A Parliament Or A Barn? Elections Under Occupation Have No Basic Legitimacy

12 February 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

As with the previous presidential and parliamentary elections, by convening the farcical parliamentary elections three months ago on the 18th of September, the occupier wished to legitimize their tyrannical occupation of the country of Afghanistan and buttress the support for their lackey regime in Kabul. This farce became the laughingstock of the world because the vast majority of the people did not take part in them. They were also tainted by heavy vote-rigging, on the testimony of both members of parliament and their constituents, as well as in the opinion of local and international analysts. Not only that: the lackey regime itself admitted as much in the statements made by the lackey president Hamid Karzai and, more significantly, it was acknowledged by Fadl Ahmed al-Ma'nawi'; head of the Independent Elections Committee (! and where is their independence?) that a large number of the employees of his committee were involved in rigging (the elections).

The fact is that elections conducted under the protection of the occupation have no basic legitimacy. They are just another scheme of the enemy who on the one hand wish to extend their occupation and give a legal hue to it. On the other hand, they wish to rescue the collapsing Kabul regime and reach their shameful goals by killing innocents, regardless whether they are men, women or children. They seek their happiness in the misfortunes of others and see shedding the blood of oppressed and unfortunate people as a source of pride. There is no doubt that the occupier has for the past nine years made our people suffer in many ways. Look how today they have enabled the drug traffickers; the war criminals and those involved in human rights abuses to assume the reins of power over the people. They have brought back those whom the people yesterday expelled in shame and disgrace.

The importance of parliaments in the world's democratic governments is not hidden from anyone. They play a fundamental role in the three powers (judicial power, legislative power and executive power). Parliaments are additionally considered a basic source in resolving internal and external crises and in development of commercial, educational and industrial ties for the country. It also plays the role of intermediary between the people and the government, cementing the ties between the two. One of their most important duties is to protect the laws and public interest.

As for the members of Afghanistan's parliament, they have spent a golden era (!) during the past five years in (taking care of) their personal requirements, from an increase in their monthly salaries to their acquisition of grand private residences. They have no tangible accomplishment other than abusing and cursing each other; throwing water bottles at each other inside the parliament hall; and creating tribal, ethnic and linguistic divisions and struggles and fanning their flames among the people.

Former Member of Parliament Malali Joya was right when she described parliament as a barn and its members as livestock. She is correct in her description because she is of their kind and knows herself better than others. Indeed, she considered them lower than livestock. Livestock can at least be used for their milk or as beasts of burden. But parliament members do not benefit their country or their people in anything. Rather, they are a curse to their people: they eat and drink in their name, they fill their pockets and bellies with wealth gathered in the name of the people for the people. What reveals the accuracy of (Malali's) description of them is that, after she had impugned their character, they immediately banded together against her to strip her of membership in the parliament; forgetting or pretending to forget all their ethnic, linguistic, religious and ideological differences, while at the same time, they daily witness with their own eyes the violations, degradation, humiliation and inhumane contempt to which the people are subjected by the tyrannical Crusader occupiers.

The Crusaders have spread depravity, immorality and harlotry among those believe; they Christianize and Judaize by building churches and distributing gospels, taking advantage of the economic weakness and poverty of the Afghans. They have made wedding and funeral gatherings targets for airstrikes. They have systematically and intentionally exterminated the people without distinguishing among the young and old, or women and children. The members of parliament witness all of this day and night, yet they remain silent and do nothing!

The reason for this is clear: their concern and their anxiety is entirely for themselves. It is not for Religion or the people or the country! They live in all kinds of comfort and they specialize in enjoying different varieties of food, drink and clothing while not far from - indeed in the proximity of - the headquarters of their parliament the people are selling their own children. This is the first time this has occurred in the history of Afghanistan, when the people are putting up for sale their children like any commodities, purchased for the cheap price of a few dirham, on the one hand to preserve them on the brink of life at the cost of their children and on the other hand to preserve their children by having them eat in homes that are not their homes and in the embrace of mothers and fathers who are not their mothers and fathers!

Yes, the members of parliament can enjoy trips and vacations to European countries to enjoy to their hearts' content the diversions of Europe and America in their houses of debauchery. They spend millions on female toys and gambling, while their people choke on water and endure all kinds of suffering!

Does the unjust occupier not think of the situation of this people? Where are those who call for human rights and accuse others of violations? Today in the 21st Century when the world is concerned with the rights of animals there is the greatest violation of human dignity when (children) are sold in the marketplace like any commodity? Where then is the benefit of these elections and this farce when it leads to people selling their own children!!!

In truth the people understood this reality when they declined to participate in this farce. According to the reports of the lackey governments and its masters, only three million people out of thirty million residents took part in the elections! Or a tenth of the people took part. This is of course according to their claims. In reality not even one million participated!!

Even according to the subjective laws of those occupiers, is it logical to bestow legitimacy upon such elections in which not even 3% of the people took part?! Are they satisfied with such elections for themselves and their peoples? If the answer to these questions is negative, then why commit this barbarous attack on the rights of a proud and zealous people?

The issue is clear. The sin of this people is that they will not submit to the demands of the occupier! They wish to live free and honorably or die a glorious martyr. They prefer a death of glory to a life of shame.

Let the occupiers and their henchmen understand well that they will not be able to achieve their vile goals no matter how haughty or tyrannical they are.

Let them know that they will fail as have failed all their plots which they concocted to control the lion's den. Indeed, these conspiracies will increase the suffering and tragedies of the people, but the fixed result is first and last: their own defeat and their expulsion; shamed and defeated.

Let their henchmen understand that what they are able to enjoy now under the shadow of the occupation is a flash in time. So let them eat like livestock. Hell-fire will be their abode. They will hang on the Rope of the Traitors. After the defeat of their masters, they will not find any shelter or refuge. History will bear witness to their clientage to the enemies. They undoubtedly will taste the bitterness of their crimes in this world before they taste it in the hereafter.

In the end, the unjust and arrogant enemy must bow to truth and reality, which will guarantee their welfare as it guarantees the welfare of others: give the people the right to live in a way that satisfies them and him in the shade of freedom, independence, honor, dignity and strength. If not, the tyrant will be the loser; first and last.

By Fida'i - Translated From The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: Al-Somood Magazine Issue #56



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