day.

So this invitation – participation in medical work for the Afghan Muhajreen – came as a destiny, and I agreed for a real desire to know the suitable fields to establish a secure base to continue the jihadi action in Egypt, especially during the era of Anwar Al-Sadat when the lineaments of the new crusade appeared clearly to everyone who had a judgment, visible to everyone interested in the affairs of his Ummah.

5- Indeed I traveled to the Pakistani city of Peshawar accompanied by a colleague who is specialized in anesthesia, and soon we were followed by another specialist in plastic surgery, the three of us were the first Arabs who reach for relief work for the Afghan Muhajreen.

We had been preceded to Peshawar by Ustaz Kamal Al- Sananiri – rahimahullah, his imprints preceded us everywhere we went, the hospital which we began to work in it he was the pioneer in establishing it, and the leaders of the mujahedeen whom we meet used to tell us about his help to them and his efforts in uniting them. And Kamal Al-Sananiri although I haven't meet him, but his work and activities showed his spending and giving for the sake of Allah. Kamal Al-Sananiri 6- So it wasn't strange that Kamal Al-Sananiri was killed in an arrests campaign that began with the decisions of reservations in September 1981. He was killed in the prison of Torah under torture, which was practiced on him by Hassan Abu Pasha – manager of the state security intelligence administration then interior minister – personally. And we must have a stance on the story of killing of Kamal Al-Sananiri – rahimahullah –. Kamal Al-Sananiri – rahimahullah – was arrested in September 1981, and after the assassination of Anwar Al-Sadat – in October 1981 – the regime understood that state security, military and general intelligence services was the last to know what was going on inside Egypt from hidden anger.

The ignorance of the state security intelligence of what was going in Egypt reached a degree that it assured Sadat that its campaign – of arresting the opposition in September 1981 – made the country secure for him from any political opposition in general and Islamic in particular.

That why the intelligence hurried to begin a new investigation with the Muslim Brotherhood, although they were convinced that they were peaceful, and the investigation focused on a group from the second and third level, and one of the most important of them was Ustaz Kamal Al-Sananiri – rahimahullah – for several reasons, because the Murshid (Leader) Omar Al-Tilmasani was old who couldn't tolerate torture in addition to his moral position as the General Murshid for the Muslim Brotherhood, and that would engage the regime in troubles, also the regime knew that the keys of the matters and details of the activities of Brotherhood wasn't in the hand of Omar Al-Tilmasani, and from it the big activity that Kamal Al-Sananiri was doing in achieving the connection between the Brotherhood in Egypt and the international organization abroad, and his repeated travels regarding this, and also his adoption of the cause of Afghanistan and his initiate in backing the Afghan Jihad and contacting with his leaders, and the position of Kamal Al-Sananiri inside the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

It's worth to mention that the structure of the Muslim Brotherhood is a weird structure, the visual leadership was represented byt the General Murshid (Omar Al-Tilmasani) before the people and the regime, while the real leadership was is the hands of a special system group such as Mustafa Mashhour, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mult, and Ustaz Kamal Al-Sananiri – rahimahumhullah. That's why the state security intelligence were convinced if the Muslim Brotherhood had a secret organization, then its secret would be with Ustaz Kamal Al-Sananiri - rahimahullah.

A brutal investigation began with Kamal Al-Sananiri, Dr. Abdul Muneem Abu Al-Futoh told me – he was a colleague of mine in the faculty of medicine of Cairo – during a conversation between us through the window of our prison cells in the Al-Qalaa detention, how was Kamal Al-Sananiri taken from among his brothers – from them Abdul Muneem Abu Al-Futoh – from one of the cells in the prison of Torah, he was wearing a jilbab and cloak, then Abdul Muneem Abu Al-Futoh didn't see him again after that expect in the building of the Socialist general persecutor, where his body was swollen, and severe signs of torture appeared on him, and told them that he was exposed to torture that he wasn't exposed to during the era of Abdul Nasser, then he mentioned this torture for the investigator of the Socialist general persecutor.

A while after that one of the sergeants of the prison told Abdul Muneem Abu Al-Futoh: that one of their brothers was killed today from torture, he discovered after that that he was Kamal Al-Sananiri.

Also Ustaz Hamid Al-Adawi1 told me – and he was present during the torture of Ustaz Kamal Al-Sananiri rahimahullah during the last night of his life – that Hassan Abu Pasha was torturing Al-Sananiri rahimahullah severely, and ask him very eagerly who was the secret Murshid? And Al-Sananiri answers with a very tired voice: there is no secret Murshid.

Also brother Talaat Fouad Qassim2 - he was occupying a cell next to that of Al-Sananiri – in the prison of Torah, that he heard noise one night, so he climbed the door of the cell to look through the opening in the top of it, and saw officer of the prison of Torah Colonel Muhsen Al-Sarsawi, saying in panic: where is the cell of the martyr? So they opened the cell of Kamal Al-Sananiri that was next of the cell of Talaat Qassim, and brought a body into it. This version indicates that Al-Sananiri rahimahullah was killed outside his cell, and not as the version of the interior ministry.

The interior ministry had declared that he committed suicide by hanging himself to the pipe of discharging the water of the basin in his isolated cell through a rope!! The rob that he was wearing, after he wrote on the wall:

"I killed myself to protect my brothers".

The strange thing that the Muslim Brotherhood – although they were convinced with all these known facts – didn't move to retaliate for the blood of Al-Sananiri – and I don't think they will move – although their complete knowledge of the details of his killing, even by filing a lawsuit against the responsible for his murder, and they are known, and proving the incident against them is easy, since Kamal Al-Sananiri entered the prison on his feet and came out a lifeless body, the officer of the prison, the prisons department, and the interior ministry are responsible for what happened, and the autopsy of the body will refute any the false story, as that which was fabricated by the interior ministry. I ask Allah to help us to avenge him and avenge for all the martyred Muslims from the Americans, Jews and their allies and agents.

7- My friction with field of the Afghan jihad made me discover from 1980 the richness of this field and its benefit that it could present to the Muslim Ummah in general and the Jihadi movement in particular, and I understood the necessity to benefit from this field, so after I stayed there – for the first time for about four months, I returned once again in March 1981, and stayed for about two months, and was forced after that to return to Egypt due to pressuring circumstances there.

Then for Allah Almighty Willing – and He is praised for the good and bad – that I stay in the prison in Egypt for three years, that ended late 1984, but due to the special circumstances in sorting my status I could only return to the field of the Afghan jihad in the middle of 1986.

During my friction and my interaction with those working in this field appeared to me extremely dangerous facts that I have to record:

a- the Jihadi movement needs a Jihadi field, which serves to it as a incubator which grows in it the germinating seed, and gains in it its operational, military, political and organizational experience. The martyr brother – as we expect him to be – Abu Ubaida Al-Banshiri rahimahullah used to say: "My age increased 100 years in Afghanistan".

b- The Muslim youth in Afghanistan were engaged in a battle to liberate an Islamic land under pure Islamic banners, which is a very serious matter, since many of the liberation battles which happened on the land of the Islamic world were banners of nationalism, patriotism were mixed with Islam and sometimes even banners of the Left and Communism.  This created Schizophrenia for the Muslim youth between its Islamic Jihadi ideology – which must stand on a base of sincerity to Allah's religion – and its realistic application.  And the Palestinian cause is the best example of this were banners and ideologies mixed under the emblem of allying with the devil in order to liberate Palestine, so they allied with the devil and didn't liberate Palestine, but sold most of it to Israel.

c- The other important matter is that these battles that are surmounted by un-Islamic or mixed banners slattern the boundaries between the allies and enemies in perspective of the Muslim youth, so the enemy became uncertain, is it the external enemy that occupies the land? Or the internal enemy which prevents the rule of Islam? And represses the Muslims and spreads debauchery and immorality under the emblem of progress, freedom, nationalism and liberation, driving the countries to the abyss of eternal destruction and surrender to the external enemy. As in the case of most of our countries under the new world system.

e- But in Afghanistan the image was very clear: a Muslim nation doing jihad under an Islamic banner, an external enemy which is aggressive Kaffir backed by an internal system which is a corrupt apostate.  So the implication of the theory in reality was clear and obvious.  And this clearness benefited also in refuting the misconceptions of many who take the lead in the Islamic work the runaways from the field of jihad under the pretext of absence of the field, where the Muslims are differentiated from their enemies.

f- Also the field of Afghanistan – especially after the withdrawal of the Russians – was a practical model for the jihad of agent rulers that are allied with the external enemies of Islam, Najibullah in Afghanistan was a reaped model for the rulers of the Islamic world, he used to pray, fast and go to Hajj and at the same time prevents the rule of Islam, and allies himself with the enemies of Islam and allows them to enter his land and represses the Muslim Mujahedeen.

g- Also the importance of the jihad battles in Afghanistan is that it smashed the illusion of the (Super Power) in the minds of the Muslim mujahid youth, since the USSR – which is the super power which has the largest ground force in the world – smashed, and its remnants ran away escaping from Afghanistan before the eyes of the Muslim youth and their participation.  So that jihad was a very serious training course to prepare the Muslim mujahid youth to fight the next battle with the super power that singularity lead the world now, America.

h- It also the participation of the Muslim mujahid youth – from Arabs, Pakistanis, Turks, Muslims of Central and East Asia and others – gave a great opportunity for the Muslim youth from around the Islamic world to get acquainted in the field of the Afghan jihad and through the fellowship of arms that are directed against the enemies of Islam.  Thus the mujahid youth and the Jihadi movements got acquainted with each other a close acquaintance, exchanged experience and understood each other problems.

i- The acuteness of the presence of the Muslim youth – and especially the Arabs – in the field of the Afghan jihad was turning the cause of Afghanistan from a local regional cause to a global Islamic cause which all the Ummah participates in.

j- The importance of the non-Afghan mujahedeen was that they created a phenomenon that was lost for a long time in the reality of the Islamic Ummah, since those youth revived an obligation – which the Ummah has long been deprived from – with fighting in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Bosnia and Chechnya.

k- In the training camps and the fronts against the Russians the Muslim youth formulated a wide awareness and deep recognition about the weaved conspiracy against Islam and legal (Sharia) understanding towards the external enemies of Islam and their internal agents.

8- If America has backed Pakistan and the Mujahedeen factions with money and equipment, but the relation of the mujahid Arab youth with America was on the contrary.

Indeed the presence of those youth, their grow and the increase of their numbers was a failure of the American policy and a renewed evidence of the famous American political stupidity. The financing of the activities of the Arab Mujahedeen in Afghanistan used to come through the popular Islamic supporting of Afghanistan, and that was a considerable support.

And the Arab Mujahedeen didn't only ensure in financing themselves from that support, but also carried the Muslims donations to the Afghan Mujahedeen and Muhajireen.

Sheikh Osama ibn Laden – May Allah Preserve him- has told me that he estimates the popular Arab support for the Afghan Mujahedeen – according to his knowledge – in the military aspect only was only 200 million Dollars over ten years. Let alone the popular backing in the non – military aspects such as the medical, health, educational, artisan, food and social (sponsoring orphans, widows and handicapped), not to mention the donations that used to come in the seasons like the two Eids and Ramadan … etc.

Through this popular informal support the Arab Mujahedeen established training and Dawah center, created the fronts that trained, prepared and equipped thousands of Arab Mujahedeen and provided for them subsistence, residence, travel and organization.

America, its mouthpieces and enemies of the Islamic movements tried to sell the illusion of that America manufactured the mujahedeen in Afghanistan, so they can say to the masses of the Muslim Ummah that those if they were today enemies of America they were its agents before, so don't trust them.

The Arab and Western media is eager in distorting the image of the non – Afghan mujahedeen by portraying them in the image of half insane maniacs, who mutinied against America which trained and financed them before. The repetition of this increased fabrication after the second return of the Afghan Arabs to Afghanistan in the second half of the nineties, especially after the bombing of the two American embassies in Nairobi and Dar-a-Salam.

The purpose of this distorting campaign is clear and obvious, which is that America is trying to deprive the Muslim Ummah from the honor of heroism, like its saying to the Muslims: that the ones who you consider heroes are in reality my manufacture and mercenaries, who have mutinied against me when I stopped supporting them.

And America tried to sell this illusion to downplay the bitterness of its defeat on the hands of the Arab Mujahedeen, which reached its peak in the raids of New York and Washington, like a man who received a strike on his head that made him lose his balance, and then he turned to the audience and said to them: anyway that one who hit me is my student, and I'm the one who trained him. So that he could attribute to himself some of the pride, even if he was stroked. And that's naοve propagandist logic, that commensurate with American cinema mentality that produced movies of cowboys, Rambo and other fables of the American propaganda machine.

I bear witness to Allah that America didn't pay for the Arab Mujahedeen one Dollar, and didn't supply them with one bullet, and didn't train anyone of them, and I challenge America to prove anything of that.

And what some have drawled about that Saudi Arabia used to give discounted tickets for the travelers to Afghanistan, these tickets weren't from America, but were from the money of the popular donations to Afghanistan, which was controlled by the Saudi government through the Islamic Relief Organization, Saudi Red Crescent and the charity organization of Salman ibn Abdul Aziz.

I repeat and emphasize that the Arab Mujahedeen were who carried a major part of popular support for their Afghan brothers.

And about this lie Sheikh Osama ibn Laden said in his interview with Al-Jazeera Channel:

"Questions: It is mentioned in the global media about the support of America to the Afghan jihad against USSR which you participated in this jihad with yourself and money; also it is mentioned in the global media that you had a link with them or that the American intelligence was financing your activities and supported you in this jihad, what is the reality of these allegations and how true is the link between you and America at that time?

Osama: "This is an attempt for distortion by the Americans. Alhamdulillah Who riposted their machination to whispers, every Muslim knows from when he is able to discriminate (between good and evil), he would have in his heart the odiousness of the Americans, and the odiousness of the Jews and the Christians which is a part of our Aqeeda and a part of our religion, and since I can remember I was in a war, hostility, odiousness and hate for Americans, and nothing of what they said ever happened. Regarding that they supported the jihad or supported the fighting, we discovered that this supported in reality was a a support from the Arab countries and especially the Gulf States to Pakistan so that it backs the jihad and it wasn't for the sake of Allah Sibhanah wa Taala, but out of fear for their thrones from the Russian march, and America then Carter couldn't speak a word about the event only after twenty something days have passed in the year 1399 A. H. corresponds with 20 January 1980, he said any Russian intervention into the Russian region America is going to consider it an assault on it, because the one occupies this region occupies the petrol, so he said we will use the military force if this intervention happens, so the Americans are lying, if they claimed that they cooperated with us in any day we challenge them to present any evidence, but they were a burden on us and on the mujahedeen in Afghanistan, and they weren't agreement with us, we were doing an obligation to help Islam in Afghanistan, even with if this obligation intersected without our consent with the American interests. When the Muslims fought the Romans, it was known that war was intense between the Romans and Persians and it was unending, and no rational person can say that the Muslims when they began to fight the Romans in the battle of Muta were agents for the Persians, but only the interests intersected, which means you're fighting of the Romans which is an obligation on you was making the Persians happy, but when they finished from the Romans after several battles they began with the Persians, so the intersection of the interests doesn't mean you're an agent, but I was hostile to them from these days and I had lectured with Allah's Sibhanah wa Taala Grace from those days in Hejaz and Najd about the obligation of boycotting the American goods and the obligation of striking the American forces and the obligation of striking the American economy since more than 12 years".

9- This fabrication has a contradiction within it, if the non-Arab mujahedeen were created by the Americans, then why did it insist over two years for their expulsion from Pakistan?

If the Arab mujahedeen were mercenaries of the Americans – who mutinied against it as it fabricates – then why it's unable now to buy them once again? Aren't they considered now – and they are headed by Osama ibn Laden – the first danger which threatens the American interests? Isn't buying them more economical and less expensive from the legendry budgets of security which is spent by America defending its self against us? The Americans with their own typical way of enlargement, exaggeration and superficial approach are trying to sell illusion to the people, jumping over the simplest facts. Howe could Osama ibn Laden who called in his lectures in 1987 for the necessity of boycotting of American goods to support the Intifada in Palestine, be an American agent in Afghanistan?

I remember – then – that he visited us in the hospital of the Kuwaiti Crescent in Peshawar, and talked to us about these lectures, and I remember that I told him: From now own change your guarding method and security system, since your head from now own has become wanted for the Americans and the Jews, and not the Communists and Russians only, you are now striking the snake on its head.

Can the martyr – as we expect him to be – Abdullah Azzam an agent to America? And he was the one who never tired from inciting the youth against it and supported (Hamas) movement with everything he had.

Can the Jihadi movement in Egypt be a agent to the Americans? And Khalid Al-Islamboli and his companions – rahimahumallah – Anwar Al-Sadat – the American agent number one in the Arab world – before the creation of the phenomenon of the Arab Mujahedeen in Afghanistan.

Can the Jihadi movement in Egypt be a agent to the Americans? And it educates its sons from its creation on rejecting Israel and all the treaties of surrender of it, and considers that peace with it contradicts with the Islamic Sharia.

America was surprised that its recipe in Afghanistan was spoiled by the Arab Mujahedeen and the honest people of the Afghan Mujahedeen.

America has wanted it a proxy war against Russia, but it was turned by the Arab Mujahedeen – with the Grace of Allah – to a call to revive the missing obligation, Jihad for the sake of Allah.

That's why America wised up for the danger in Bosnia, so its first condition before the implantation of the Dayton agreement was the expulsion of the Arab Mujahedeen from Bosnia.

The brother Abu Musab Al-Suri – May Allah ease his agony – has a valuable saying regarding this issue which he writes it in his testimony for history, which he mentioned in his encyclopedic book (The call for the global Islamic resistance), I see that it will be beneficial to cite some extracts from it: "Ironically today, the global and Arab media programs from films, interviews, analysis, newspapers, books and others. Pass by this (lie) quickly and move to other issues like it's a something known intuitively!! Abu Musab Al-Suri

So they present to the people a big lie as a fact that: That the American intelligence (CIA) was the one who created the (Afghan Arabs) and their leaders sheikh Osama ibn Laden, sheikh Abdullah Azzam, to destroy the USSR. And these created overturned on them today, some of them destructed its towers in New York and Washington, while most of them returned to their countries to strike its interests and kill its nationals, and fight its allies from the rulers of the Arab and Muslim countries … and that the armed jihad phenomenon in the Arab countries is a excretion of the Afghan Jihad, and thus it's a creation of the American intelligence, which has gone out of control.

And America has fallen for the proverb known by them: (Who creates the ghosts, finds them come out to him).

So what is the truth about this fabrication which is very serious on the reputation of the jihad and the mujahedeen in this time.

I'll clarify through these brief next points with the help of Allah:  Regarding that the armed jihad phenomenon in the Arab and Muslim countries is a excretion of the gathering of the Afghan Arabs the truth is the exact opposite …

The truth is that the Arab jihad in Afghanistan was a result of the Arab jihad before it, and it was one of the achievements of the Arab Jihadi stream in the Arab countries and one of its excretions and its development stages.

As passed previously that the modern Jihadi stream is a nascent the Islamic awakening the emerged in the beginning of the thirties, and has separated from it in the beginning of the sixties. And there has been many Jihadi experiences between the beginning of the sixties and beginning of the eighties. Twenty years before the Afghan Jihad. Indeed, the leadership, cadres, figures and elements of the Arab Jihad in Afghanistan, were the remains, cadres, figures and sheikhs of the Arab Jihadi stream. Sheikh Abdullah Azzam was a figure and from the old mujahedeen in Palestine and has been exiled by the Jordanian regime from Amman for his Jihadi ideas and opposition to the regime. And sheikh Osama ibn Laden was raised in the Islamic awakening, and he had supported more than one Jihadi movement in the Arab countries, and contributed in the backing of the jihad in Syria in the beginning of the eighties, before heading to Afghanistan. Also many of the cadres – which is hard to mention them here, from trainers, first field commanders who carried the task of setting up the camps and establishing the infrastructures of the Arab Jihad in Afghanistan – were cadres of Arab Jihadi organizations especially from Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen .. and others .. They were the nucleus of the Arab gathering who assumed the work in the fields of training, media, military action, field relief work and other works .. until the mujahedeen streamed from the Arab and Islamic countries and the gathering increased which started with a small group in 1984, and increased from (1987) to (1991) to reach about 40,000 from the Arab Mujahedeen in the beginning nineties.

 And regarding the alleged relation of the Arab jihad in Afghanistan with the Americans and their miserable organization (CIA), if these scoundrels had a role it was legitimizing and giving green light to their henchmen from the rulers of the Arab and Muslim countries, to allow the mujahid youth to do their natural right and the order of their religion to head to Afghanistan. And to let the intelligences of these criminal countries leave them alone, and not intercept them while they are going to do the legal obligation. Also the limited role of the media of these Arab and Islamic countries to promote the Afghan Jihad. And the role of America in directing Saudi Arabia to make its paid religious institution issue a fatwa about that the jihad is Farz Ayn (personal obligation) in Afghanistan, and that's a fact, and to allow the good preachers from the Imams of the Dawah and Reform in Saudi Arabia to say loud this legal truth .. and allow the people of the land of the two Mosques to do the obligation of jihad with its money to help their brethren in Aqeeda and religion .. and encourage who wants from the youth to go there, even it reached that Saudi Arabian Airline reduces the price of the plane ticket from Saudi Arabia (75%) to who wants to go to do jihad in Afghanistan which makes it cheaper than internal flights. Certainly it was for the propaganda interests of Al-Saud and other facilities. Also America contributed in directing Pakistan to open its embassies to give entry visas for the Arab and Muslim youth from everywhere to go through its land to Afghanistan. And allow the Arabs to move freely, which reached to opening camps on the Pakistani land near Afghanistan for training and present logistical services to the Afghan Jihad.

There is no doubt that Pakistan had its national and patriotic interests in this, and there is no place to investigate these particles here. Even there were also personal interests for the millionaires of wars from the officers of the army, intelligence and Pakistani police from the movement of these amount of humans and money between the outside and Afghanistan through their land.

If the American legitimizations for their small agents, considered a contribution in the creation of the Arab Jihad in Afghanistan then it is that and nothing more ..and their small agents from the rulers of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and others had their interests I it ..

 Regarding the claims of that the Americans trained, or organized their programs or cooperated with them in the military action or any operational relation on the ground, its mere lies and fabrications.

I have worked personally in the fields of military training and as lecturer in the fields of thought and methodology. And I was in touch with the leadership of the Arab Jihad in Afghanistan. Through this I can testify and emphasize that these claims are not unfounded. I'm not here writing the history of the Arab Jihad in Afghanistan, so that I mention the proceedings of the training and mechanism of the work. In brief it was a sum of honest individual efforts; it began with the old Jihadi cadres and some professional military cadres from the retired and excluded from the service in the armies of some Arab and Islamic countries, which their contribution had a very useful, then the emerging experiences of the cadres in the field began to accumulate and gather.

And who had knowledge about the ideological, psychological and methodology position, and the feelings towards the Americans, the West and the Kuffar in general, but even towards our rulers, and even their small supporters, of the Arab Jihadi leadership and their bases in Afghanistan and elsewhere, knows that these claims are out of questions and impossible ..

But regarding that the interests and goals of all the parties of the indirect alliance that I mentioned, for fighting the USSR, everyone separately practically, gathered on one goal, is a true fact and was repeated many times in the world of politics and interests intersect through history. And is still repeated here and there and it from the nature of things ..

America wanted to defeat the USSR and win in the Cold War, after the USSR and the Warsaw Pact aimed against it painful strikes in more than one field .. and the issue of Afghanistan was the golden opportunity for the Americans, they have exploited it properly, and got what Nixon called in his known book (victory without war), and they achieved that with an eligibility that you envy them on it … Western Europe and countries of the NATO wanted to achieve gains and have a foothold for them there, so it participated in that mawild for its own interests as European countries as a whole, everyone for them for its own interests .. and every country of them got what it wanted relatively .. and today the different European institution spread under the emblem of humanitarian services, to cut for itself the tempting gains from the Afghan field, everyone according to its past and later presence ..

Pakistan wanted to achieve regional and national interests that cannot be mentioned here, since mentioning what Pakistan achieved needs an independent book. It has given to America in the Afghan field what it wanted from services, first by supporting the Afghan Jihad, then secondly tearing its gains, then thirdly destructing Afghanistan in a civil war, then fourthly confronting the Taliban and overthrowing their state, then fifthly killing the Arab Mujahedeen and handing them over to their enemies .. then sixthly now it's beginning to sell the cause of Kashmir .. seventhly destructing the infrastructure of the Islamists inside Pakistan itself .. and the dominoes are still falling .. Thus the Pakistani governments always did what America wanted .. May Allah curse the unjust and hypocrites..

And such is the rest roles in Afghanistan for Saudi Arabia .. Egypt .. and else .. and India, countries of Central Asia, Iran, China from the neighboring countries .. which played its game .. reaching to the Islamic Awakening and Jihadi movements and everyone who entered the Afghanistan game he won and lost .. And this is true for the different Arab and Islamic organizations that came to Afghanistan.

In brief the cause of the Afghan Jihad turned to a region of global and regional intersected interests which may rarely be repeated. So everyone gathered against the USSR, while everyone had his intention and goals.

Regarding the interests of the Islamic non-Jihadi movements .. they were many, ranging from the good intention in the serving of their brethren in Aqeeda and religion, and the subjectivity interests of every movement of those movements, from Dawah, organizational and material gains, reaching to the subjectivity and personal interests of some individuals.

So what was goal of the Jihadies who came to Afghanistan? Their goal was confined after the Jihad intention and doing the obligation and search for martyrdom for the sake of Allah by most of their leadership and members, in two strategic matters. I mention them according to their importance and what I touched personally because of my personal contact, and my membership in the Jihadi stream, and then that gathering that they gave that beautiful (dramatic) name, which I love, and belong to, (the Afghan Arabs):

1- The first goal for most of the Jihadi entities, organizations and cadres, was the preparing, training, sowing their rows, gathering their cadres, recruit elements, establish public relations, attract money of donations and training the members of the organization for their own cause in their countries and it was the goal that dominant the thinking of most – if not all – the Arab Jihadi and other non-Arab organizations. Which was: (overthrowing the current apostate government in their countries, everyone according to his conditions, and establish Islamic governments that rule with the Sharia).

2- Working on liberating Afghanistan and establishing legal Islamic governments3 in it that becomes a Springboard to establish the Sharia of Allah on earth, a secure shelter and a rear base for jihad against the different enemies of Allah and all Muslim issues, beginning from Palestine, ending with every cause that Islam has in it a share and identity ..

Everyone was ranging in their intention between these two goals with a less or more degree, according to their differences in directions..………

Regarding those who the media is causing them of having relations with the CIA or that they were created in order to destroy the USSR.. This also false. From the most well known to have been accusation with this were: Sheikh Abdullah Azzam – rahimahullah -: ……………

The one who looks at the tapes, books, speeches and heritage the ma rtyred sheikh Abdullah Azzam – Abu Mohammed – rahimahullah.

Would see the huge space that he planted in the hearts of his followers and readers of the religious hatred and malice on America and its supporters .. and the apostates and their henchmen. How it's not that, and he is from their victims in Palestine and Jordan then Pakistan Sheikh Abdullah Azzam where they killed him with American orders during the period of (Bnzir4 Bhutto) and here interior minister (Babar), which keeps the task of avenging from them a trusteeship in the neck of the mujahedeen5. May Allah kill the criminals, and accept him in the martyrs. Regarding his fatwa in his valuable (Defense of the Muslim Lands is the most important Farz Ayn obligations) about the legality of taking the aid from the Americans for the jihad of the aggressing Russians or vise versa.. its true. It is the necessary situation that makes the Muslims, if they were raided by an aggressor and were near to perishing… and this is a known matter, which the scholars estimateit according to its conditions. The sheikh has given a fatwa for the Afghans to the take the aid from America and from the Apostates from the Arab rulers and others. But the Arad Jihadi gathering was a giving not taking gathering, since contributions with millions of Dollars streamed upon them from the Zakat of the money of the Muslims and their donations. So the gathering took its need for the expenses of the jihad, preparation, taking care of the families of the mujahedeen and martyrs, and spent most of the money on the Afghan Jihad itself.

Also the Arab Mujahedeen gave what was a Waqf (continuous charity given for to be spent only for a certain purpose) on the Afghan Jihad itself for its owners from the Mujahedeen and Muhajireen from orphans, widows and needy.. that was the role of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam.

Regarding sheikh Osama ibn Laden May Allah preserve him: …………

Regarding that there were Americans who trained the Arab Mujahedeen from the Al-Qaeda group or others or gave them any support is just a trivial lie. This wouldn't have been accepted, not even as a joke, since the Arab Jihadi gathering – which was dominant by the ideas of Walla wa Bara and the Salafist Jihadi school – was very tense towards some of the Saudi government figures that came to give support, and may be entered some of the public open guest houses or camps (like the military attachι in the Saudi embassy: Abu Mazin), so how will these Dr. Al-Zawahiri giving an injection ideas be about the foreigners and the Americans. to sheikh Osama.

So they claimed malignantly on him that he worked with the Americans during the jihad against the Russians, then he turned against them, and that is a false accusation based on fabrication and hatred or ignorance, because of the claims of the enemy media.

The story in brief that he – and all the Muslims then – had a common denominator with the Americans in striking the Russians for their aggression on Afghanistan, and when the battle ended, all became aware that the next enemy with the only power that managed the world and established a new world order alone, invaded the land of the Two Mosques, and began preparing the Crusader campaigns against the Middle East.

Bin Laden finished his obligation, and also declared jihad on the next power that came for aggression. Also did most of those who wanted to do jihad with him or independent from him, such as me and those similar to me"6.

In the end of dealing with this suspicion that America financed and trained the Arab Mujahedeen, I mention here a testimony of the American Congress, in the 9/11 commission report, which emphasizes that America didn't help the Arab Mujahedeen:

The international environment for Bin Laden's efforts was ideal. Saudi Arabia and the United States supplied billions of dollars worth of secret assistance to rebel groups in Afghanistan fighting the Soviet occupation. This assistance was funneled through Pakistan:the Pakistani military intelligence service (Inter- Services Intelligence Directorate, or ISID), helped train the rebels and distribute the arms.

But Bin Ladin and his comrades had their own sources of support and training, and they received little or no assistance from the United States7.

And one of her household bore witness.

10- The guile of the Western media didn't stop of claiming that the Muslim Mujahedeen in Afghanistan were agents of America, even the name that they called them – which is the Afghan Arab – was also guile, because they weren't only Arabs, but were from all over the Islamic world, even if the Arabs were its distinguished element among them.

11- Of course the global system wasn't going to accept the presence of this developing phenomenon of non-Afghan Mujahedeen that is rebelling on it and threatening its presence, after the Western and Communist occupation spent continuous efforts – for nearly a century – to submit the Muslim nations with the secular systems and laws, forged elections, the states of emergency and laws of emigration and nationality.

In his memoir,Ayman al Zawahiri contemptuously rejects the claim that the Arab mujahideen were financed (even "one penny") or trained by the United States. See Zawahiri,"Knights Under the Prophet's Banner," Al Sharq al Awsat, Dec. 2, 2001.

CIA officials involved in aiding the Afghan resistance regard Bin Ladin and his "Arab Afghans" as having been militarily insignificant in the war and recall having little to do with him. Gary Schroen interview (Mar. 3, 2003) Page 467.

Their reaction against the non-Afghan Mujahedeen began with seeking to expel them from Pakistan in the beginning of the nineties, and reached its peak in 1992.

And the agent secular government of Pakistan the lion share in disowning them, since it expelled – with all the lowliest – those who defended its borders to the unknown.

On the Afghan side of the Torkham border port between Pakistan and Afghanistan there is a cemetery that remains of more than one hundred of the Arab Mujahedeen that stand as a speaking witness on the vile position of the Pakistani government against those who defended its borders against the Communist threat. And write in the history of the Muslims a chapter of the treachery of rulers of Islamabad to the Muslims and how they are eager to satisfy the Americans.

12- In the end of this chapter about Afghanistan I can't forget the enormous efforts made by many of my brothers in the Jamaat Al-Jihad in the period from 1986 to 1992 in fighting, Dawah, training, preparation, awareness, administration and organization.

I'm sorry that I can't mention all the names of the honest who gave in silence, Allah is the one who will reward them. Because many of them are in the grip of the Twagit, being accountable for their defense of the dignity of their nation, and being punished for their rebellion against the humility which they are trying to impose it on us to satisfy America.

Note: this is an edited version from the second edition of the book "Knights Under the

Banner of the Prophet" for Dr. Aymen Alzawahiri, published by As-sahab Medai, 2010.

(pages 59 – 72) – Arabian poetry were omitted for reasons relating to translation -


1 . Hamid Al-Adawi was from the Islamist activists in the work of Dawah in the faculty of agriculture in the Cairo Unversity, after his graduation he was included in the arrests of the intelligence after the killing of Sadat, and Hassan Abu Pasha use to investigate and torture him.
2 . Talaat Fouad Qassim was kidnapped by America from Croatia, and handed him to Egypt in 1995.
3 . May be he wanted to say (government).
4 . It's correct writings is: Benazir.
5 . The martyr – as we expect him to be – Abu Dujana Al-Khorasani – rahimahullah – has uncoverd the role of the Jordanian intelligence in themuder of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam – rahimahullah – as a service to America and Israel, and he emphasized – rahimahullah – that one of the goals of his martyrdom operation on the American intelligence center in Khost was revenging the murder of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam rahimahullah.
6 . The call for the global Islamic resistance – Part 1: Roots, history and experiences – Chapter six: The path of the Jihadi stream and its experiences (1960 – 2001), pages 770 – 782.
Then the report commented on that paragraph in the concluding notes of chapter 2:
In his memoir,Ayman al Zawahiri contemptuously rejects the claim that the Arab mujahideen were financed (even "one penny") or trained by the United States. See Zawahiri,"Knights Under the Prophet's Banner," Al Sharq al Awsat, Dec. 2, 2001.
CIA officials involved in aiding the Afghan resistance regard Bin Ladin and his "Arab Afghans" as having been militarily insignificant in the war and recall having little to do with him. Gary Schroen interview (Mar. 3, 2003) Page 467.


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