Egypt And The Yaumul Ghadhab: The Event Of Shahwat And Shubhat

11 February 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Ahaa… I did not expect that Tahrir Square would become the epicentre for the people of Egypt to wreak their anger. Therein lay the mummies of Fir'aun, where there are 12 of them altogether. Despite having to spend 100 Pounds, the Museum in Tahrir is always packed with people. On its side, stretches the River Nile. It is usual for the worshippers of shahwat to dine while watching the belly dancing on board the ship that doubles as a floating restaurant. For those who are not used to it, Sufi dance is also provided. The event of shahwat and shubhat has 100 Pounds for its tariff. That was the story told by the students as we walked down the street. For me, to be able to enjoy dinner on River Nile, enough with 3 Pounds on a traditional boat.

Yaumul Ghadhab. That's the title used by the people of Egypt to topple Hosni –ghairu- Mubarak, last January. It was said that the title had been used in Egypt for fighting against the British, as well as the French in January 1952. The resistance that inspired Gamal Abdun Nasr to nationalize the Suez Canal at that time. But the Yaumul Ghadhab this time is obviously different. This is the day of the people's anger against the tyrant regime of American and Israeli agents. The Yaumul Gadhab, had also been used by Dr. Safar Hawali in his book, "The Day Of Anger, Will It Start From The Rajab Intifadhah." The former dean of the Ummul Qura Aqidah University describes the prediction of the Israeli destruction from the perspective of the Torah and Gospel. God will be angry at the time when Israel is at the peak of her evil (rijsah kharab).

I prefer to relate the Yaumul Ghadhab in Egypt with the sign of the destruction of Israel. Despite not having sufficient precondition, at least I am trying to foster hope and entertain myself. Because Israel can not be separated from Egypt. Egypt is too strategic for Israel. The public understand, all these while the regime in Egypt lived by whoring upon America-Israel. Egypt became the first Arab Nation which held a peace with Israel at Camp David in 1979. A naivety that made Anwar Sadat 'sentenced to death' by his subjects. While in Cairo, the staff of the political attaché had told me that Egypt has been receiving gratuities from America in the amount of $ US 1.5 Billions/year. Each of the 1.2 B and 300 millions is in the form of military aids and for the economy respectively. That is an amount of money which is not small. So don't be surprise if in the case of Gaza for example, the attitude of the Egyptian government is more Israeli than the Israelis.

Within their own country itself, the regime of Hosni is known to be very authoritarian. A friend who works at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Cairo once told me while sending me off to the airport, ‘Do you remember the era of Suharto? The regime here is twice more authoritarian.' This is consistent with the popular expression among university students that ‘even the walls could talk'; a form of depiction of how Egypt is a Nation of Intelligence. Mabahits (intel) were deployed in every corner of the alley; becoming street sweepers, bawwab (caretakers of flats), in fact even university students. They feel the need to monitor down to the snorting breath, in fact even –sorry to say- to the fart sounds of their countrymen. The people are terrorized. It is no surprise if the hatred against the regime of Hosni is so deep-rooted, to the extent that if the traffics are congested, the drivers would yell: ‘This is all because of Hosni'. The rampant corruption makes the people not prosperous, not enough salary and unemployment is everywhere. The number of old bachelors who are unable to marry grows.

So the fuel of hatred was already there. The requisite for a revolution has been at the ready. There is Egypt as a minion of Israel, the repressive attitude of Hosni, and the hungry bellies of the people. All became the factors which are interrelated and enhancing each other. Like a gas stove, the gas and the tubes are already there, what's absent so far is the 'igniter'. The jihadist group normally call it miftah shiraa' (the trigger of conflict). This 'sacred' keyword lately has been mentioned many times by the jihad ideologues. They assessed that the action of the jihadist movement all these time has been more of a 'one-sided action' which are not supported by the society due to the failure in presenting a ‘trigger'.

And the people of Egypt have obtained that ‘prime miftah'; inspired by the people of Tunisia who managed to overthrow their ruler. We hope the other Arab countries would follow suit soon. Because the henchmen of America is not only Egypt but also the other Arab rulers. Yemen is in chaos. So is Jordan. Saudi is on guard. Hammam Said, Jordan's opposition figures even said, ‘The Egypt Revolution would spread to the entire Middle East and the Arab people will topple the Arab tyrants who are in alliance with America.'

Suddenly I remember the ‘masterplan of Al-Qaeda'. That Jordanian journalist named Fuad Hussain was lucky. He managed to build a correspondence with the prominent figures in the calibre of Saiful Adl, Al-Maqdisy and other famous figures. The result is a book ‘Az-Zarqawi, Al-Jail Ats-Tsani..', in the final chapter, he describes the seven phases of planning by Al-Qaeda. If referring to the written periodization, we are now entering a 4th phase named ‘Restoration'. This phase was begun in 2010 and it would go on until 2013. The focus is to depose the rulers of the Arab countries. The planners of Al-Qaeda believe that the affair of the leaders of the Arab countries with America would destroy the supports from their people. In the calculation of Al-Qaeda, the weakness of the Arab rulers, accompanied by the development of jihadi networks in a significant way, plus the expansion of areas of conflict; all those will complicate America in helping her allies. The puppet rulers without the help of their master will be weak.

It is too early to link the ‘masterplan of Al-Qaeda' with the recent 'upheavals' in the Middle East. What happens today is the people's resistance versus the regime; not a certain party or a certain camp. There is no indication that the ‘hands'of Al-Qaeda are at play yet. What's there is only a slice of connection between the ‘masterplan of Al-Qaeda' and the ‘wish of the Arab people'. This would certainly become a unique meeting point. There are still a lot of heavy homework for the people of Egypt involving the authorities post-Hosni, as well as the direction of changes which by the naked eye is still in the frame nationalism. The candidates that begin to appear have not been ideal. Especially if the one appearing is Omar Sulaiman, the former Chairman of the Intelligence. This General who is the upbringing of America is obviously the main agent of Israel. We hope there will be a new wind in Egypt. We hope Egypt will find a leader who is independent and not wanting to be dictated by America. And may the Gaza blockade be immediately ended and Al-Quds could be retaken.

Source: majalah An-Najah


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