Destruction of Trees Will not Turn American Defeat into Victory

05 February 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the fake and phony parliament on 26th January, Karzai, the Head of the Kabul stooge Administration brazenly defended American drive of cutting down thousands of trees in Ghazni province. This he said besides his other pro-American sycophant remarks. According to him, the Taliban have to be blamed for the destruction of the trees not the Americans because they ambush the Americans from there, firing at them.

The Americans had no way except resorting to bombardment or cutting down trees and orchards. In short, Karzai was trying to convince that the Taliban and the Afghans should keep away from any action that harms the Americans. In another word, according to Karzai, the Americans have right to kill the Afghans in their own country, huts, fields and destroy their plantations.

If Karzai had reached the corridors of the presidential palace on the mandate of the Afghan people or if his parliament had been composed of pious and patriotic representatives, enjoying votes of the majority of the Afghans, then Karzai would not have delivered such a speech being fraught with anti-patriotic wordings and void of any qualms. Nor the members of the parliament would ever have listened to his imbalanced and partial address.

It is obvious that Karzai was installed by the same elements whose every crime and atrocity he defends today, ironically in a broad day light. He acquiesces in giving right to his Master ( the Americans) to destroy fields, orchards and plantations of the Afghans so that the Americans are not attacked or fired at, allegedly from behind them. Members of the Kabul parliament do not dare put up protest or raise voice against the anti-Afghan assertions of Karzai because they themselves reached the parliament after American consent and scrutiny, with provisions that they would never come in the way of American interests, nor oppose American occupation of Afghanistan and presence of their troops there.

Could there be any other proof clearer than this that Karzai was pointing to the parliamentarian elections as being marred by fraud and rigging just hours before the inauguration of the parliament. He had constituted a special court to carry out investigation into the elections' fraud and assured about 300 failed candidates that he was not going to open the new parliament until and unless the special court unveils its findings and pass decisions thereabout. But when American ambassador in Kabul, Eikenberry, and American commander, Petreous decided that there should not be any more delay in the opening of the parliament, then Karzai left the failed candidates in Salam Khana mansion at the presidential palace. He promptly reverted from his previous stand, hurriedly racing to open the parliament.

In the eye of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Karzai's endeavor to entitle the foreign invading troops to cut down trees and instead, level the blame against the Mujahideen, only contributes to displaying his boot-licking mentality and of his parliament. Apart from this, it doesn't deliver any message!

The Afghans know, the invading troops do wipe out whole villages and localities with impunity on mere allegations and pretexts whenever they intent to do so. They kill old men, children, women and old women. In their eyes, destruction of orchards, fields and standing plantations is not a crime!

If Karzai think that he will terrorize the Afghan people by inculcating into their minds that the Americans would destroy orchards and fields unless you do not abandon support of the Taliban. We think this devilish ploy by Karzai and the Americans will only lead to creating more hatred and resentments among the Afghans against the invaders and their supporters. Nothing else it will yield, apart from this. The Afghans are ready to defend their country and religious values even at the price of their lives, let alone sacrificing their properties and wealth.



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